Godly Entrance…

Fire SunPsalm 50;2, 3 (Message)    God blazes into view.    Our God makes his entrance, he’s not shy in his coming.  starburst of fireworks precede him

Wow a God like this, what a picture in the mind it makes, “blazing”, on fire, passionate, “starburst of fireworks” what  a master of ceremony announces his arrival, starburst my life o God.   How magnificent you are in your ways Lord a God who does not make himself hard to find, one who revels himself, make your self know and  yet how amazing we miss you.   How can that be?  I guess the greatest miss is the missing of your incarnate self amongst the sons of men, a blazing view at birth, heaven heralds and then the journey of life but to many a guy on a colt, a carpenter from….    Blazed across the sky with angelic choirs but world missed you, people missed you, distractions occupied them and you where not seen.     Distractions occupy us too but let your grace not allow us to miss you!

Creation that truly was an announcement a blazing into view, a bursting through from the unseen to the seen, coming from another dimension that is inside of God. What a way of writing your self across the sky stars, moon, sun etc., I think we missed the announcement as we get caught on the arguments rather than the arrival.   The arguments on creation or evolution or even functional matters of who first man or woman but it could have been what David saw here an announcement of arrival, of intent, of purpose of places to be and things to-do.

He enters there is no shyness no withdrawn appearing with Him but full throttle announcement and we have been arguing what it was ever since.   It was a Divine Arrival!   A blazing into VIEW

Even when second Adam arrived starburst, angelic choir, sighs in the sky burst, fireworks and we miss it.    How can we see your blazing into view my Lord?       How can we train the eye to see the coming of our King?       How can we see you arriving so to speak in our circumstance, our lives with a blazing view nota trickle or a may be?

Is this again our challenge a coming King and the King can be lost and not seen etc.

NASB translation says it like this   2 Out of Zion, the perfection (completeness, perfection, made perfect)[2] of beauty, God has shone (“shew thyself” once, and “light” once. 1 to shine, shine forth or out, cause to shine, send out beams. to shine out, shine forth, send out beams. to cause to shine.) forth.    3 May our God come and not keep silence; Fire devours before Him, And it is very tempestuous around Him.

The role of the people of God, the aim to be the “…perfection of beauty…” the need to catch the character of the Father to display him so that “…out of Zion…”, ” …he has shone forth…” o why, o why is it my Lord we have the down casters rather than those who will work for the perfection of beauty.   Giving your life to participate in bring about “…the perfection of beauty…” What Is this so we can bring it about that you might shine for the o Lord

Zion is now the abode of God.    A dazzling blaze of light is the symbol of his presence.      The poet is anxious for God to come near and declare his will.     Lightning’s and storm are the outward symbols which express his coming.   He is a consuming fire (cf. Deut 4:24) devouring his enemies.   He is an irresistible whirlwind sweeping them away like chaff Sifre in Deuteronomy… He shined forth from Mount Paran: There are four occasions when God shines forth …

The fourth will occur in the days of the Messiah, as it is said, Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined forth

Deut 33:2   He said, “The Lord came from Sinai, And dawned on them from Seir; He shone forth from Mount Paran, And He came from the midst of ten thousand holy ones; At His right hand there was flashing lightning for them.

Job 11:17 “Your 1life would be brighter than noonday; Darkness would be like the morning.  

Psalm 80:1 Oh, give ear, Shepherd of Israel,You who lead Joseph like a flock; You who care enthroned above the cherubim, shine forth!

 Matt 13:43 Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears, let him hear.


Train your eye to be open to the Blazing arrivals of the Father, become aware, cultivate the awareness of his moving and his aim always to arrive

We are to be “…the light on the Hill…” Matt 5 stop putting on to another person or another time, he has resided in the midst of us and we now be his nature in life days

Recognise my distraction, my chosen distractions and one that comes to ensure they will not allow me to miss the moment filled  with a blazing view

