Fathers Word

As you begin to read this article I have to connect your thoughts to another Blog article where we considered the phrase “…Let your love, God, shape my life…”.   This phrase not only celebrates the love of the Father but also asks is your life only focused on ‘being loved’, ‘feeling loved’, ‘getting love’ has his love become and inner subjective feeling?   The Psalmist statement moves Gods love to the essence that ‘shapes’ our life, LOVE from the Fathers perspective.  A life shaped by His love.   We could say, “A Life that is only taking, receiving love, being loved only, will keep you immature but a Life that is shaped by love will cause you to mature”.      Love shaping is Gods goal for us shaped into Christ likeness, so do not look only to feel or experience his love only let that experience develop to, advance to, shaping your life.    A wonderful testimony when our lives are shaped by the LOVE of the Father.     I would even suggest that LOVES ultimate is to shape us not just give us warm feeling.    Loves shaping extends to us through life’s circumstances, events, people that our shape is directed, defined by this love.

Now let me take another thought from this passage, adding to a life shaped by love, considering what a shaped life looks like.   The writer goes on to say:

“…Never take your word of truth from my mouth, for I have put my hope in your laws…”

Having a shaped life turns us to consider the utterances of the Father that are life and truth.     Let me encourage you that Truth, his Word is to become what we depend upon.    I wonder if in my honesty will I admit to what I do and what I will depend upon?      The Psalmist opens up his inner life and tells of his dependence, I suppose he is consistent, he says of his trust and his turning to the Lord and now says the same thing by declaring his dependency upon God’s Truth.   Today it seems a recurring debate over the word of God, asking what it is, when is the scripture truly the word of God?    I have listened to declarations on the scriptures in recent days and as for me I want to join the writer and say to my Father God “…Don’t ever deprive me of truth, not ever—your commandments are what I depend on…” 119:43.   My trust, my dependence is in your word, even when life’s situations try to undermine this.    This is a timely reminder and restatement for some as we face the day we live in, don’t let any one or teaching separate you from your dependence on the word of the Father.   There is even an extreme though of being lead by the Holy Spirit means we don’t need to read the scriptures any longer as we are spirit lead.

Hold on my dependency is on God is it not?    I believe the Psalmist saw his dependency on God and the Word as one item, I rejoice that there is no separation between the Father and his words they are of the same essence as each other, so much they are inseparable, they are one.    Your commandments are what I depend upon as they are you, no separation between you both God.   What you say is who you are; you are manifested in a living word, just as Christ is a manifestation of your love so your word is also a manifestation of your love.   There is no shadow of turning in you neither in what you utter.   Your words spoken will not return to you void as there is no void in you, they are like you and are fully like you, FULL.     I am declaring the same thing as I say “I trust you Father” so “I trust your words”, help me to learn to fully trust rather than debate what is you and not your words.

43     Never take your word of truth from my mouth, for I have put my hope in your laws.

Walking and Talking

We hear several voices in this section of Psalm 119, and it begins with God speaking to us (v. 41).      He does this, of course, as we read His Word and meditate on it.

He speaks in love and in mercy, and even the warnings come from His compassionate heart.       The Word of God is the expression of the love of God to us (33:11) and it should result in love from our hearts to the Lord, to His people, and to the lost.

God’s Word shares God’s promises, and promises always imply future hope.

Scripture is “the word of his promise” (1 Kings 8:56), and all His promises have their realization in Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 1:20). What a wonder that God has spoken to us! (Heb. 1:1–2).       Are we listening?

God’s people speak to the Lord (v. 43).         Like Nehemiah, we can send up “telegraph prayers” to the Lord right in the midst of our work and our battles (Neh. 2:5; 4:4; 5:19; 6:9, 14; 13:14, 22, 31).

When the enemy confronts us, the Lord will not give us words we have never pondered from the Scriptures, but His Spirit can remind us of what we have read and learned (John 14:25–26).        The writer connected God’s Word with his mouth, because the word “meditate” in the Hebrew means “to mutter.”        The ancient Jews spoke the Word audibly as they meditated and prayed (Josh. 1:8).

Our lives speak for the Lord (vv. 44–45) if our “walk” agrees with our “talk.” The best defines of the faith is a transformed life that is compassionate toward others.       Our obedience to the Lord and our loving ministry to others (Matt. 5:13–16) demonstrate the reality of our faith far better than anything else. Because we know and obey “the word of truth” (v. 43), we are able to enjoy freedom (v. 45), for it is the truth that makes us free (John 8:32; James 1:25; 2:12).

Word in you mouth example in 1 Kings 17:24 “…The woman said to Elijah, “I see it all now—you are a holy man. When you speak, God speaks—a true word!”

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