Freedom II

In all our travels and connections, in all the meetings I have attended, I am thrilled to see how God is moving so many lives are transformed, thinking is being re wired and whole persons are being healed, we truly are in transformational times.    People  are maturing in every place, admittedly at different stages but maturing, little by little, big leaps towards growing up into God.

We find ourselves sitting with people from all walks of life, from lowly settings, from bush huts in small clearings, to large meetings with 1000’s of believers celebrating, to business men and women, giving advice and counsel to organizational heads, to CEO’s of huge companies as well as sitting with high level offices in world governments and royal palaces.    This gospel is amazing it reaches to all people in all spheres of life and breaks in with freedom.

Through the variety of places we visit we find that the large issues of life we find ourselves peeking into are quite similar, even when cultures are so different, people at heart level are the same, the same never mind where it is, or who it is with.   One of these issues, that can appear to be fleeting and sometimes even elusive to people is the issue of LIBERTY/ FREEDOM.    The desire for this freedom is high, we all know that freedom  belongs to us, it just a matter of where, how and  when, do we encounter it.     At every level and with every person we find the deep conviction that they should be free.

We often find that as we join churches, congregations, organizations and events that should be liberating that we are put into a straitjacket, and liberty and freedom is again curtailed.

A clear and recurring theme of Apostle Paul, spoken of in many ways is the cry or the shout of “Freedom“, Romans 8:14-19, 21, 28-39 Reminding us that all of creation is waiting for this liberty, the liberty of the sons of God to fill the world completely.

It is not only Pau that speaks of freedom but it is also in the red stuff, the red ink that is, it is a recurring theme in Jesus vocabulary John 8:31-32, 36.    It is there for it to become the recurring theme of our life as well

We are promised freedom, socially, politically and in our in attitudes.     Our world continually presses fantasies of freedom upon us:

Buy this….

Have this….

Use this….

Belong here….

Our experience however even with all the products available, is a world lacking in freedom, with all its promise it’s freedom it is fleeting and most people give in to living in lack, slavery, bondage and or boredom.

We have freedom of religion but it has not made us free – cults and other religions pressing enslaving superstitions continue to proliferate.    We meet only to be regularly inhibited, defensive, subjected, enough the world around us can say you are like this or that, they stereo type us and freedom passes by again.

In the middle of all this there are realities of freedom around us that are there to enable us to enjoy this freedom.   “God is free”.    He created the world in freedom and the people in it freely not out of need but in his own freedom, putting his freedom into all he created, all creation is an extension of him.    Creation came from within him, from that other place that is Him, from the unseen into the seen realm.     This creation has in its fabric freedom and liberty just like the creator.   I see it as the reason that creation Is waiting the reveling of the sons of God as they long for that very freedom given to us.    At the center of all is Jesus the free-est person that you would ever come across.     He was so free that he was able to declare “…I have overcome the world…” (John 16:33; 18) a chapter or two later we read how he stood chained during his arrest and yet was clearly able to clearly recreate for us what it looks like to be free, a overcomer, to the eye these chains certainly did not give the outward appearance of freedom!  But he was FREE!

The Holy Spirit is free, he is like “…the wind that blows where ever it wills…” this Holy Spirit produces freedom, liberty as once again the Spirit reproduces His nature.   When the Spirit leads me, when I live in faith, I live FREE – our testimony is this, when Christ is the center of my life vast FREEDOMS and surprising spontaneities begin to be seen.

When life becomes centered in my will, my freedom is diminished.

Our lives are to grow into the FREEDOM of the Kings Rule, of the Kingdom of Christ, as we pray your Kingdom, come freedom, come so I can be me!

How can I awaken your appetite, hunger and thirst for a free life?  This freedom found in Christ is a gift we can offer the world. Slogans, dogmas, great sayings and quotations don’t really do anything.

