Holiness Re Configured

Unknown.jpegWhen thinking of Holiness in the past one thought of dark coated men with solemn faces, faces that as child I would fear as a smile could never appear on these faces, as i thought. These tall dark columns of people were holy, ladies with their black hats that drew their faces into a sharp demeanour, they dressed in colourless gowns that made me wonder if there was any colour at all in life. They walked with an apparent disconnect to life and all movement around them, solemn, removed, a higher life, this was the portal of holiness.

This is so far from what I have now realised and come to see, their religious straight jacket , kept me along with others away from a relationship, a relationship filled with colour, movement and adventure. Holiness was grey, holiness was somber, holiness was to be honest boring and we did not want anything to do with it.

I discovered that holiness was actually in wild and opposition to such blandness. Holiness in the Scriptures paints pictures, trying to create in our imagination a dynamic life that explodes with divine life. Story’s of wild fire, smoke, angels flying, during great deliveries, life of the edges radically brought with pace and power to center stage of view.

Holiness is being present with God ALIVE, LIVING, a live exploding far beyond what we have ever imagined. Colour, diverse, movement, sounds and holiness are far removed from the world when i first encountered them, holy people.

I have since realised holiness cannot be brought into control, being made manageable. We are invited into this life this holy life, and we have to receive it on its own terms not on ours. We are the ones that need to adjust and take up the invitation, we are the ones that need to reflect the colour splashed, the divine movement of this dance. Just as the people of the Book, the Scriptures reflecting the very life, fire, on fire them selves, a life emptying adventure of a life in Holy Spirit, a life manifest by the marks of Holy Spirit joy, not grey.

Not a life submitted to legalism and laws but a life expressing a holiness of dynamic enjoyment, being in the image and likeness of God.

So what does your and my holiness look like? What to we communicate to people as holiness in our lives style? Holiness did not make you something less than image and likeness of God, it does not make God small so we could manage God but explodes you, energizes you, enlarges you as the gift of God, being those who give out and display the very life, this holy life. A huge life expression, totally over the top, full of colour, spontaneous, by the way I am not talking of the extrovert, wether you are an extrovert of introvert this life is the same.

Let us do away with the cathedrals of sourness, the somber tall steeples, isolated towers of blandness, cold faces of tall cliff like sternness, none of these resemble this living holy God. Put back life giving, enhancing holiness. The life of creation expressed holiness, the life that put colour into the field, installed wildness, forest and jungles, the life that invented colour and paints continually the sky’s colour every night. How can holiness be that bland and sour? God has brought us to a holiness of colour, diverse, wild, uncontrolled life in its fullness, abundant life.

The world will see the depth and beauty of God, the beauty of this holiness I would even God on to say beauty is the vehicle of communicating the divine holiness, the the way we relate to holiness, lost in the beauty of creating we discover God, abandoned to the beauty in people, we find God.

God in holiness is creation, I think we now need to smell the aromas of Creation. In many places in Africa I walk by jasmine bushes as ground cover, as I do my nose is filled with an amazing aroma to the point where I want to linger, and thoroughly enjoy the aroma. I want to smell and engage with this beauty of holiness expression. Stop and smell the roses, let it awake holiness in you from within its holiness. Rubbing shoulders with our world, pressing our feet into the sand and earth, moulding its clay in order for us to worship God in the beauty of holiness.

