Changes In The Air

First Flight

On board a recent flight I picked up an article called “Changes in the air” quickly scanning the title my mind was taken back to that old song “Flying through the Air” that was made popular by the Snowman animation, but this  was an aviation article outlining the necessary and needful emerging changes, it stated:

Aviation: Emerging technologies are ushering in more fuel-efficient comfortable and exotic aircrafts.   Get ready for the future of flight

On the evening of July 23rd 1983 Air Canada Flight 143 ran out of fuel after a series of human errors.   The new Boeing 767 lightly loaded with 61 passengers and eight crew, become a glider with 8,686 meter of altitude to reach the nearest airport at Winnipeg, around 120 Km (75 miles) away.   Ten minutes later it became clear that the plane was losing altitudes too fast to make it.

The pilots changed the course hoping to reach a former air-force base near the town of Gimli.  They were unaware that its runways had been converted into a drag racing track.   Spectators scattered when they saw the silent approach of the aircraft, as the aircraft wheels hit the racetrack it divided the track in two and skidded to a stop No one was killed.

Had a modern more aerodynamic airline been used they could have easily reached Winnipeg’s airport, todays planes will glide 24% farther and the next generation promises additional gains, Boeings new 787 consumes 40% less fuel per passenger than the planes of the 70’s.  Change is in the air, the same article said that one plane maker has put iPad in the inflight systems which are much lighter than the exiting entertainment systems, metals replaced by composite material are also reducing weight by 20-40% both bringing about savings and change.  CHANGE.

I wonder what you have seen in your neighborhoods?   Changes right in front of your face.   The article was about emerging developments necessary for the survival of the aerospace industry.   As I read it I was pressed once again on the necessity of change to enable onward effectiveness.   We must pay attention to things that are emerging in order to keep a purpose, and progress in living.  It sounded as if the emerging developments effect was being heralded as the savior, the coming of an exciting new age for this industry?   I recently made a statement “that God comes disguised in our lives”, not only this but that he is in the little details of our every day, we might need to learn to look more closely in order to realize this and find him.   I wonder what changes you are seeing that are actually, God in disguise, it is time to see his fingers nimbly working across our surrounding lives and recognize the plans these fingers are engaged with.

As I travel, I cannot get over Gods grace in so many ways, the manifestations of his love, healing and transforming lives,  the list would be endless if I listed all I have seen over the last month in three continents.  How can we list everything God is doing, all I know is He who is LOVE is manifesting his love in so many diverse ways now?    Unfortunately we try to sum up this diverse loving Father by saying he is doing this one thing, or we say, this is it or you can only find him in this   But my Lord, I have discovered that you are in every place, uniquely working and bringing a full council to bear on this your beloved creation.    We must realize that God sent the Son as he “…so loved this…Cosmos…world…” that’s right world…cosmos not just humanity, its his whole creation.

I listen to some communicating what God is doing with tem, as the right thing, the new thing, and unfortunately as the only thing, yet I see God doing, diverse things but with one aim.  To manifest his love in lives and through creation.

The story I recounted above is not only about the wonderful escape 69 people had that evening but its aim is to stimulate the thought that things are different and constantly emerging.

We have terms in our economy such as “Emerging Markets”, advancements being made in every walk of life medicine, engineering, new things, new stuff emerging is what we are seeing.   Emerging is certainly becoming a way of life, and we must train ourselves as best we can even though on occasions it is tiring to keep up.   The church, your faith is an emerging journey and life style.   While at a youth leaders setting in Sri Lanka I talked with a young man who had some computer knowledge, he commented on how I was using my iPad and becoming computer handy when I collared some 15 and 30-year-old only too demonstrate by the time the 15 year olds arrives at 30 the possible advancement I suggested that we will not be using archaic screen iPad and the like but some something small we all would carry that would project, at a voice command a hologram screen projected in front of us and with simple hand movements we would change screens and through virtual keyboards or probably better through spoken commands write on these 3D virtual screens that where now in front of us.   Emerging technology.

