Careful Positioning extended to Repositioning

images-7My last post encourages due to position ourself carefully for the sake of our world, for your sake to enable you and i to be fulfilled in our day.  It encourage us to look into our world with eyes wide open.   “It is right to bring God’s saving grace and correct to transform society”.   These thoughts might mean you and I should considered some “…Repositioning…”

To secure the best opportunity both to see salvation and influence we need to position ourselves wisely,  making right choices in where we live, the work we enter into, the life we live the time we take up with self-centred occupations.    Taking up places where we know that we are positioned to influence.    In schools, in our streets amongst the people we see daily.  Writing to newspapers, telephoning agencies, organising deputations, gaining help from others with influence, contact, connect and challenge where necessary…never settle for nothing.

Jesus ruled, brought order some times by a simple word (Matt 8:16)    Sometimes he had others do something about the situation, like in Cana of Galilee at the wedding feast (John 2:7,8)   At other times he took direct action, as in driving the money changers from the temple with a whip of cords (Matt 21:12.13).   Failure to bring God’s order, failure to rule a situation is to have the situation rule us.

In 2014 let us ask should I reposition, if yes where and in what, if no take a step towards your goal.    2014 a year of Positioning….

One thought on “Careful Positioning extended to Repositioning

  1. Praise God. He has been saying 2014 is repositioning our self in the presence of God. Obededom knew what it is to be in a his presence. He leaves his surrounding of blessing to follow the Arc of the presence to Zion. For he knew when a pitch my tent in a His presence everything will flourish. This is confirmed in a gods word that Obededom’ s household flourished. Yes when we position ourself God will open doors.

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