Changes In The Air

First Flight

On board a recent flight I picked up an article called “Changes in the air” quickly scanning the title my mind was taken back to that old song “Flying through the Air” that was made popular by the Snowman animation, but this  was an aviation article outlining the necessary and needful emerging changes, it stated:

Aviation: Emerging technologies are ushering in more fuel-efficient comfortable and exotic aircrafts.   Get ready for the future of flight

On the evening of July 23rd 1983 Air Canada Flight 143 ran out of fuel after a series of human errors.   The new Boeing 767 lightly loaded with 61 passengers and eight crew, become a glider with 8,686 meter of altitude to reach the nearest airport at Winnipeg, around 120 Km (75 miles) away.   Ten minutes later it became clear that the plane was losing altitudes too fast to make it.

The pilots changed the course hoping to reach a former air-force base near the town of Gimli.  They were unaware that its runways had been converted into a drag racing track.   Spectators scattered when they saw the silent approach of the aircraft, as the aircraft wheels hit the racetrack it divided the track in two and skidded to a stop No one was killed.

Had a modern more aerodynamic airline been used they could have easily reached Winnipeg’s airport, todays planes will glide 24% farther and the next generation promises additional gains, Boeings new 787 consumes 40% less fuel per passenger than the planes of the 70’s.  Change is in the air, the same article said that one plane maker has put iPad in the inflight systems which are much lighter than the exiting entertainment systems, metals replaced by composite material are also reducing weight by 20-40% both bringing about savings and change.  CHANGE.

I wonder what you have seen in your neighborhoods?   Changes right in front of your face.   The article was about emerging developments necessary for the survival of the aerospace industry.   As I read it I was pressed once again on the necessity of change to enable onward effectiveness.   We must pay attention to things that are emerging in order to keep a purpose, and progress in living.  It sounded as if the emerging developments effect was being heralded as the savior, the coming of an exciting new age for this industry?   I recently made a statement “that God comes disguised in our lives”, not only this but that he is in the little details of our every day, we might need to learn to look more closely in order to realize this and find him.   I wonder what changes you are seeing that are actually, God in disguise, it is time to see his fingers nimbly working across our surrounding lives and recognize the plans these fingers are engaged with.

As I travel, I cannot get over Gods grace in so many ways, the manifestations of his love, healing and transforming lives,  the list would be endless if I listed all I have seen over the last month in three continents.  How can we list everything God is doing, all I know is He who is LOVE is manifesting his love in so many diverse ways now?    Unfortunately we try to sum up this diverse loving Father by saying he is doing this one thing, or we say, this is it or you can only find him in this   But my Lord, I have discovered that you are in every place, uniquely working and bringing a full council to bear on this your beloved creation.    We must realize that God sent the Son as he “…so loved this…Cosmos…world…” that’s right world…cosmos not just humanity, its his whole creation.

I listen to some communicating what God is doing with tem, as the right thing, the new thing, and unfortunately as the only thing, yet I see God doing, diverse things but with one aim.  To manifest his love in lives and through creation.

The story I recounted above is not only about the wonderful escape 69 people had that evening but its aim is to stimulate the thought that things are different and constantly emerging.

We have terms in our economy such as “Emerging Markets”, advancements being made in every walk of life medicine, engineering, new things, new stuff emerging is what we are seeing.   Emerging is certainly becoming a way of life, and we must train ourselves as best we can even though on occasions it is tiring to keep up.   The church, your faith is an emerging journey and life style.   While at a youth leaders setting in Sri Lanka I talked with a young man who had some computer knowledge, he commented on how I was using my iPad and becoming computer handy when I collared some 15 and 30-year-old only too demonstrate by the time the 15 year olds arrives at 30 the possible advancement I suggested that we will not be using archaic screen iPad and the like but some something small we all would carry that would project, at a voice command a hologram screen projected in front of us and with simple hand movements we would change screens and through virtual keyboards or probably better through spoken commands write on these 3D virtual screens that where now in front of us.   Emerging technology.

The word emerging is something we should embrace, needing to become comfortable as a believer not to run away from


emergence or attempt to keep it at bay.    Emerging has also been hijacked to mean a certain style or administration of church life, but even that has its problems.   What i would like to propose is that through the scriptures it is evident we have an emerging work going on and we are part of the greatest emergence on the face of creation.

For the sons of God are emerging as they are led by the Spirit and bring liberty to all creation in its release (Romans 8).

We are part of a Kingdom that has come, yet its only a taste of what is to come (Hebrews 6:5), that is, there is more to arrive, there is more to come – this Kingdom is an emerging Kingdom “your Kingdom come as it is” (Matt 6).

The coming of the Son of God, the Christ coming again, is that not only an emerging of an age that is to come

Revelation by its nature, the opening up of understanding, the dawning of truth, the filling out of God is this not emerging experience and onward life style, God emerging to us.

God himself is a progressive revelation individually and corporate, in the work of slowly filling out his nature, making more and more known – if this is not emerging, I am not sure what is?

What about Proverbs 4:18 the paths of the righteous is growing brighter and brighter, its emerging until is fully revealed.

“Emerging” I want to propose is what the bible calls a pilgrim life style that we are to walk, Abraham saw a city from a distance, did not know where it was, what was its name? where was he going?  all he knew was that he had seen a a city whose maker was God.   This city was constantly coming towards him making itself greater and greater known to him, it was emerging and that very emerging kept him pressing forward.

I trust you will begin to think on EMERGING with me join my walk come back later to see where I will go and say, why not second guess me and come back and see if you are correct by the time I writ the next emerging saga of “Change in the Air”.

E-merg-ing (I-mur-j-ing)  adjNewly formed or just coming into prominence; emergent: emerging markets; the emerging states of Africa.        Coming into existence “an emergent republic”, being born or beginning, coming to maturity “the raising generation”.