The word emerging is something we should embrace, needing to become comfortable as a believer not to run away from


emergence or attempt to keep it at bay.    Emerging has also been hijacked to mean a certain style or administration of church life, but even that has its problems.   What i would like to propose is that through the scriptures it is evident we have an emerging work going on and we are part of the greatest emergence on the face of creation.

For the sons of God are emerging as they are led by the Spirit and bring liberty to all creation in its release (Romans 8).

We are part of a Kingdom that has come, yet its only a taste of what is to come (Hebrews 6:5), that is, there is more to arrive, there is more to come – this Kingdom is an emerging Kingdom “your Kingdom come as it is” (Matt 6).

The coming of the Son of God, the Christ coming again, is that not only an emerging of an age that is to come

Revelation by its nature, the opening up of understanding, the dawning of truth, the filling out of God is this not emerging experience and onward life style, God emerging to us.

God himself is a progressive revelation individually and corporate, in the work of slowly filling out his nature, making more and more known – if this is not emerging, I am not sure what is?

What about Proverbs 4:18 the paths of the righteous is growing brighter and brighter, its emerging until is fully revealed.

“Emerging” I want to propose is what the bible calls a pilgrim life style that we are to walk, Abraham saw a city from a distance, did not know where it was, what was its name? where was he going?  all he knew was that he had seen a a city whose maker was God.   This city was constantly coming towards him making itself greater and greater known to him, it was emerging and that very emerging kept him pressing forward.

I trust you will begin to think on EMERGING with me join my walk come back later to see where I will go and say, why not second guess me and come back and see if you are correct by the time I writ the next emerging saga of “Change in the Air”.

E-merg-ing (I-mur-j-ing)  adjNewly formed or just coming into prominence; emergent: emerging markets; the emerging states of Africa.        Coming into existence “an emergent republic”, being born or beginning, coming to maturity “the raising generation”.

Essential, Primary for our TIME

my times are in your hands

Three seasons of time are spoken of in relation to Jesus, “… yesterday, today and forever…”     I would suggest to you that time is a gift created by the Father and given to you along with a place, both creational gifts given to humanity.     We make the mistake of seeing eternity as a long period of time but actually its no time, a place where time is no, the place that time was created form as a gift to you and me.      Place and Time are to be celebrated, but let us focus on Time for now, time is to be redeemed, time is to be accounted for, we learn to “…number our days…”, asking the Father to teach us to make them count. This is not a heavy judgment but the celebration of looking forward to making each day full in destiny and purpose.

Hebrews 13:8 tells of these three seasons whether Christ of God should be found in yesterday, today, forever, in other words in every day, hour, minute, even second, it encourages us with the statements of “For Jesus doesn’t change—yesterday, today, tomorrow, he’s always totally himself.” (Message).

Within yesterday, today, tomorrow we are engaged in many activities many focuses, many visions that require us to take up another three resources we have in life, we employ the these three resources time, money and of course people. In these three seasons of yesterday, today, tomorrow we have three resources people, time, money and it is in the way we take hold of these resources and combine them in the seasons that will have a major impact and influence on what we call the Kingdom of God.

Let me suggest to you a further ‘threesome’ that are necessary in life’s scope, to make sense of sometimes a senseless world and to bring clarity in confused circumstances. I will offer this threesome as questions, firstly to ask that you might ponder them, considering our ways in the light of each answer we might furnish

What is the Primary purpose of God in History?

What is the Essential purpose of God in Christ?

What is the Essential message of God for our time?

I have a one word answer for you to ponder, it is the answer to all three it is RESTORATION

But what do I mean by that?   Simply as a definition one could say “ bringing things to their final state”  or “Progress of God’s purpose to its fullness”. For we are not looking to restore back to any particular moment of history or of time, but restoration embodies the restoration of Gods full intention when he spoke into being seasons and time.    Restoration to Gods ‘ultimate intention’, what He had in view when he said “Let there be…”

In order to understand the message of God for our time lets call it the “now” word of God we must first note the phrase “Times (seasons) of restoration” Acts 3:21, and must equally note that Christ with the culmination of time after in such a season as this.