Work to become the people of his perfected beauty to our world, develop my life


Launched Words…

I turned the pages of my electronic bible over, what a strange action, I am always amazed what these computers can do and sound like, I continued to read waiting and anticipating the Spirit of God to have gone deep within God looking for fresh insight to be brought into my daylight (1 Cor. 2:10).     With anticipation I read on knowing that when God revels it will have an implication for me, to make it part of my life, embracing it in every way.    Then it arrived as arrow in flight in pierced the clouded mind and thought patterns broke through into my being.   It read “He launches his promises earthward how swift and sure they come!” (Psalm 147:15), WOW, WOW! the Father launches, its trajectory set, its path calculated and course set, away it goes a promise of the Father.
I realised that the overcomer overcomes through the strength of God also by the living promises of God.     What about transforming what God has said into a pregnant promise, into words with power, into sentences that are God filled.   For is this not a promise from heaven a God filled sentence?    Not just words on a page, Biblical promises but launched, swift to arrive words, “for none of his words will return void” not sound bites to quote heave invested words!   Perhaps promises spoken long ago taken back into the face of God through my conversations with the Father, my prayer and returned as “Reverse Thunder” (Rev 16:17-21) with my words invested  into again with Gods substance  and creation is effected”
If promises have been launched towards Gods creation should we not consider what they are?    Making known what has been uttered what has been said towards creation, humanity you and me.   What has been promised as the ultimate intention of God, Gods purpose to bring about, this will of the Father we are to be given to beyond our own will.    Should we not have the duty to enquire, then we have a responsibility to make it known.
Launched promises God speaks – thank goodness God has words, this God of ours
God speakers words that work
God directs speaking words having a direction in them
Speaking must be twined to hearing, so let God speak and let us hear and take heed of promises
Promises launched in words that work!      A promise making God, a promise keeping Father an ever extending God via spoken words – literal God changing shape in us, around us by utterance, words and all within those words are God.
So where from here, take the book of words, of promise the scripture Spirit uttered words and collate promises spoken to all creation, to humanity, to the church of God, to you and me.   Begin to revel in the spoken promises, begin to consider that these are not thoughts, nice reading passages but fulfilling promises.   For though promises we will live gloriously, don’t just wait until they arrive or happen live in the glorious light of these words.

How to Start A Day

How to start a day on the right footing, ever wondered that?   Before you put your foot on planet earth from your floating haven above the ground by 150 mm or more, before you step out of your cocooned security, the warm blankets.    As you decide to make that first small step that giant leap stirred by an alarm call, the sound of creation stirring or just your own body clock, how to start the day comes to mind in various ways.

Whether a fog over your eyes or clear thought “what does today hold?” moves through peoples mind, a day much like yesterday? a red letter day or for some the weight of the day is so heavy a reluctant awaking comes, having to face the riggers of the day.   How do I start my day?

Here’s a thought God, investigate my life; get all the facts firsthand” this is not about finding my mistakes or looking for my failure, the Psalmist asks God to search him twice at the start and end of the Psalm 139:15-22, investigate me.   The picture painted is of a gold digger going to a deep mine, or panning for gold at a rivers edge, knowing that there is treasure in this stream, to search knowing the treasure is here.   God search for the treasure you put into me earlier before the foundation of the world.   It is  a wonderful secure search, investigate me to bring to light the treasure in side of me, the treasure you put there.   Starting the day with a search for the treasure that God put in side of you will remind you of his works each morning – a good way to start the day!

There is a popular action in many today of going to the streets and conducting a Treasure Hunt in peoples lives, as they go about their daily life, an exiting adventure.   Taking the gifts of God to the street and awakening people to the treasure of God.   Well to see it flow more so, I would suggest start the day with a God treasure search in you, the hand of God in you each day, the eye of the Lord each morning, from there you will deliver treasure more effectively.    Let God pan, dig deep to bring your treasure out to the light of day, that you might see you accordingly to heavens investment in you.

“…Investigate my life…”

“…An open book…” nothing closed – is this not the aim of our redemption which is a deliverance on ward going that nothing can be closed or shut off from Father God rather than just being open to people.    Its about having an open book life before God

“…Never out of sight…”

“…You’re there…”  Fathers companionship, never without God, always with God.

“…Too much…”

“…Too wonderful…”

“…I can’t take it all in…” –  what if life was like this, what a way to work with God at all times.   This  would bring us to a place of overwhelming, an amazing way of life “too much” one would cry, I can take it any more, not that I can’t cope, but its overwhelming me “too much” the God of too much.

May we discover God as the Father of “…Too Much…”

This is a very personal psalm (139) (notice the pronouns ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’, and ‘mine’) it is attributed to David and has been called ‘the crown of the psalms’. It is certainly safe to say it is one of the best loved of all the psalms and of all Scripture passages.

A day started with the attitudes of  “openness” “thankfulness” these are all good ways to commence a day, the writer tells us be thankful to God. Praise him, but how, not as we are inclined to praise God, for blessings we have received, but David praised God for who God is. Our praise will never be what it should be until we ascend to this level.      David starts the day by praising God for his perfect knowledge of him. Nothing about us is hidden from God.

He knows when we sit down and rise up (v. 2). He knows our thoughts before they ever come into our heads (v. 2). He knows all about our ways (v. 3).

‘… God knows what rule we walk by, what end we walk towards, what company we walk with…‘    Furthermore, he knows every word we speak before we speak (v. 4).

The psalmist stood in awe of God’s knowledge.