Discover freedom and receive it, as Paul “…took hold of that which had taken hold of him…” has this freedom taken hold of you?   Freedom is a gift; it is also a skill; a gift provided for us in Christ.   A skill that must be experienced and walked out by each person

Paul a specialist in the matters of freedom 28 times he talks about it and brings it to our attention in his writing, there are only 8 other mentions in the NT remainder books.   The book of Galatians brings us face to face with the freedom Paul has found and wants the whole community of God to participate with and be filled with.  A book aimed at restoring vigor and passion to a life of faith to confront the world with the free life of Christ.

I have heard it said that the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen was filled with treasure, and people said “Wow that’s living”, contrast that with the empty tomb filled of the Christ of God filled with freedom – Jesus out of emptiness poured out a freedom to live, rather than leaving us lifeless gems that will disintegrate.

In the creation story of Genesis 1, God creates Freedom that is LIFE, the new testament tells us he gave us “…life and this life MORE ABUNDANTLY…” the story in Genesis 3 tells us that humanity chose death, which by its nature is bondage, but we have been delivered from this death to a new life of liberty, freedom. Romans 7:24 “who will deliver us from this death”

In order for the story of FREEDOM to be told we must begin with God (Genesis 1) we have been brought unto a FREEDOM TO LIVE.   Therefore LIVE.

We are to show men and women today the beginnings of the pathway that leads to freedom, that moves credibly and concretely into the freedom of God.   Have no doubt the goal of God is to unite such as heaven and earth, man and God in union Christ in us is the expression of the united life and this life is fully expressed by Freedom, becoming a measurement of a restored, redeemed world, the church of God producing that very freedom, in all people and creation.      Union with God is freedom for this is true liberty.

Leonardo Da Vinci when he sculptured great forms from large block of marble or stone would say he saw the from, the shape, the body, the person in each stone or marble his goal was to simple liberate the shape/person from that block, to bring form to the unshaped rough stone, bringing liberty to what he saw inside.   God did the same to you and me and we are to continue in the same vein, through our words, actions and sayings liberate and bring freedom to ALL that we touch every day.

Da Vinci showed again in the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel, the painting of the creation, in which humanity and God sits in the exactly same position, depicting that mankind is created in the image and likeness of God.   Looking behind the depiction of God he painted a shape that is somewhat like a human brain, in that mind are other faces, the first of a woman and many others, showing that God had humanity in his mind from the beginning.        The picture is there to display the liberation of a freedom group called mankind that would be his church bringing freedom to whom ever and where ever they go

Let me shout Freedom, Liberty into YOU!

Feel it, let it break you out; let your inner person arise…Freedom!

So what should I do?

Feel it.

Dream it.

Ask yourself what does your freedom look like?

Take pen write what it looks like, and then add a strategy to bring it about.

Ask yourself, what needs adding to you in order that you can experience this?

What needs removing in your life form around your life to launch it?

Start your life with it Now.

What will you notice if you begin to walk in Freedom, and liberty?



Through life you meet people or hear of people’s’ lives that touch you deep inside their lives words and actions transforming your thinking and propel you into the future believing, affirmed and ready to tackle what ever mountain that comes your way.   These events have a peculiar resonance, a definite way of lifting each one of us.   I wonder where these people and events are in your story to date?    Not only that, where did you meet these people?  In person, through reading about them or in Hollywood’s remake of their lives, where ever and through who ever I am thankful we can meet these people and events in our lives, where would life be without them?

Let tell of one Hollywood scene, I know a dear friend that gets empowered and transformed to the mountain top in his passion, he really is a passionate type in any case, as he watches the many times he has seen the man lying on a cold stone table in a Hollywood remake of William Wallace’s life, as Wallace comes to the end of his life at this closing scene he cries out with a heart wrenching “Freedom“, a cry that sends your own spirit soaring and longing for FREEDOM.