This is not meant to be a theological search and defining of holiness but a desire to bring extravagant, exhilarating, spontaneous life to us, a showiness through which we might reflect that very holiness. Re read Psalms again especially 29 and see there holiness in the narrative of voice. The words in holiness expressed in wild, crashing sounds and movements, storms, God displaying movements. the play of great trees in holiness, with light illumination for us what holiness looks like, earthquakes, forest affecting shaking earth holiness choreographing movement. You have to conclude holiness has God speaking not being sober or silent, in the temple, the place of the church meeting creating all with a shout to a living God “the beauty of holiness”

Let us display the colour, let us embody the diversity, let us be the adventure and worship God in holiness. Holiness reconfigured I experience and reflect in my every day daily life, what i say, what a wear, how i live…

“Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness”



life.pngStumbling, to trip or momentarily lose one’s balance; almost fall, to make a mistake or repeated or to encounter by chance.     That moment when you want to make a good impression to the new admirer, the you look up to, the new boss and without warning your muscle memory is interrupted, in a place where the fear of being seen, or even judged by the stumble is a threat.   Walking down the aisle at a wedding, tripping up to a lectern to address the signatories gathered.   Your less than perfect self-identity comes apart then we regain our composure, try to compensate, cover up or laugh it off, hoping it does not floor us in the corridors of work or the street of life, so you ignore it and move on?

Yet if we are humble, we will settle that most of our advances and achievements are achieved as we STUMBLE into situations and events, it just happens, it came from nowhere.   I know we like to think we produced it, we worked at it, we made it happen, but did we?   This does not take away the hours, days, years of self-discipline we put in, the self-preparation that is necessary, yet the reality is we prepare ourselves physically, mentally in every way, stewarding our lives and all that is entrusted to us, our time, friendship, my physicality, possessions what ever they may be.   Then we stumble into unique circumstances, relationships, situations that never will repeat again.   the weather, the people at that very moment, the unique events around us.   We align with people finding ourselves at start line with a group that is unique only to hear the gun go off, or we make an attempt and we stumble in to the moment, the innovation, the breakthrough.

I read once, “in the world of observation, chance favours only the prepared mind”.   It is the inner life the physical life we prepare for the unknown that invades us we stumble upon.

Unexpected moments, one day a young widow walked in the fields looking for her next provision considering where she should be when “she happened to come to the portion of the field belonging to Boaz, who was of the family of Elimelech”.   Really does anything “happen”, her stumble put her in the right place, the correct moment.

In our modernist patterns of thinking what is defined, explained, is what we want, to know how it will work but we must hold on to the unprepared rhythm of the Holy Spirit.      The breaking in of God, if we don’t, we will miss God in the moment, we will be those that join the masses that cannot see God, but you are designed to see God in all things.

Our modern technology worries me sometimes, not because the technology worries me, it does not I am a bit of a techno really, however the “filter Bubbles” that day by day we allow to rule our worlds, they dictate who we speak to, whom we see, who we connect with, they gather information on us to send you stuff on the basis of our ‘clicking habits’.

This world is being formed around us, it is a world in our image, yes you did hear me correct our image, but we belong to a world that is made in the image and likeness of the Divine, we are not meant to be in world in our image.   We don’t want to have this fundamental truth taken from us.  Where will we end up if we have a world made in our image in line with our clicking, likes, surfing and web activity, our purchases defining us.

This kind of life in our image will reduce our ability to live it to the full, it will reduce our preparedness for the unexpected, we will be governed and caught in information feed back producing a world that will be unnecessary to cultivate a prepared mind and heart.

This is certainly not a life led by the Holy Spirit, Romans 8:14 ‘For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.   People cultivating a life that is ready to stumble, to take up the unforeseen and respond are the family we belong to.

You and I, who love the Christ are the Eden of God, the Garden of God, the temple, we are
to bring that Garden “..go forth and multiply…” humanity to all of creation, this is our call it’s not an escapism to another place but the union of the Divine with the Divinely created world “…two becoming one…”    We are enticed by other gardens that surround us, the self-designed, the garden modelled on our wants and desires for pleasure.   The garden of GAAF the garden made up from our techno world (Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook).   You belong to the Garden of Eden and are to bring this garden to be the greater Garden City we find in Revelation 21, 22.