The things I know for each day :

“…Investigate my life…” “…An open book…”  “…Never out of sight…” “…You’re there…”  

The response I make:

“…Too much…” “…Too wonderful…” “…I can’t take it all in…”

To have this relationship is wonderful, to see the God of ‘too much’ to you at the start of every day, this is too wonderful, I cannot take it in, it is so high and lofty in my experience.

It is the only way to start the day what ever awaits the first touch down of my foot from my slumber!

How safe is your FUTURE?

 Not a welcome question in the times we live in.  With people concerned about work, finance, health and many other things.   So how safe is your future?

Perhaps safety and future are strange bed fellows yet they do fit, security can be found in little really work, relationship, finance, security seems to be the incorrect term to use, I think safety is more apt today.   If my future is safe, I will take risk or chose to walk trusting God.

So how safe is your future?  The Psalmist I see often asked himself questions of future and questions of safety he would often cry out, then somewhere in his cry he would find the answer.  “By your words I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path” he said in Psalm 119:105 that the power of these words, certain words that is, bring safety.   Words that are the nature of the speaker, light that illuminates, God begins with “Let there be light” (his condition – see earlier blog) and here the writer still encounters this same pulsation, crafted, uttered words that cause pathways to be seen.   Words that do not breakdown but build up, words that raise up the pathway, the safe footed ways in front of each of us.

These safe words have the ability to direct, to show you where you are going, they are certain words not throw away comments but “your words”.  For safety sake, I better make sure I am hearing “…your…” words, making sure I can distinguish “…your…” words Lord.   So many say that, this and that are your words, but can I hear them form the source of light?   I recently sat in a gathering where it was declared strongly that the main event, the focus of all Gods working was this ………… and yet no mention of Christ or the filling up of all things in Christ was mentioned.   It really was the produce, or the in teaching for now, they were not “…your…” words, not safety bringing words but simply fashionable words, gathering people around the fashionable point.  Not light that illuminates and brings safety but so-called light that only builds our own events.

Make us able to distinguish true words in so much noise ”…your…” words safety words, perhaps that is why there is the lack of a safe future, we are not sure how to distinguish good words, successful words from safety words.

Safety is YOUR words in YOUR people so that YOUR community will ensure that YOUR words and will be done!

These words not only inform us of the Fathers will but also shows us how to follow the right and avoid the wrong ways, safety pathways, safe futures.

Ancient lamps were filled with oil to illuminate, their shapes changed with the potter and fashion and what was practical for purpose, we as the people of God change our shape, and it really does not matter,  it’s the light that illuminates and that matters rather than the changing shape, safety is not in the changing shape but in the words that illuminate.

Safety words bring a safe future “Your commandments make me wiser than my enemies, for it is ever with me.  I have more understanding than all my teachers, for your testimonies are my mediation.   I understand more than the aged, for I keep your precepts” (119:98-100) it is mentioned three times, these illuminating words make us “wiser” and gives us “more insight” and “more understanding”.   This is not the boast of a ‘smarty’ a superior human, but it is some one who has discovered safety in this word “…your…” words.   If we learn what God says you will know things that will amaze the people around you.

Wisdom wiser than mine enemies!

If you want this kind of wisdom we are going to have to switch off the TV, stop getting distracted give ourselves in response to a Father that loves us, pick up his spoken word and listen to the spirit as we turn to the book.   I can discover the wisdom that delivers me from my enemies as I hear the word.

Wisdom wiser than my teachers

Human wisdom can only take you so far but those who know how to take in the words of the Father and the Son will truly take in wisdom.   The reason for this wisdom is simple, a disposition learned of “your testimonies are my meditations” this learning is not by chance or  a wow experience, but by turning and considering, the way I ponder and what I mediate upon, all that I fill my mind and heart with.

Wisdom wiser than age

I have stuff to say that is older than me!    There is always much to learn from those who are older than us however age by itself does not equal wisdom there is such a thing as “old fools” who started as “young fools” and just got old.   Wisdom comes from years of obeying the words of the Father.  The “understanding” mentioned here means the ability to penetrate with insight into difficult issues.   You know how to tackle life and its hard edges as you have seen God at work in the word and in his illumination.

Again the reason this is possible is simply “I keep your precepts” wisdom does not come by osmosis or magic, simply superior wisdom comes by doing what the word says.

So lets read, and obey so we might find a safe future.