I recently listened to Mother Teresa in her acceptance speech of the Nobel Peace prize in 1979, outlining her humble privilege of life as she shone with humility “…the joy of spreading peace, loving one another, that the poor are our brothers and sisters… I chose the poverty of the poor people I receive it in the name of the unwanted of our world…in their name I accept the award…understanding that loving the poor and seeing that death is nothing but going home to God…” clearly a woman of great character who had found her own life’s liberty and brought freedom to others passionately outlines her passion for the poor of our world.   One person she helped said that he had lived on the streets in filth all his life but now he would die as and with angels.   LIBERTY.

Martin Luther King Jr in April 1968 a day before he was assassinated made one of his fine and moving speeches in which he declared prophetically of his own future “… I have been to the mountain top…I would like to live a long life-like us all but that does not concern me now…I just want to God’s will…I have seen the promised land, I may not get there with you…I am not fearful of any man for I have seen the glory if the Lord…” he had encountered FREEDOM and felt its LIBERTY clearly that had released him.

Paul captures the same sense of freedom, liberty, when he addresses the Galatian church, I believe we read it and often miss the relevance of what is being spoken, it was penned to produce that same impact as the heart wrenching shout of Freedom from Hollywood in Braveheart, or the moving testimonies of the lives mentioned earlier, who are so free they gave up all to pursue that which was pursuing them.      Paul wrote it so we to would cry FREEDOM while living life.    I wish we could feel the rush of the words transforming as I read it, departing from our heads and the whole person catching this soul moving, spirit rising “…it’s for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free.   Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again to a yoke of slavery…” Do you feel it surge through your fingers, life into you, feel it so strongly, like plugging my fingers into an electric socket I would surely feel it.   FREEDOM!    This Gospel we proclaim the gospel that came to us, and discovered us, this gospel of freedom is not to become religious mantra with patterns and formula, but must bring constant liberty to our lives.

Galatians 5:1 The Life of Freedom

Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.

This freedom is a clear central theme of our message, the message of the scriptures and the Kingdom; each of us should grasp this freedom and nail ourselves to it.   We have a message of liberty and freedom.    wherever the message of Christ is uttered, it should be noted that liberty is produced, and freedom is released.

The message of the Christ is to bring freedom to us let us this week discover freedom living and empower others to be free.     Lets look until the next time at our FREEDOM, looking to see how we can participate, enjoy and live with it!

Changes In The Air – Emerging part II

E-merg-ing  (I-mur-j-ing)  adjNewly formed or just coming into prominence; emergent: emerging markets; the emerging states of Africa.        Coming into existence “an emergent republic”, being born or beginning, coming to maturity “the raising generation”.

Ok let us get aboard again, your flight is ready for take off once more, we begin with simple questions am I at home as all around me emerges, recognizing it has to emerge to bring life and be in life in our day.

Let us consider further as we have read Part 1 and the introduction now into the emerging ways of God.

Perhaps it was the similar notion that Paul was dealing with when writing to the Philippians when he said “…i press on towards…that which has taken hold of me…” it’s emerging Paul said I am taking hold, making the emergence part of his life.   Faith produces in me and compels me, demanding that I become at home with the insecurity of emerging paradigms, thinking patterns and life styles.   As a matter of fact I am laying hold of that which is emerging that which is still coming, but sure as eggs are eggs its emerging and making itself known more and more.

I feel to say that the nature of this gospel is “…to make known the full Knowledge of the Christ…” (Eph 4:13; Col 1:9) is this not a way of saying get to know him as he comes towards you, he is emerging himself, letting you in little by little, step by step, emerging.   We are to grow from glory to glory, faith to faith, strength to strength, favour to favour, emerge in these going from one step to another as his mercy and grace draws and knowledge opens up.

I would even say that the nature of God is emerging, Isaiah saw him in the temple his train filling the temple, God in nature filling and still coming in the train.   Was that the very train that Moses saw while he was hid in the cleft of the rock of Exodus 33.   Realize that we are emerging into a people a bride who has made herself ready, emerge that’s it!