SO what should we do if we find ourselves caught in the GAAF garden
1            Learn to slow down and come out of the pace of the garden of GAAF to embrace the Garden of God the promised “enter into rest” The rest of Hebrews 4:1-3, the Sabbath rest points back to God’s original rest, and marks the ideal rest—the rest of perfect adjustment of all things to God.   This falls in with the ground-thought of the Epistle, the restoration of all things to God’s archetype.     The Sabbath-rest is the consummation of the new creation in Christ, through whose priestly mediation reconciliation with God will come to pass.
Now, he uses sabbatismos (σαββατισμος), the word used of the Sabbath rest.
The word points back to God’s original rest, and speaks of the ideal rest.    Rest of the nature of God that was there in the first place, it’s still offering to us though Christ.

2           Try getting lost and not know where you are to learn again the big picture, the eternal will of the Father, to learn again to demand on the leading of the Holy Spirit.   to be dependent on the inner life’s leading.

3           Experience the Divine, the life of the ancient living word found in the pages of the Bible, encounter with a person, the Christ might become the word that is living in us not words merely on the page that become our laws.

4          Tolerate vagueness, unknowing, uncertainty, put yourself in mode to learn, in discovery mode.   Re capture what is hugely necessary the ’Mystery of the Gospel’.
As an aside note on this thought, there is a desperate need to recapture apostles today to be those that hold the church to account to be those that hold on the ‘mystery’ of God, it is so important and necessary.   Paul said he was the steward of a ‘mystery’, it is an apostolic characteristic to be stewards of the mystery to God to mature people, grow them up in the mystery.   We have seen the proliferation of apostles in last 40 years across the globe, frighteningly,  with the proliferation has come title and positions BUT A LOSING AND DWINDLING OF MYSTERY?   conclude your selves true apostleship?   To bring about an apostolic people who bring the mystery of Christ to our worlds.Unknown-1

You cannot force God.   You can not force the things you are desperate for, even if it is
above of God but you can provide the conditions, which is YOU and encourage a prepared mind and heart to welcome, get excited in the unknown

Your “IN”

images.jpegWe are so spoiled for choice in every avenue today, in some nations whether it be in tastes, smells colours or clothes. While I make that statement I also realise some are excluded from the choices others have, on my travels I have observed that not every one has the opportunity to choose, however, if I find a TV anywhere the choice of channels is quite overwhelming.

One of our many channels recently aired a narrative of a personal journey of a known British presenter, the sub title of the programme was ‘What I believe, was determined by where i live’, an interesting thought. The program as best it could listed people who celebrated faith, they travelled to Turkey to engage with Muslim families, to Israel to participate and understand the people there, they went to various people to enable understanding. The programme I saw concluded with Charismatic Christians in celebration in Israel, I found my self reacting unusually, I found I did not enjoy or could not relate to the displaying of their encounter or experience even though I am a jesus follower a Christian by new birth and Charismatic Holy Spirit moving tongue speaking.

I was intrigued at my feelings. The presenter outlined how welcoming every one was, how they felt included and drawn into some level of participation with each faith family and individual. They commented on how much people wanted to be at peace and one with all people, which is not the side we are painted through the media. The presenters were overwhelmed with the appreciation of the lives of people and the enormous and overt generosity they were shown.

This generosity and appreciation was the over all feeling and communication until that is, they were amongst the people I would have most in common in my christian faith. It actually scandalised me, although I would believe all they held in terms of the centrality of Christ, I was so disappointed to see and feel that they needed to distance themselves from people rather than celebrate in the midst, celebrating humanity, to be the ‘imagers’ of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to all people by letting people ‘taste and see the Lord’. They rather communicated superiority and judgement to all who came near.

I pray and ask God for wisdom on how to know the amazing uniqueness of Jesus and all Unknown.jpegGod has done for us yet communicate the reaching including hand of God to bring peoples to an encounter of faith. The Charismatic Christian celebration lost the people of the program sadly and produced an uncomfortableness in them. This was not the conviction produced by the Holy Spirit but the non inclusion in taking people to God, in sharing the love of the Father. Projecting we are pure you are not, we have to keep ourselves pure and don’t include you.

