“Now boarding at gate number….”

Flying High

“Here I go again” I have turned our bedroom and study floor into a set of piles of different stuff ready for travelling again, piles of books and computers for notes, piles of photographic equipment to catch that moment, piles of clothes, clothes for hot weather and long sleeves for evening wear to keep mosquitoes off bear arms, and of course the proverbial torch.  That reminds me, is there anything in all those piles that needs charging before leaving? A final check on the BBC site tells me the weather is thundery showers at 29 C day time and a min temp of 26 C so its hot, wet and humid, ok better add an umbrella to the pile.

Piles every where and Sandra says she is too tired to sort it out tonight, so we sat with piles all over the house, and watched a DVD, a romantic one at that whilst enjoying some ice-cream!   Tomorrow we set off to be with the brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka.    It has been a few years since we were there, children will be older and babies will be toddlers.   Changes on the island with the Eastern part of the country now liberated,  I  know the people of God have been busy working taking the Gospel of the Kingdom to differing parts of the Island while still strengthening and encouraging the believers which I suppose we will also be doing.

I wonder which note, from the pile of thoughts, notes and life experience the Father will take up, to enable us to say something relevant at this time for this people?   Is this not the adventure?   That from random piles of things that work through our lives, God can make sense of them and use them to affect other people’s lives.   To us it might appear to be random piles with some vague references connecting them together, as with these piles on our floors.   A trip overseas connects these, to those who we might touch with words and our lives it is the skill of the Holy Spirit drawing out of us and delivering through us.  No longer just random piles, but constructed input into people, taking my piles and making them living, impactive, dynamic, life-giving insight to enable people to live for the Lord.   Do not dismiss any pile as unnecessary, each one has had its schooling and moment, each one drawing from some history that will enable another, each one in its own timing “everything is beautiful in its time” Ecc. 3 states, piles are very beautiful.   Don’t ignore the pile of life around, for in it you could see the God of creation disguising himself in your life!    It is a skill to recognize the disguised divine life in my life.

I wonder what will I see and find in Sri Lanka, having been in South Africa, briefly, Zimbabwe and Zambia and now into Sri

Sri Lanka

Lanka, I guess I will have Lord a unique insights into the work of the Holy Spirit in our world.   We can so quickly get lost into the “…one thing…” the Spirit is doing, we forget that the Spirit of Christ is moving and working in many parts of the world in various ways.   I know I will see that God is saying and doing different things in different areas as the one expression of his nature.   Releasing his manifestations of his love around the world.   It will not be any strand of teaching, or one body of truth it will be a diverse manifestation although i know it will be letting his nature be seen LOVE.

When we leave UK shores my prayer will be, “God I want to leave something of you in my foot prints, I want the evidence of you to remain as I walk through lives, that everyone we meet will find a sustaining deposit of the life of your Son in their lives as Sandra and I pass through.  Something that will enable people in these last days to know you and see you more.”

I will surely let you know my thoughts and what I encounter as we work over the next week or so.

We desire to see lives transformed and empowered to deal with their days, in their culture.     May Revelation be the portion of all who hear the life transforming revelation that says “…I cannot stay the same as I have been…”, that impactive prophetic word that says loud and clear “…I cannot stay where I am…” that we see transformation in our wake.   Apostle Paul put it like this “…I will work until Christ is formed in you…” I pray that our brief visit will enable the forming of Christ into lives over the next few days.    You see what we build in passion will be different to what you build in discipline, what you build with haste will feel different to what you build with considered effort.   Passion has its necessary place but we build with long term in view, with our children’s children in view to inheritance, not the house that “Jack built” but that which God has worked in.

That together we might see the Kingdom of God being established among people lives

What will you Catch?