I have found that God is en ever coming, ever arriving, ever emerging God and the church is to be the same stuff.    We are truly to be in the image and likeness of God and continue Jesus: function, “to explain him” John 1:18 (NASB) the same nature as him, we are still emerging into this creation. The Kingdom will bring a filling of Christ in all in all, as the kingdom  emerges through His people  God arrives.   The ecclesia has to discover a way of living again with pilgrimage and emerging before them, making known what is known, but  still emerging becoming the same nature as the Father  an emerging Church.

The change that happened in Jerusalem all that time ago, the shift going from one center to another, called Antioch to me, only affirms the thought that the day we stop emerging is the day we become institutionalized or a static group.  Jerusalem well establish you “got saved” and you were circumcised as male to be part, you conformed to historic patterns, `Mosaic law’ you where part of the culture that drew its doctrine and practice from history it was your continuity.   Your language was Mosaic and keeping all that was laid down in every way you could and you should, keeping alive past.

Antioch burst on the scene the product of a fleeing church with a different language, this people group, this ecclesia they spoke in terms of vision, dream, prophecy and their doctrine seemed to come from the eternal, from the risen Christ of Johns vision on Patmos.    It was dynamic now it was doctrine emerging, we see that continuity was affirmed, not into Moses’ law but into Abrahams’ life of faith, they believed in continuity, and so should every apostolic community and apostle. We are not apostolic without a deep sense of continuity.    A continuity of Abraham, fathering a faith family.   I would propose to you the emerging church was back on-line again, Paul going down outlined this to Jerusalem; this is the coming church of God in our world.

Unfortunately we get caught on keeping historic ways of thinking and acting, maintaining established people and organization, rather than giving ourselves to the emerging Father Creator and his emerging Ecclesia.

I am fully aware there is greater control and security in a church that does not need to embrace as we have a form and structure to assist and they do, yet

The Ecclesia the Father has in mind is one that is emerging, not a Celebration model, a simple church, model, a house church model, a new church model, a denominational model, a success model, a seeker friendly model. a business model, a mega church model but an EMERGING CHURCH in what ever shape that  people display,  while easily continuing to emerge towards a theology that is Holy Spirit led, Christ focused and holding to a continuity in our faith.

The emerging Ecclesia by nature given to revealing and being the incarnate Christ in our world-embracing all that the Spirit is emerging in each new day is our cry and build what ever model fits you as a people and the people we each touch each day.


Changes In The Air

First Flight

On board a recent flight I picked up an article called “Changes in the air” quickly scanning the title my mind was taken back to that old song “Flying through the Air” that was made popular by the Snowman animation, but this  was an aviation article outlining the necessary and needful emerging changes, it stated:

Aviation: Emerging technologies are ushering in more fuel-efficient comfortable and exotic aircrafts.   Get ready for the future of flight

On the evening of July 23rd 1983 Air Canada Flight 143 ran out of fuel after a series of human errors.   The new Boeing 767 lightly loaded with 61 passengers and eight crew, become a glider with 8,686 meter of altitude to reach the nearest airport at Winnipeg, around 120 Km (75 miles) away.   Ten minutes later it became clear that the plane was losing altitudes too fast to make it.

The pilots changed the course hoping to reach a former air-force base near the town of Gimli.  They were unaware that its runways had been converted into a drag racing track.   Spectators scattered when they saw the silent approach of the aircraft, as the aircraft wheels hit the racetrack it divided the track in two and skidded to a stop No one was killed.

Had a modern more aerodynamic airline been used they could have easily reached Winnipeg’s airport, todays planes will glide 24% farther and the next generation promises additional gains, Boeings new 787 consumes 40% less fuel per passenger than the planes of the 70’s.  Change is in the air, the same article said that one plane maker has put iPad in the inflight systems which are much lighter than the exiting entertainment systems, metals replaced by composite material are also reducing weight by 20-40% both bringing about savings and change.  CHANGE.