I wonder what this thought has stirred in you already?

Inclusion has become a dirty word for some, yet we cannot read of Jesus without being overwhelmed by his practice of inclusion. Including the very edges of society that has been excluded.

Theologies of inclusion tend to be feel good, ‘nice’ theologies and more importantly they promote social cohesion by providing a theological rationale for mutual respect, or at least tolerance of difference. Is this what inclusion really is, the biblical inclusion that we are the people of God the Imagers should display and follow?

Every one of us have been some time or another affected or drawn into an agenda of legitimisation, I may call it, beliefs or practices required to find a legitimisation to be part, or to belong.

Every belief system has thoughts of exclusion and inclusion. We, each in our own faith traditions, are probably more familiar with theologies of exclusion – ‘We are right, you are wrong’, there is only one way to    ”    ”    (insert preferred soteriology or eschatology) and it is ours’, ‘If you do not believe what I believe, do what I do …’
Each religion has within it groups more inclined toward exclusivist theologies and groups within it inclined toward theologies of inclusion. A theology of inclusion is essential to motivating honest participation in inter-religious activities and events.

Unknown.pngThese views, thoughts or beliefs are really there to help to make people who already belong feel good; that means the “outsider”, those who have not found their way to be part of the already feeling belonging group, these “outsiders” may feel the impact of both being accepted but let us be honest often rear do these ‘outsiders’ listen to them, the ‘in’. We are required to be so aware that such views, thoughts or beliefs only allow those who are “in” to treat others in such unacceptable non including ways. I must admit i have found the non inclusion was never really belief or theology but when it all boils down comes to a person or a groups insecurities or social defensiveness, inability to have piers, ofter cultivated form an orphan spirit (written about that in other blogs if interested), an orphan way is one of protections and provision. Enough getting side tracked now…

Inclusion should never cause us to deny difference ‘differences would go away if you see things the way I do’ one may say. Let us be honest the denials of difference are insulting to the other, a failure to respect people.

So how can we strongly hold to a faith, our belief about who Jesus says he was and yet still be including. I see so many answers on how to live and practice life in the way jesus interact.


UnknownWho, What, Why questions that John the Baptist dealt with as we are introduced to him in the early chapters of the book of John (John 1:22-25).   Who the question of identity, what, the question of purpose and self-knowing leading to why as John did his thing; actually it is when we are introduced to the Baptist term.  Why are you doing what your doing?  These questions somewhere are constantly being asked of us, probing, enquiring, they will also building and establishing you and I as we seek to answer them, as we seek to formulate the who, what and why.

I would be as bold as to say the ‘why’ will give you the ‘what’ of your life, without the why you will not get on an be or do anything, the why gives you reason.   Therefor what’s you why?

We are told through the scripture that in the mouth of two or three establishment happens, therefore a witness of two or three is necessary to be sure footed before making any move.    I hope we realise we can be a first responder, moving out quickly into adventure yet it is necessary we make sure that every effort requires establishment.

We come across people looking for the ‘new thing’ or ‘next thing’ and we have not learned that life’s advances are only advances as it moves in to new ways yet linked to the past and to present testimonies. This is at the foundation of the saying, you cannot have a future without a history, I would add a celebrated past gives and creates a celebrated future.     To many run from the past trying to cut it off and kill it to get their into a tomorrow and future, closing down their lives, sometimes due to pain and events I fully understand we all have them.   A living painful past will only reproduce a painful future.

To celebrate tomorrow discover the celebration of yesterday.     A good friend, Johnny Kinch quotes “the way you leave a room will be the way you entre into the next”, so true.   Carrying the story of past hurt will not allow you get a future celebrated but will recreate, find the silver lining of yesterday, the powerful joy of yesterday in the middle of the rubble.

Establishment comes through testimony.

