Originally from South Wales the land of Revival, a land that experienced 18 Revivals in 80 years has to affect you, I have a passion to see Revival heralding Reformation, bringing to pass Restoration that Christ might fill all in all.    My desire is to see the Body of Christ come to maturity doing away with religion and bring a Christ to this world that is real and relational bringing  an end of information about the Christ and introducing a relational Jesus.

I work to see Christ filling full all in all, that the whole ‘cosmos’ will reflect and display him, that the whole church becomes the direct explanation of a paternal father looking for a family rather than a professional organisation, the people of God being truly a family and all its function and government being a family.

I see my focus in taking away the religion and building the walls of the city of God, which is people in maturity through the given gifts of Christ, while our society is restored to Gods’ ultimate Intention.   I seek to see the following happening

  • Build Family – that the church, the body of Christ might be a family in the earth and nothing less.  that the church becomes the fathering people of God in our society along with the mothering of God in our world, that the people of God will be these in characteristic to our world
  • Transform society – that a people transformed will transform our world, that every world with in our world – art, music, health, educational, financial worlds etc., being incarnational to our world as we transform society
  • Create learning communities – that we become a community that is revelational, living and breathing an ever arriving God amongst a church that is still arriving, living our a Kingdom life that is coming and has broken into our cosmos
  • Reach for maturity – to see a mature people of God growing up and bring about transformation as we see the sons of God bring release to our creation as it grows from a liberated mature Christ

Gareth and Sandra who married in 1978 and began their adventure, they relocated from Swansea with two children to West Yorkshire in 1984 where their third was born.   Since then they have lived and worked in Leicester, Loughborough, Leeds and now reside in Coventry UK along with Cape Town, South Africa.    Their three children Cerys, Hannah, Abigail one a Teacher another soon to be a Doctor and another following the creativity of God in being an Artist.   Gareth and Sandra  both carry  a burden to see the Kingdom of God world-wide with a burden for the UK while carrying a faith and burden for a testimony of Christ along with a manifestation of his Kingdom in Africa.    They have both been sent to call in waves of revival from the depth of God and take up in every place they visit.    Gareth carries a charge to see 1000 people to be released into the Kingdom of God along with a commission to see established 5 centres (Europe, USA, Africa & Asia) world-wide to empower people.

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