Seasons – what picture does this word cultivate “times of refreshing”, the ages of mankind, childhood, youthful seasons?    We often hear today of the necessity of Revival with which I would concur with completely. However Revival must flow into a Reformation, which in turn must bring Restoration, anything less would be a distraction and a loss. Revelation must flow to renew which must go through a season of establishment so that very revelation must become part of life, each one flowing into the other, each one leading from one to another to achieve a climax.

Although we look through history, history that we can appreciate unravelled when a season flowed from one season to another such as Luther, Wesley, and Whitfield each had its impact and made its contribution.    What about in our lifetime baptism, gifts of the spirit, healing, supernatural, worship and praise, discipleship, faith in life, restoration of apostles and prophets, Kingdom focus all these of being seasons that each one of us have seen flowing from one to another. Yet we are still waiting ‘…times of restoration…’, of fullness. These seasons are accelerating by rushing into each other to become part of each other as each one of these revelations and experiences belong to the whole.

This is an unstoppable move of God as we see the rushing of the Holy Spirit to complete the eternal purpose the bringing of the church to its fullness and the final glorious condition where all of creation would declare the Christ of God (Heb 11:10,16; 12:22; 1314; rev 21:2, 21:10).    Maturity in the church, making her the instrument of blessing worldwide not so much as all of us becoming evangelists, although we must all share our faith but a corporate evangelist communicating the life of God to mankind in a way that they might become the Disciples of Christ. In a way that is incarnational and culturally relevant “…explaining the father…” John 1:17 (NASB) to our generation and time.

This is the Essential message of Jesus.

God fully expressed in mankind “Word became flesh”, you and I might be the incarnation that our neighbours and work colleagues might find the full expression of God in their daily routine of life. But this is no science-fiction story but a truth that God’s ‘Tomorrow-Age’ mankind, mankind in its final condition in the image of God will rule and fill creation (mankind the lover of mankind, mankind the communicator of God, mankind the disciple maker).

The essential message of Jesus brought mankind and God together to be engaged in a throne destined.

The message of God to our time is not so much what we are saying but it is what you and I are becoming, that the word might be made flesh again, that our words might become tangible in them through lives. Should be seen in these two simple statements:

What we are becoming as individuals in Christ

What we are becoming as a corporate Christ the church, ecclesia

But this tomorrow aged people flesh out the:

Love of God

Life of God (happy, content, excited, fulfilled)

Nature of God (Creator, Saviour, Father, James 5:20 disciple)

Being as he was, the is “ perfect” – complete, holy, righteous, well-adjusted

Perfectly at home in humanity

Perfectly at home in God likeness

All this brings demands upon us as we seek to  become mature in the fullness of Christ we are to:

Know God – right concept, your view of God

Know ourselves

Live in reality

Live as a community of the King

Live in the power of God’s life

What is the message of our time?   WE ARE

A closing thought, If ours does not prove to be the final generation of TIME, let mankind look back on what “WE ARE”, not what we taught, information only. As we serve God in our generation.

His purpose: his interests: his will and goals.

We pray that history about time will have more to say about the many much more, the mature, full corporate people than just the one or two.

Promising Sounds

What? Can't hear?

Having recently returned from Africa we are greeted with many things, meeting family, reconnecting with friends and colleagues or better co-workers in the work of restoring and redeeming this world so that it will display the Christ.    How good it is to see familiar things around, things that we have grown up with, things that bring back memories of good times.   What would life be like with out these?

Being away for 8 weeks brings its challenges,  things that were so part of life when we left, we had forgotten,  but the minute we return they rush back in on us.   One of the biggest things that greets us as we arrive is a world full of sounds, some sounds bring a smile and some sounds are simply just noise.   Certainly we left a world  in Africa where the silence is deafening, the kind of silence that invades you and makes itself known inside, bringing tranquil times.

A world with full on noise, this is our island.   We live close to the M6 by the constant drone of tires turning on tarmac highways, all the shops have their music, the bustle of people with their own internal chatter and noise, a world where you find difficulty some times to find silence.   We are never that far away  however from finding that silence that is stilling and ministering.   I wonder what sounds are near to you as you read this, what sounds fill your world and endorse or disturb the inner Sabbath?

