God In Me…

Its been far too long since I wrote my last one, so here it goes…

What a difference you have made…ever had that said to you?   What was your response, embarrassed, challenged, humble receipt, did you think it away or deflect it with kind words, or just accept it.   I would suggest your response will entirely depend on your make up.   The thought that your influence reaches beyond you, more than that, if we could measure the ripple of your contribution how far would it ripple.  I would suggest way beyond where you thought even when you think lowly of yourself, whoever you are.

Your impact goes way beyond the immediate… 

I would suggest to you your thoughts, words and actions changes and makes a difference positively and negatively.  I recall being told once we are only responsible for our words but for the perception we leave as well.     The order of impact grows in form,  thoughts to words, words to actions then we make a real difference.   Hypocrisy is when this threesome departs from one another, our words are matched with difference actions, our actions are not in line with our words which flows from thoughts.    

Have we not heard “as a person thinks (reckons, calculates, estimate with your soul) within, so (following, after this) they are” Proverbs 23:7, identity flows from thoughts.    Then as you think words are uttered.     As an aside the healthy way of dealing with words is to fill your inner being as Luke 6:45 tells us “Out of the good treasure of the heart the good person brings forth what is good; and the evil person out of the evil treasurebrings forth what is evil; for the mouth speaks from that (abundance) which fills the heart (inner being)”

I love the opening beginnings of Genesis and its wealth of revelatory direction, and instruction about humanity, one profound thought is we, all humanity is created in the form and image of God, wow!     Religion has marked us wrongly from here and painted God seated removed from us, far above us, our exitance is to attempt to reach God.   But God Father, Son and Holy Spirit did something extraordinary they came and fashioned humanity with image and likeness.  For many their lives have become, which it is to be a Christ like person, “explaining God”.  For Jesus explained God fully…   The challenge is we can describe the effects of God in our lives in our circumstances but it is still difficult to explain God fully, just as we can describe the effects of wind or gravity, but it gets difficult to explain fully.  

God can see all, hear all, speak, and communicate, God even painted a picture of Godself in you and me, for example giving us ten fingers, 10 toes to go and touch, walk and action in our world, which corresponds to the ten sayings God spoke in creating our world and beyond.   Ten actions from ten sayings that we are expected to walk in and fulfil Gods’ ultimate intention in.

You and I have the ability to be active with our feet and hands, we have a reach so far, try throwing something, yet our ability to speak enables our mouths to reach further than our hands.   Your nose can pick up a smell from a distance, the smell of a fire, or perfume often comes from further than your voice may reach.    Then our ears pick up sound further than we can sense with our nose, and what about your eyes, your eyes reach way beyond your ears ability, reaching further out.    Then we have what a person thinks or decides upon to look at will undoubtedly influence your soul and what you listen to.

As we consider this expanding journey of influence through our human faculties, we realise that the most impactive, one could say potent faculty is our thoughts.

The mind of God, Christ is something we all have Paul the apostle said, “we have the mind of Christ” 1 Cor 2:16, we are to think like God on matters do not think  like “mere men”, our thoughts become a creative and powerful source to each of us far reaching beyond ourselves, rippling through lives and circumstances.   Have the thoughts of God, the mind of Christ means we understand God’s plan to restore creation to its original splendour, the ultimate intention of God.  Having these thoughts means we agree with God.

God enables us to be “partakers of divine nature” 2 Peter 1:4 the Holy Spirit working with us, in bringing all things for life and godliness brought alive to us.

Having the mind of God, the thoughts of God enable us to work,  empowering our free choice to think this mind, impacting us and around us with the words and actions from the thoughts that are most profound.    What you think and the choices you make with this mind will be profound and will have a powerful effect on your life and the lives around you.

In Hebrew, thought from Zohar, is written “Above deals with below, according to the way below conducts itself”, If the person is happy, full of optimism, above will be happy and optimistic with the person”.   It is dealing with the union God has brought about through Christ in you and me, that shockingly as we have the mind of Christ we begin to work in union with God.

Then who we are, our life source is designed as an expression and manifestation of Godliness.   Our thoughts are Gods thoughts, and this very origin will flow and follow in our lives.   When we recognise this and take on the mind of God, we channel the power of God thinking Godly thoughts you become in union with the most powerful creator and become blessed and a blessing to all around.

Christ in you the hope of Glory… God in you!