I wonder what you have seen in your neighborhoods?   Changes right in front of your face.   The article was about emerging developments necessary for the survival of the aerospace industry.   As I read it I was pressed once again on the necessity of change to enable onward effectiveness.   We must pay attention to things that are emerging in order to keep a purpose, and progress in living.  It sounded as if the emerging developments effect was being heralded as the savior, the coming of an exciting new age for this industry?   I recently made a statement “that God comes disguised in our lives”, not only this but that he is in the little details of our every day, we might need to learn to look more closely in order to realize this and find him.   I wonder what changes you are seeing that are actually, God in disguise, it is time to see his fingers nimbly working across our surrounding lives and recognize the plans these fingers are engaged with.

As I travel, I cannot get over Gods grace in so many ways, the manifestations of his love, healing and transforming lives,  the list would be endless if I listed all I have seen over the last month in three continents.  How can we list everything God is doing, all I know is He who is LOVE is manifesting his love in so many diverse ways now?    Unfortunately we try to sum up this diverse loving Father by saying he is doing this one thing, or we say, this is it or you can only find him in this   But my Lord, I have discovered that you are in every place, uniquely working and bringing a full council to bear on this your beloved creation.    We must realize that God sent the Son as he “…so loved this…Cosmos…world…” that’s right world…cosmos not just humanity, its his whole creation.

I listen to some communicating what God is doing with tem, as the right thing, the new thing, and unfortunately as the only thing, yet I see God doing, diverse things but with one aim.  To manifest his love in lives and through creation.

The story I recounted above is not only about the wonderful escape 69 people had that evening but its aim is to stimulate the thought that things are different and constantly emerging.

We have terms in our economy such as “Emerging Markets”, advancements being made in every walk of life medicine, engineering, new things, new stuff emerging is what we are seeing.   Emerging is certainly becoming a way of life, and we must train ourselves as best we can even though on occasions it is tiring to keep up.   The church, your faith is an emerging journey and life style.   While at a youth leaders setting in Sri Lanka I talked with a young man who had some computer knowledge, he commented on how I was using my iPad and becoming computer handy when I collared some 15 and 30-year-old only too demonstrate by the time the 15 year olds arrives at 30 the possible advancement I suggested that we will not be using archaic screen iPad and the like but some something small we all would carry that would project, at a voice command a hologram screen projected in front of us and with simple hand movements we would change screens and through virtual keyboards or probably better through spoken commands write on these 3D virtual screens that where now in front of us.   Emerging technology.

The word emerging is something we should embrace, needing to become comfortable as a believer not to run away from


emergence or attempt to keep it at bay.    Emerging has also been hijacked to mean a certain style or administration of church life, but even that has its problems.   What i would like to propose is that through the scriptures it is evident we have an emerging work going on and we are part of the greatest emergence on the face of creation.

For the sons of God are emerging as they are led by the Spirit and bring liberty to all creation in its release (Romans 8).

We are part of a Kingdom that has come, yet its only a taste of what is to come (Hebrews 6:5), that is, there is more to arrive, there is more to come – this Kingdom is an emerging Kingdom “your Kingdom come as it is” (Matt 6).

The coming of the Son of God, the Christ coming again, is that not only an emerging of an age that is to come

Revelation by its nature, the opening up of understanding, the dawning of truth, the filling out of God is this not emerging experience and onward life style, God emerging to us.

God himself is a progressive revelation individually and corporate, in the work of slowly filling out his nature, making more and more known – if this is not emerging, I am not sure what is?

What about Proverbs 4:18 the paths of the righteous is growing brighter and brighter, its emerging until is fully revealed.

“Emerging” I want to propose is what the bible calls a pilgrim life style that we are to walk, Abraham saw a city from a distance, did not know where it was, what was its name? where was he going?  all he knew was that he had seen a a city whose maker was God.   This city was constantly coming towards him making itself greater and greater known to him, it was emerging and that very emerging kept him pressing forward.

I trust you will begin to think on EMERGING with me join my walk come back later to see where I will go and say, why not second guess me and come back and see if you are correct by the time I writ the next emerging saga of “Change in the Air”.