Why, what, who are the three witnesses that the witness of the coming Christ was enquired of, regarding his identity, self and purpose, what are the three things of life that established John as the fore runner.  Why am I here, what am I fully pursuing and involved with and who am I, what is my function to be?

Where to from here, well what about you and I, are we established?    There are times when I want to rush out the door and change the world, along with that there are times I must admit I want to put up the shutters, not speak to any one and enjoy me and Jesus, my what a collision inside my thinking from time to time when this happens.

For a number of years Sandra and I poured ourselves out in service of a group of men and women stepping into spaces that needed some one to fill.     For years as an administrator I found enjoyment in listening and taking an idea that ministries of Covenant Ministries International dreamt up, ideas that were God idea shaping, re-dreaming, putting form, drawing up plans, adding content and making things happen and work.     We were men and women bringing the future into today.

Today we are men and women moving, pressing forward in a onward movement bringing the future to bear on today while in continuity of the past.

Any one who fights, denies, dismiss or ignores the past will not gain the future.   Any one who finds the hurt of yesterdays disappointments too strong will be overwhelmed and not enjoy the future.

Sandra will say ‘I don’t regret anything we have done, seen or been’, if you have regret you will find that you will defend or revolt against the past, seeing it as a list of injuries mainly with an ’O yes there were some good things’.      A transformation of the inner mind is required in order that the past is to be a part of establishing a testimony and build towards the future.   Extending ourselves in reaching toward the goal of Christ filling all.

This year I have been living by the gospel for 30 years and a Christ follower for over four decades during that time I have seen movements come and go (that’s a whole other article, what I have seen, what I see happening right now in advance in the movements of the last 40/50 years).    In recent days seeing movements drift from their apostolic prophetic moorings to becoming wonderful gatherings.   Managed churches, more about being big, which is not at all wrong, increase is a part of the Kingdom, but often more about being big that being incarnation, being cool rather than being Christ.   Some great moves of God have become denominations, primarily now focused on defending their past rather than using their past to be a future prophetic voice and manifestation, Manifestation of the image and likeness of God in our world in every way.

Grounding so to speak the Kingdom of God.

The past empowers us and the future asks of us to live every day with vulnerability, uncertainty, and unchartered ways, living in adventure, exhilarated with the journey.  It is forever challenging, and in the challenge we will find a little confusion which comes form the instability of living by faith a faith that has opened up a seeing, seeing a city (the ecclesia, the body of Christ) and moving towards the fulfillment of promise.     You and I are the fulfillment of the promise of God to creation.

It is ‘I don’t know where I am going but I ain’t lost’ life style as I have often said.   We are to be a Spirit led people not a business idea or managed people, “each day asking which way”

When I consider where we have all walked, what we have all done it was always the road less travelled at the time.

Am I, do you still travel this roadway.

I love the picture of the two traveling on the Damascus road as Christ came to join their journey a road they walked and a testimony established as three people in the conversation happened.  This encounter on a road travelled regularly by many in their day away form their past to be return to a road less travelled, being thrust back into their immediate past to connect in order to bring a future about in an upper room, the coming of the new age with the Holy Spirit.     Back there is your Upper Room?

The road is not to be the normal, predictable, repetitive or routine, simply seeking to do the old better.   It is looking to be the future braking in the shape of the Christ.

This is a journey for everyone, do you get that, I fully respect that our calling or personality has an affect on how we greet or respond to this journey.      This is why I encourage you to see the wealth of the past, living in it while unfolding the future that will not adjust what happens but will adjust the reason and its understanding as we encounter more of Christ.

I am so grateful for my God directed, my God prepared, my God authored therefore empowering journey, being thankful that I have been bought to participate IN God, which means God is using my journey.   Along the way I made great gains, made far to many mistakes but I am still on the journey, more than that I am invigorated by the ride, I love the rollercoaster adventure.   There are so many seats available around me, come join the journey.

Confusion of our origin damages our image

By being confused about their Maker they became confused about themselves women became snared in passion for one another.

