Too Much for Some

images-12If we keep putting things off we will never achieve anything  – ‘But surely churches, communities with an all out kind of commitment are bound to loose people?’

How can we expect to bring Godlikeness to bear to in our street, workplace, family if we do not find in our hearts a desire to be given to the cause of Christ.   A community that asks for commitment to bring Christ to our world, to be Godlikeness where we live is a good thing is it not?

A community such as this will likely become a challenge for the comfortable and half-hearted, but the community will fill up with the those who are looking for authentic faith, an adventure in life, who are wanting a God who engages people, the needy, the hurting who need help and an encounter with Christ.     Our aim should always be to embrace all, empowering all to be ‘all out’ for the will of the Father, yet reality has to be faced, some will just decide to be the comfortable.    Never mind if some stay comfortable, let us shout loudly ‘not me’, it is necessary that you and I commit ourselves totally to this radical mission of ours, of Christ, to the Fathers will.     To be the Godlike people of God in our generation.   Committed to bring God’s domain, God’s order to all creation, committed to transform our worlds, one life, one house, one street at a time.    Not committed to sit all day and achieve nothing but transform, change my environment, beginning with that which is right in front of us daily.   When we are totally committed we don’t waste time on the little blips, the minutiae that cross the screen of our lives, making the small things major we crowd out the important.   When fully given to this cause the little things will stay little, the big things of life will draw and fill our lives.    As we commit its amazing how this commitment re-scales our world, enabling us to know what is important and necessary rather than stay around in the shallows of life, engaged with the minutiae.

Communities with this kind of commitment you may not see around you but why not images-13start with where you are, be a committed person to create a committed community.   These communities are authentic, what the world is waiting for, they are not self-serving or self-centred but are given, willing to live a poured out, being a drink offering, as Jesus lived a poured out life for the cause of the Father, it’s for us to be poured out for our streets and the Father’s cause.

Find them, these communities, ecclesia’s, churches they are Christ Centred, not programme centred or even worship centred, neither event centred, conference focused all these they may participate with but guaranteed it will flow from a Centred Life On Christ and Christ’s Cause, which is the Fathers desire and the Holy Spirit‘s commitment.

Let it never be too much for us to be committed, let us find a place and pour ourselves out!    Committed to Christ communities, committed to Kingdom communities, committed to Christ and his ecclesia, his church.


Road signs ahead…

images-7As you drive in the rural areas of UK the road signs are some times different to urban driving.   You come across signs that tell you to pay attention of, “Beware of…”.   Generally they are small signs, not mass-produced or government signs but little hand-made, painted on cardboard to wooden board and some times even marked stones.

Signs of “beware lambing season”, “beware heavy plant in road”, “beware ducks crossing”, they communicate one thing in all their ways BEWARE, pay attention, take a second look, make sure you’re paying attention, avoid an accident or an incident.   All these tells us we don’t want you to harm yourself or any one else.

While recently writing blogs on the prophetic a few have come to mind, things written on hearts, hands, eyes, life really.    I would like to knock a few hand-made posts in regarding the prophetic, to hold up some beware’s for us all.   All prophetic ministry, using it in a broad sense if you prophecy or are in ministry call, even if you are an elder, pastor, vicar or teacher you should have a prophetic fervour in you.

All prophetic ministry should Beware of Weariness.  When the scriptures says don’t images-13grow weary, weariness.   Think of the prophets that got tired.    Elijah running from Jezebel, oh the grace of God that he didn’t just wake him up and give him a meal but sent him back to sleep.   Let’s get rid of the weariness.

Beware of a weariness that is deeper than just physical.   beware of the weariness that insidiously creeps into your soul, the tiredness of not wanting to get up and do it again.   Or so much flack that you don’t want to get up and say it again.   weariness. beware of that weariness.

When Jesus pressed himself on in the garden of Gethsemane and had come back and asked them to wait the hour and watch the hour in pray with him, he says “…can’t you even watch the one hour?”   Their weariness.   But he couldn’t afford to let that weariness press his soul.   For if he had allowed that weariness to engulf he soul the cup would never had been drunk and you and I would not have been here.

Beware flattery.  All the apt on the back to the prophet.   Beware those who come flattering you on your delivery, your content. your powerful word and yet don’t change by it.   Flattery comes from the heart that is committed to no change.   It just wants you to feel good about accepting them in their unchanged state.   Beware flattery.

Beware compromise that when you have the word of God, when you have the vision of God, then you don’t indulge in well may be, well perhaps you are right, maybe I will have to tone it down a wee bit and yes perhaps I am asking too much too soon, and by the time they will have finished helping you adjust your vision will be so small you will need a microscope to find it.   Don’t compromise.

Beware of ridding your gift.  Most prophets, not all but most, are articulate.   But when in the unction of the Holy Spirit they bring the word of God it is powerful and articulate, even when they are preaching the prophetic word, it can be very easy to lose your dependence on God and ride your gift.