What is your ear tuned to now as you read, your own inner thoughts, music in the background or just the noise of your house creaking and making sure you know it’s there?       What comes your way through this one channel of hearing, this gateway into your inner life?

The Psalmist presents to us a sound in his ear Psalm 92:11, he tells of what has invaded his still life, his inner listening.   He tells us to open up, that a certain sound will break through  a sound I would suggest that would transform many worlds.

He says “…My ears are filled with the sounds of promise: “Good people will prosper like palm trees, Grow tall like Lebanon cedars; transplanted to God’s courtyard, They’ll grow tall in the presence of God, lithe and green, virile still in old age. 

Sounds of promise, our world so often volunteers to people sounds of let down, disappointment and criticism and this world is hearing a different sound a sound that our world too could embrace.   A sound filled with sounds of promise, a sound that will groom and direct, that would live and empower that would change your view of God and your self, if only the promises are kept living.     Sounds of promise!

Promises, be bold and recall, bring back to memory a promise, promises that have been spoken.   But you don’t understand you might say they disappointed me, my challenge to believe then that creates a sound that governs once again.   Let them arise promise of old that were yours once and should be again.   We are to be people of promise and promise – blessing.

You see we say “faith is the hope of things” so hope is necessary to come to faith let me put into you that memory is the seed or foundation of hope.   The world around knows if I can fill your memory with negative, if I can rob your memory no hope will come so faith cannot be born.   The fight is not with your faith it’s often in the realm of memory.   Sounds of promise let memory bring them back and let them live again.   Let your era be filled with sounds of promise again.   We become a promised  filled people.

The psalmist in this passage outlines three things I notice here as a character of those who have turned to you in and the experience of life they are involved with.

1      What a beautiful thing – thankfulness, presence, continuously, adding to beauty by my voice and motion

2      You made me so happy – joy, magnificent work, thoughts made known.

3      Ears filled with sounds of promise – Gods people impartation to

So this person, you are to be filled with beauty, joy, promises.    For they live in such a way that they look for beauty, joy and promises a trinity of life.

Looking for beauty, adding to beauty, being part of beauty that brings forth beauty and changes the environment around you.    That joy then flows first by being happy in recognising Gods beautiful works towards each other.   Rather than looking for more like a consumer,  there is a contentment in what God has given us that keeps us pressing for more of him.

Listening for sounds – sounds of promises that they are kept in your ear in your consciousness it seems not far from your audible senses.

Living in beautiful things, happiness and joy from your realisation while keeping the ear filled with Gods word to you.

How to cultivate this life?   What a contribution we would make living this way to life’s onward and upward goal.




Attitude/disposition – Inner person – and gave thanks as a way of life.

Saw – and was happy.

Listened – held promises in my ear, keep before my mind, eye, heart.

Three lines to change your life:

1      What a beautiful thing, God

2      You made me so happy, God, I saw your

3      My ears are filled with the sounds of promise:

Beauty is when I see and God fills me with ability of seeing him everywhere, happiness/joy comes when you see him in what he has done, the sounds of promise is Him so my hearing is Him – its all God my Father!

“How should we respond?”

“…Osama Dead – Censored Video   Osama is dead, watch this exclusive

CNN video which was censored by Obama Administration due to level of violence, a must watch. Leaked by Wikileaks…”

I had this sent to me on Facebook and refused to watch it, I am some times amazed at us, we who should “explain the Father” as Jesus did so John 1:18 (NASB) tells us, we humanity being the reflectors of the image of God, it begs the question does the world know more about the Father, creator God through my words actions and love?

Our news channels were filled with surprising news, is this the beginning of a confrontation or an end to a long-standing confrontation, giving us news of things that we were previously unaware of. I have a challenge for us today having watched the worldwide announcement on the death of a man, a man who many have longed to see the end of or the conclusion of a struggle.    Without doubt Osama Bin Laden has caused much fear and caused much damage during his lifetime. My writing is not however about this man, to elevate or put down I’m not here to pass judgment on him at this time, but more about the state of affairs in our world and the people we find around us.