(Romans 1:26 ‘Mirror Bible’)

imagesWhat ever narrative you would hold when reading creations journey one element is true to all views, Adam (aw-dawm’) humanity, ‘Ish‘ and ‘ishshah (ish-shaw’)‘ – male and female stepped away form the divine design of a love relationship, a relationship that humanity was create from and for, began living, in order to express this relationship to God, each other and creation

A move in the eternal happened and it followed through to our human and created world, the seen world as we might call it.     The accuser of the people of God wanted authority and dominion apart from God, an independent and self-interest action took place that impacted creation.

Humanity, the image and likeness of God, female and male together being the mirror of God in the created world, embraced in the relationship of the eternal circle of life, joy, righteousness and peace life in the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit, Father and Son.

Yet the indignant self-interest action brought about a removal of the ways of God, where the order of God was lost, the ways of God that is the Kingdom of God, Humanities responsibility. In that movement how God moved and God interacted, along with the why of God was lost, we, humanity went form maturing sonship to orphans.       This departure from a place where God was the supply and source of everything, where God was encamped around humanity ever guarding creating security – sonship, moved into an orphan view and experience of life where mankind has been so engaged and occupied with provision and protection ever since, defending, gathering and collecting. Defending the inner life in word and action, amassing anything humanity can, in hope of finding their identity through money, gathering people – gangs and politics, religious forms who is with me and my side, in order to feel they are some one of something.

We played the orphan ways out on school yards, playground gathering people “who is on my side” we chanted across the open play areas, to makes us great? We lined each other up to pick teams for sports, well anything that require sides, sad were the last few of unwanted, all this came from a deep sense of wanting to be included, belonging, our orphan spirit reigned and we brought it thorough with to adult life.

A world that will only ultimately come to an end when sonship the antidote to it all breaks through in fullness. The world we see today is one where the ‘predator spirit’ is dominant, in business, politics, even in the animal world, yet one day the ‘Lion will lie with the Lamb’ a picture of the predator spirit eradicated when both can lie at rest together.

This is the work we now set ourselves to bring to pass. In restoring creation as the family of sons of God (Romans 8).

Since mankind stepped away from being drawn into the relationship, in their independence we have defaulted into a hierarchical structure of dominion over the earth, in its politics, society and religion.       Hierarchy in most peoples experience due to the orphan condition leads to dominion over each other.        Hierarchy has at its core in who rules, often has to be to gain position, titles and labels, control, domination and often we are surrounded by predators from it a world losing trust as some some one is ready to devour yo.     Rather than a world where we are all empower to be to allow what we are to flow and function.

Unfortunately the narrative of life where people don’t feel some sort of dominance is fare and few between.

Now let me say God did give mankind the commission to rule however that was to nurture, tend the earth to enrich living, it was never meant to be where mankind was to become predators over each other, man in dominion over women, having dominion over one another. Gen.1:28. Mankinds’ relationship was to mirror Gods relationship amongst them and with each other. Man and woman was to be the full expression of God in every way, in a love relationship.

God said “its not good for mankind to be alone”, let us settle one thing immediately it was not about loneliness being eradicated, God recreated, took what was already done and reconfigured it in order to have a sure reflection, a community, a community of the Divine to be seen in the creation. It was no so that man could be the head honcho but about female and male to reflect the Fathering mother, the mothering Fatherhood of God, never dominating or subjecting in any way or form.

Not to see God as relationship, community, covenant is to remove and deny the very core of the character, personality and identity of the God of the Bible. For a God who exists alone cannot be a God of love. Love cannot exist in isolation. Let us be honest with each other the very core of love has to be and is ‘other – centred’ and therefore there has to be more than one. We begin to see the ‘otherness’ of God displayed, back to that in a minute.

If God was alone and not in community, God could choose to love, choose to act in various other ways, that is making God at best an authority acting benevolently, even a possibility of being unreliable and unpredictable.

