Here’s A Though

Here is one of my early morning musings.    Most of us want a peaceful and quiet life, being left alone, however in these days of economic turmoil producing future insecurity, not knowing what will happen next or what turn of events will affect our lives, changes that i have no control over.    Often we find ourselves longing for a life removed from the reality around us, a place where we would not have responsibility or accountability.

Let me lay down a morning musing to suggest some things that will bring peace, from Psalm 119. The longest Psalm that deals with the love of Gods word, verse 119:41 says “Let your love, God, shape my life with salvation, exactly as you promised; Then I’ll be able to stand up to mockery because I trusted your Word”.  

The way to begin our days is set out right here.   Allowing myself at the dawning of my day to be overwhelmed by your love, the knowledge of your love, the experience of your love.   This love that is everlasting, unchanging love, this love that is so vast and covers all creation, creation itself being a manifestation of the love of God.     The love of God was manifested in creating a provision for humanity in providing a place and time, gifts from the Father, gifts to live in this is love being manifested.                              

Its time to chase after Gods essence LOVE and realize that all things, such as, creation, signs, events and experiences are simply manifestations of the LOVE of God.     We become passionate about His LOVE with the knowledge that we will become the expression of His LOVE as we love one another John 13:34–35 “Let me give you a new command: Love one another.    In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.”

This love becomes so real in us and about us, that this love is manifested towards others through us, we are recognized as Jesus followers as we become of the same stuff, the same love, love becoming the indicator of who we are like.  Actually we become this LOVE in our world and manifest its out working to the world around us.

People of God let us become those who deepen our love and let God manifest that love in healing, signs and wonders, miracles and like, it is our responsibility to be LOVE, desire LOVE, chase after LOVE this essence of who our Father God is, LOVE that we might be like HIM.

Asking such questions of us, “how have I loved to-day? ”       Start each day asking, “who shall I love today – ALL? ”    How much more can I fill my heart with his LOVE? 

It is said that God poured into hearts the very essences of who he is, this LOVE he gave through the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit came to pour our the essence of God into the hearts of mankind.   That is why the Holy Spirit always directs us and makes known the Christ of God, as the days of Jesus become the manifestation of God’s LOVE to us.    That Jesus being the “…exact representation of God…” he was and is a LOVE revolution, a LOVE out pouring, a manifestation of LOVE, “…for God so loved the cosmos he gave…”

I have a personal conviction that everything we see in the seen world, and the unseen is just a manifestation of the LOVE of God.   That which we see with the eye is that which was once in another place – the unseen now made known and that unseen place is God himself.   He took from within himself and brought out what we see, therefore all creation was in him.   Every resource every provision is inside the essence of the Father and it becomes manifest through who he is, God is LOVE!

“Let your Love” the writer says, may I know your love, may I peruse your love on life’s journey, may my focus be your love, may I be your love in the cosmos.    May I chase your love, deepen in your intimate love.

“Let your love” may it fully overwhelm me, may your love ravage me inside and outside and may I see my daily walk founded in your love!

For the Love of God is generously, freely given to us that our hearts become the very gift we are given.    Consider the free giving of God in who he is God is Love.

Romans 5:5 “…And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

This gift of love, this gift of God himself, this gift of the manifestation of the Father, the love his Son is not to be put in a book or on a bookshelf, or in a decorative setting so that it is displayed as prized ornament in our homes and lives.   Far from it, this LOVE has a work to do and a task to advance.   The primary and first is “let your LOVE, God, shape my life…” with LOVES tool begin and continue.

We are to have shaped lives, sculpted lives, lives that have had the hands of the Father applied to us, as a great artist shaping us out of dust and clay, a form that is LOVE shaped.  The final work will be God shaped that way we will testify and explain the Father (John 1:18 (NASB) Jesus came to “explain the Father” so do we) as we are God shaped by his very essence LOVE and become the shape of LOVE and LOVE shaped.

We pursue LOVE and are LOVE shaped by the tools of salvation and promises.

This love shaping allows me to stand through all that comes and helps me to fully trust the God of creation.    A love shaped life is a trusting life.     

Loves shaping does not come in ways we might welcome, some times we have to realize that his love allows, discipline, all being freely outpoured.     Salvation, trust overcoming are the practical tools and skills developed as we live a love shaped life.     We are not called to avoid things in life but have the love of God in us to face life’s shaping.      We find the wisdom of knowing his inner voice and Holy Spirit, which is nothing more than a love manifestation, giving us the ability to hear God and to know when to overcome, when to step over and when to withstand.

Love brings to us situations to temper and enlarge our trust of the Father, when we do not see him at work so to speak, when he is slowly working and so little change is apparent, yet love is shaping my life, so I shall TRUST.

Let you love, God, shape my life – with the tools of salvation, promises that I might trust, stand, overcome and be of your very essence, Let your LOVE be in my life and heart that the Cosmos may know you.

2 thoughts on “Here’s A Though

  1. Thank you Gareth and Sandra. It’s really awesome to know that we can have relationship and intimacy with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. To know His Love is so precious and as we receive it , we can live out of his abundant Love and give unto others what we have.
    Exciting…..! Great!!! Thank you Ruby x

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