All tied up

Get Ready, Steady, Go recall the childhood sports day when we lined up with excitement and anticipation of the greatest event ever.     Olympics 2012 eat your heart out, these where the races that mattered.    I am sure  some you stood ready in the ‘egg & spoon race’, looking down on the egg in a spoon and concentrating to keep it there, set in the curve of the spoon.   For others it might have been the ‘sack race’, standing in a bag, a coarse sacking bag at that, not only that but with shorts on, it was like standing in a bag made of sand paper ready to jump to victory.    For a few it might have been the great British race that made so many world champions, the ‘three legged race’, two legs tied as one, it did not matter the different shape and stature of each child, just tie them together at the knee and ankle, the tall, the small, the large, the short, mixed shape teams, that’s the spirit of competing, being there.     I am not sure if it was fun or just physical abuse sending children out to be competitive with all the hindrances of a sack or a rope and an egg.    It was fun though!     We stood in a row glaring, sizing up the opponents and then hearing the words “Ready…Steady…Go” and off we went.    There where some congenital races as well on the school sports field!

Keep it on the spoon

In the opening words of Psalm 108 (Message) we are greeted with a Ready, it’s a declaration not form an official or  third-party but form an individual declaring their stat of life, it’s a very different “…ready…” to the picture of childhood experience painted previously.   This “…ready…” positions us in life it has a full life impact; it creates a buzz throughout the body, mind and soul.   The Psalmist makes his intent known, lifts himself to an “I’m ready” it delivers an awakening declaration, wake up sleepy-head environment, no more lethargy but a let me at life in its fullness.

Feel the “I’m ready” its pulsating, its let me at it, what ever has gone on or not gone on there is a conclusion to that season and what ever situation he finds himself handling.    Now its Ok world, Ok situation, Ok events, Ok inner person “I’m Ready”.   The writer goes on to sum it up with the notion I’m awake and it wakes all around so “Wake” to all that is within my influence and beyond, this readiness brings an awaken-ness, it has an implication of I am fully in the open, out in the midday sun and ready for action.    “I’m ready” in this Psalm transforms the  environment, as he calls on the sun, the sleepy-head sun to adjust, it is full and effective to all that hear.

My readiness awakes, brings alive and transforms my inner and outer being, it extends to affect the song of my life, that inner tune or rhythm we each carry.  It awakes the tune that life is dances to,  and to my environment it is transformational and brings joy.


I’m ready to be IMPACTIVE.

I’m ready is FUNDAMENTAL to life for each and every one of us.

In the New American Translation it’s worded not as ”I’m ready” but as “..fix your heart…”, it takes the person on a transforming course, what ever you fix your mind and heart upon will have an effect on you.   So come to a fixation as it is –




The issue really is, on what do you fix your heart, eyes and mind upon?   in Colossians we are told to “…fix your eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith…” a good fixation.    The decision of what to fill your eye with, your mind’s eye is so foundational to life,  Jesus, is foundational to us all therefore is so radical to each life.    Here is a thought, we must fix our heart on foundations elements rather than any thing superficial,  as all superficial things will  pass and will not have a lasting and trust worthy effect.     It’s necessary to have this fixation on the Christ of God, it’s a must.

So where ever you are in life, fix on the foundational things, otherwise any other fixation will just become an obsession to you in life, this practice that is meant to be empowering and transforming just comes to be an obsession.    Fixation that becomes transformational or  an obsession is our considered article?     One and only one fixation is healthy to life, to fix our selves on the author of life and life more abundantly.

So “fix your heart” be “I’m ready” this is a practice, a breakthrough that is necessary in life, make it an every morning event, and every evening event, a way of constant rhythm in your daily routine, get to the place of transforming the environment you walk into due to your fixation.   In other words my fixing of heart, the ‘I’m ready’ becomes the ingredient that is necessary for us all and as you can bring your fixation on the Christ t to effect on others rather than your obsessions it become the catalyst of lives.    What is it for us an obsession or foundational it’s very important as the “I’m ready” gives you an influence and a your reasons for action.    at your worst account an obsessions will rule and make you act for its sake where as the fixation on Jesus is foundational to life and empowering to life in all its glory, drawn towards the fixation, it become s a leading drawing beacon rather than a destructive obsession.     Fix on music; celebrity, money, etc., all these superficial things will ultimately destroy you as obsession takes over your thought, spending, words, and actions.    Non of us wish to live an obsessive life rather make a choice to get ready and fix on a life-giving focus.      Where as to fix on an established foundation, builds until ultimately you will become part of the same stuff as the foundation you have fixed on that becomes your source.

So chose your “fixation”, your ‘I’m ready’, be transformational, awake the sunshine over someone, over the circumstances of their life.   The impact of the readiness is  outlined further in the Psalm:


We praise God with a fixedness of heart. Our heart must be employed in the full thought of O God! my heart is fixed, and then I will sing and give praise. Wandering straggling thoughts must be gathered in.

The opening verse is prepared in the ‘Message’ with so ready there are 5 readies repeated “I’m ready, God, so ready, ready from head to toe. Ready to sing, ready to raise a God-song”.   Is he ready or is he ready!