E-merg-ing (I-mur-j-ing)  adjNewly formed or just coming into prominence; emergent: emerging markets; the emerging states of Africa.        Coming into existence “an emergent republic”, being born or beginning, coming to maturity “the raising generation”.

“Now boarding at gate number….”

Flying High

“Here I go again” I have turned our bedroom and study floor into a set of piles of different stuff ready for travelling again, piles of books and computers for notes, piles of photographic equipment to catch that moment, piles of clothes, clothes for hot weather and long sleeves for evening wear to keep mosquitoes off bear arms, and of course the proverbial torch.  That reminds me, is there anything in all those piles that needs charging before leaving? A final check on the BBC site tells me the weather is thundery showers at 29 C day time and a min temp of 26 C so its hot, wet and humid, ok better add an umbrella to the pile.

Piles every where and Sandra says she is too tired to sort it out tonight, so we sat with piles all over the house, and watched a DVD, a romantic one at that whilst enjoying some ice-cream!   Tomorrow we set off to be with the brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka.    It has been a few years since we were there, children will be older and babies will be toddlers.   Changes on the island with the Eastern part of the country now liberated,  I  know the people of God have been busy working taking the Gospel of the Kingdom to differing parts of the Island while still strengthening and encouraging the believers which I suppose we will also be doing.

I wonder which note, from the pile of thoughts, notes and life experience the Father will take up, to enable us to say something relevant at this time for this people?   Is this not the adventure?   That from random piles of things that work through our lives, God can make sense of them and use them to affect other people’s lives.   To us it might appear to be random piles with some vague references connecting them together, as with these piles on our floors.   A trip overseas connects these, to those who we might touch with words and our lives it is the skill of the Holy Spirit drawing out of us and delivering through us.  No longer just random piles, but constructed input into people, taking my piles and making them living, impactive, dynamic, life-giving insight to enable people to live for the Lord.   Do not dismiss any pile as unnecessary, each one has had its schooling and moment, each one drawing from some history that will enable another, each one in its own timing “everything is beautiful in its time” Ecc. 3 states, piles are very beautiful.   Don’t ignore the pile of life around, for in it you could see the God of creation disguising himself in your life!    It is a skill to recognize the disguised divine life in my life.

I wonder what will I see and find in Sri Lanka, having been in South Africa, briefly, Zimbabwe and Zambia and now into Sri

Sri Lanka

Lanka, I guess I will have Lord a unique insights into the work of the Holy Spirit in our world.   We can so quickly get lost into the “…one thing…” the Spirit is doing, we forget that the Spirit of Christ is moving and working in many parts of the world in various ways.   I know I will see that God is saying and doing different things in different areas as the one expression of his nature.   Releasing his manifestations of his love around the world.   It will not be any strand of teaching, or one body of truth it will be a diverse manifestation although i know it will be letting his nature be seen LOVE.

When we leave UK shores my prayer will be, “God I want to leave something of you in my foot prints, I want the evidence of you to remain as I walk through lives, that everyone we meet will find a sustaining deposit of the life of your Son in their lives as Sandra and I pass through.  Something that will enable people in these last days to know you and see you more.”

I will surely let you know my thoughts and what I encounter as we work over the next week or so.

We desire to see lives transformed and empowered to deal with their days, in their culture.     May Revelation be the portion of all who hear the life transforming revelation that says “…I cannot stay the same as I have been…”, that impactive prophetic word that says loud and clear “…I cannot stay where I am…” that we see transformation in our wake.   Apostle Paul put it like this “…I will work until Christ is formed in you…” I pray that our brief visit will enable the forming of Christ into lives over the next few days.    You see what we build in passion will be different to what you build in discipline, what you build with haste will feel different to what you build with considered effort.   Passion has its necessary place but we build with long term in view, with our children’s children in view to inheritance, not the house that “Jack built” but that which God has worked in.

That together we might see the Kingdom of God being established among people lives

What will you Catch?