Earths Cry, Heavens Desire.

images-11Have we not been encouraged and taught to raise a shout, or put it moe acceptable to PRAY “… as it is in heaven so shall it be on earth…”, is this not a disciples cry of heaven come to earth? along with heaven’s desire to come to creation, both being kaleidoscope together in words of power, words of purpose and the Will of the Father, words that align life with what God is saying.

I would strongly say that when the cry of heaven meets my cry, when we have the ‘…Spirit and the bride say come…’ one voice of heaven and earth, things are then about to change, heavens will and humanity submitted life.  There are so many colourful stories painted for us throughout the scriptures of human need being supplied by the hand of God.   More than that, the crying, of need and desire on earth often become the vessel of delivering Gods desire and requirement for the moment.

The wonderful story of Hannah, the mother of Samuel, she was willing in her desperate cry to be mistaken as a drunk, but she gave voice to her desire for a son on earth, there was another desire acted out in the courtroom of heaven, for a prophet.  Two worlds merged, two minds have the same answer, a son was born and a prophet arrived.

Hannah had a voice that would change the situation, as a result of the anguish of Hannah interceding for a child great change would come. I wonder how many of us would put these two things together a woman who is desperate for a child and a nation who desperately needed a prophet.   The heart of Hannah is so God centred she sees the will of the Father being greater than the desperation that you see it in her response. She did not become one that received the child and duly forgot God, but said from the beginning, give me my desperate desire and I will make your will O God the highest in my life. So she said “… if I receive this child, I will give him to the Lord…”. It was the heart attitude, my need, I’m pleading for my need, I’m crying with my need, but when my need is met I will give it back to God for God’s highest interest. I will not run away with my child but my child will be yours. In this my fullest satisfaction will be that all I have will be in the service of the will of the Father.

 What change would we bring, what powerful moment would break if we saw and learned that hearts can become the womb of the prayer of God 

Samuel grew in his early days  in the ways of a prophetic hope I’ve outlined it says “the lamp of God and not yet gone out…”. Of course this was a reference to the little boys’ duties of lighting the lights in the temple and holding  the lights until the small hours of the morning yet as Samuel Grew a deeper dimension of meaning in this context.   The lamp not gone out is a simple picture of God’s onward going commitment to the promises made, of God’s covenant that no testimony would be allowed to disappear before God acted to secure God’s purpose

Let me say now,  a prophetic promise people realise that God will never allow the circumstances and the spiritual state around to deteriorate to the point where the faith or testimony and commitment to the purposes of his will to be lost.   God has heard the prayers and cry’s of fathers and mothers that have gone before us, the sacrifices of generations God will uphold.

Realize now the covenant that God has been laid down, the covenant God made with Abraham and all those who stand in the lien of faith are all covenants of continuity.   This continuity is eternal, it will move through generation upon generation and age if necessary to accomplish itself there is a continuity in all that God is doing.

To every generation is given the time, the life and empowerment to serve God in freshness of its own word and vision,  a vision that has the hallmark of authenticity in its continuation of what has gone before.  Our authenticity is not that we are out there on the edge and different for the sake of difference but that there is a continuity of purpose even in the midst of dawning  a dynamic and ever arriving truth. We are to build upon and not be different to.

Anything that prides itself in building another foundation other than the foundation already laid is a falsehood, we talk about this foundation knowing there is only one foundation, only Christ, we see ourselves going all the way back to and aligning our the faith that goes back to Abraham.

We are to be a people who have an anchor who is Christ and not  just those with a prophetic flavour, but really to play with words what we are to have its prophetic fervour not flavour. To be in the line of Abraham means I need Abrahams fervour, his faith, his zeal, his vision of a city, his progress and his commitment.  The ability to passionately identify with God’s purpose should really be the catalyst this should sum up our generation, to bring out the prophetic fervour of God for the purpose of God.


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