Beware hypocrisy.  It’s interesting that Jesus didn’t shout out to the crowds there images-12beware of hypocrisy, he accepted the fact that the Pharisees had hypocrisy, but he said to his own, beware of the leaven.  Hypocrisy of demanding in your words what you are not willing to walk and are not walking in, of calling on people to walk by principles that your are not a model for living in.

I have found myself being in situations where people are generous they give, share of their life and give as well as tithe while some men and women live on this generosity yet did not personally tithe, the church required the people to be generous in this manner other wise it would not meet its responsibilities.   I could not believe it, what right did they have to expect what they did not do.   What right do we have to know the depth of their actions and not walk ourselves in it?   Beware hypocrisy.

Beware the influence of wrong companions to you as God servant.   Imagine how many people in the hour of crises or time to strain forward to stand for what is to come from God found themselves in companionship that keep undercutting, undermining, with nice words and suggestions.

Beware trying to prove your ministry.   if you are a prophet you don’t need to prove your ministry.    there is nothing for you to prove.   Listen to what its says in 1 Samuel 3:19-20 ‘Samuel grew and the Lord was with him and let none of his words fail.  And all Israel from Dan even to Beer-Sheba knew that Samuel was confirmed as a prophet.   Who confined him?   God, by not letting his words fail.  By brining it about.  You have nothing to prove.   You are either bringing the word, if you are bridging the word, let God do the proving.  It will happen. You don’t fight anything.

 Just be who you are meant to be, enjoy the adventure as you expand and follow Godlikeness, as those who are part of a prophetic movement, a church called to be the voice of God, to enable, to inspire all to hear God, to enable people to hear the Father where ever they find themselves to be far from God or where God has made us near.

Chosen Ones – WOW!

images-12Let us not doubt who we are, let us live in whose we are, let us see Gods view of us…

∑     Chosen us for Gods name (Acts 15:14)

∑      Chosen us for Gods own possession (1 Peter 2:9)

We are called ‘People of God (1 Peter 2:10).Distinct from world around us so we were called ‘People of the Way’ (Acts 9:2; 19:9; 23)

The early church ‘stood out’ in their

∑      Attitude; Behaviour; Talk; Family Values

∑      Work Ethic; Integrity; Civil obedience

∑      Covenant Relationships

Through becoming a ‘new creation’ 2 Cor. 5 (Regeneration) transferred from one kingdom to another. (Col 1:13) Our difference defined by our life in Christ’s Kingdom.

Jesus highlighted this before Pilate, John 18:33-37. My Kingdom not of this sphere; realm; world. It is not sourced in this time/space world. Pilate intrigued would like to have known more.

What kind of Kingdom is this?

∑      Invisible but Real: Psalm 103:19

∑      Operating to its own currency and ways, different to the created world: Psalm 115:3

∑      Eternal not just passing, it is established  and will continue: Psalm 145:13 

Here in submission to Christ as King discover starting point of Kingdom agenda in our lives.       Christ’s silence before Pilate was not cowardice.        Christ knew visible controlled by invisible.        Christ knew the Divine Purpose was being outworked in this Cosmic moment.        Silence therefore befitting what was happening.      Although stakes high for mankind – Jesus had nothing to say to the world of men.         He knew his stance was now in confrontation with Satan/demons.        Pilate was the instrument of Father’s will, shocker Acts 3:16-21.       After 4000 years – time arrived to crush serpents head. When he’d prayed ‘not my will …yours’ in Gethsemane and drunk the cup.     The whole Redemption drama moved to higher plane.       Jesus silent knowing God’s purpose must be viewed from Heaven’s perspective.         Lose sight of invisible Kingdom end up pursuing the visible kingdom.

This is why Jesus said ‘Seek first the Kingdom’. (Matthew 6:33)       This is the ultimate priority for Kingdom people.         In accepting this we are saying we accept/submit to Christ’s Kingdom.

∑      Christ is over us as King

∑      We are his brothers and sisters, as Subjects yet joint heirs, as created yet brought to a place of co participant with God, brought into the relationship with God, now a shared life

∑      To live by Kingdom ways

∑      To fulfil Kingdom agenda in our world.

Ultimate accountability for the coming Kingdom motivates immediate responsibility.    To cause us to live as Kingdom people God has given us discipleship structures to our lives

∑      Family; School; Community; Work place

∑      Church; Civil Government and often a

∑      Mentor:  whose integrity, spirituality yet normality has earned our respect/trust.

To this extent your life lived by Kingdom pattern, ways.       To this extent in life comes and holds together.      Just as he does the universe. Col 1:15-17 (message)

The Kingdom life is internalised in our Humanity.       Everything is touched by Cause/Effect.        Before coming to Christ our effort to keep law external to ourselves was legalism.        Now the law of Kingdom written in our hearts out minds.       It is internalised in Kingdom.       This means things start changing from within – This process – of Christlikeness, Kingdom alignment always means Kingdom adjustment. e.g. Isaiah 6:5 ‘Ruined’ – ‘Coming apart’.       Coming apart before the throne, until grace cleansed, adjusted and brought him together again – Conformed to image of King.

Where shall we go to in our next blog?