A hierarchical structure cannot facilitate such a mutual submission that images-1exists in a relationship.

A hierarchical structure of necessity supports the rule or dominion of one over another and consequently is fundamentally self-centred.

Self-centredness as already mentioned is the root of independence, the source into which mankind is born, while working with toil and sweat and increased pain trying to find identity, rest and a place to express.

I was recently asked the difference between hierarchy and Gods way of movement Trinitarian, in a simple way and answer to a huge subject -hierarchy seeks and has position and titles in mind and who sits on top ‘top dog’ mentality, where as in God the ‘other’ is always honoured and promoted.      No self-centred but ‘other-centred‘.       Ensuring the ‘other’ is lifted and given all they require, lifting the ‘other’, making ‘other’ more highly that your self.       What a community, what an ekklesia a church.       Belonging to a community where only the other is the most important rather than our ego rising.       Well this is what the life of God has given us, as we get born of the Spirit so to this ‘otherness’ resides in us so we firstly ARE this, then secondly we CAN BE this community, incarnation on earth NOW.         Leadership was given to make the ‘other’ greater, is that what Jesus meant as ‘I came to serve…not be served?’      Making the other – the others of God, Father lifting the Son, Son giving to the Father, Holy Spirit lifting the son…other, what a rhythm what a leadership style…what a reflection the ecclesia is to be.

UnknownMy longing is to find a people who would let go of business domination in the church environment, of the predator ways of humanity, of the hierarchy and come to the place of seeing God in community and the given-ness of God that we might display in our world the true image of God. A world, our communities and countries that each person would be empowered to ‘BE’ functioning not via title to get achieve authority from our position but making others greater.

A world that I have seen, a world within the Spirt birthed grasp the world of the ekklesia in truth, the world of ‘heaven coming to earth’, the world of the Kingdom of God – Gods order.

‘I love you’, three small but powerful words that as it was put previously deals with Identity, Intimacy and Integrity when we speak it and look to live according to the statement. Mankind can find a measure of rest here, when it is not used in domination but true expression, when two people find a love relationship.

I hear some already quoting Adam ‘ish’ and Eve ‘ishshah (ish-shaw’)’, she was given as a “helpmeet” (Gen.2:20), I would propose to you however, this is not to be the little lady indoors that makes man look good, as some would use to extreme, or what ever subservient thought you might have. I would declare that ‘ishshah’, she, Eve was given to enable help Adam to be the image and likens of God, therefore to be the community they are experience what was at the core of God’s being LOVE, and were to fall in love! Mankind is required to experience falling in love and remaining in love at the very centre of mankind being. Men and women, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers loving and extending building community that reflects God kind. Interestingly, Adam is never called an ish until the ishshah has been separated from Adam – humanity. It is as if the text is implying that male and female cannot define themselves fully as human without the other, or be the imagers of God.

We have been born of God, have we not, we are to be born again are we not? the traditional evangelical position, to be born is to journey through a womb and it is through the womb of God one could say on “Let there be…” or “Let us make mankind in our image and likeness” is the intense passion that exists in the Trinity, where you and I began and cannot pass through with out it being depicted in the very core of humanity.

Could this be the very reason that violence and humanity against itself, nations against nations, terrorism, murder is so abhorrent to us all. Is it what is meant when the bible quotes ‘eternity is in the hearts of mankind’?

You were first conceived and created to be compatible for God to come and live in. For God to love and enjoy and for you to love and enjoy them, in perfect union.

Jer.1:5 Before I formed you in the womb I knew and approved of you….
Relationships for LOVE..

A world that is fragile, devastatingly cruel because of self-centredness, the orphan ways. A mankind that cries to be accepted, however this is a perverted the relationship out of  mans fallen, confused and twisted alienation from God’s original design for him…

God has called us to rediscover, reform our view of God in order that we gain true view of us with no ego or dominion but bathed in love, moving through love and being the direct expression of God…