It challenges us, especially those of us with faith, we are especially challenged in how should we respond?    Our screens have been filled with attacks in Libya in the name of liberation, the fight for liberty within Syria, African nations battle within its boundaries, with all we know that is going on in our world, how do we, with the faith respond to the problem of evil in our world. It seems as though we so easily join those who ignore evil until it hits us right between our eyes, but the question remains, how do we respond?

We have seen Celebrations surrounding the death of this man flooding in to the streets, the concerned conversations of retaliation in political corridors, the soul-searching comments and questions on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs like mine let alone the news.   The spiritual representatives uttering different view whether by the Archbishop of Canterbury or by the Dalai Lama, comments that conflict some times.   We see one nation flooding in celebration to the streets and another nation struggling and condemning the celebration of this death.

I note the number of Facebook and Twitter comments re-stating Martin Luther King Jr’s powerful quotation “I will mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.      Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.   Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.    Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

We can be fully aware of evil in its actions and movements and do nothing about it, governments can be fully aware of the axis of evil, Al-Qaeda, the forces that seem to undermine our world, terrorism and its operation and nobody moved to do anything, or wanted to know about it until the twin towers fell, or more lately our banking world collapsed.    Until it hit us face on.     We are certain that the factors and forces involved were moving and breathing before the disaster, and were even under surveillance but no-one wanted to take it too seriously until it was too late.

The challenges of this evil goes on and we are all fully aware of the problem that faces the developing world with chronic national debt and HIV threats to whole populations but nobody in the West wants to take it too seriously.  In the poorer countries of our world the challenge is in the conscious of all the poor who are being de-sensitized by being offered Pepsi and sweetness from the developed world who in turn are tapping into a huge market  for themselves, but adding  health problems due to excess sugar to the already chronic problems  of our world.   The banking challenge that we are still facing was there for everyone to see but nobody wanted to take it seriously until it was too late.   Today the changes, the implications it has brought about are still to be handled with the rise of the ‘BRICS’ nations and their perhaps rightful demand for change in the IMF, United Nations, it’s far from over, it was plain to see but it was just too late.

Let us not ignore changes and evil except when it hits us between the eyes; let us know how to respond.

How should we respond?

Today I have to admit I’m challenged, disappointed and stand emotionally wondering how should I react?     Do I, do we reacting in immature and dangerous ways, we Know that we can no longer be isolated and removed in our actions as our media immediately delivers the emotional explosions right in our living rooms, whether it’s a Libyan politician protesting after very so-called attempted on taking the life of his Presidents or whether it’s people flooding out onto the street celebrating the death of one man.

Our world that celebrates the killing, with joy the TV screens report in my living room, of a killer who celebrates killing I am not sure what to make of the life we live and times we breath in?  Is our world just out of control in our immaturity?

How should I respond?

Surely not by lashing out at something you simply know by media.  Is it a sign of strength to just tolerate human atrocities?  Surely neither of these is the way to build a stable model society. The appalling acts of his unprovoked horror and anger but we must avoid knee jerking reaction, unthinkingly, immature lashing out will get us nowhere and will get misunderstood otherwise we will divide people into acceptable and unacceptable people groups which again is immature.     Lashing out as those you perceive as being evil in the hope that we deal with the problem will certainly not solve anything for anyone

‘Evil’ is a four letter word that surely can only be dealt with by another four letter word ‘love’, but how do we love?     I don’t hold any particular answers at this time, I am sure that this will frustrate some, but I would say that we should find within ourselves a means for the love of God to be shared abroad for us not to ignore evil, not to lash out and react, but to be wise.      How can I display a better way of living with difference?      Rather than joining those we see as evil.

I hope you will consider how you and I can counter the quick spiral into evil and prevent the downward spiral of evil and violence from being ours too.      Remember the four letter word of God that the ‘love’ of God to be shed abroad and bring healing to the world in a small way, if we all play our part, it would be a big thing.    So what do you or who do you see as evil that the LOVE of God can be shown?

How should I/we respond?

Weather Challenges – Ready not Reluctant

Clouds roll in!

Strange “weather patterns” moved in to the Cape area where we live when in South Africa, from our house we look across to the Stand, a sea front town and look down off a mountain to a harbour along with a small town called Gordons Bay, to the side of the harbour a ‘blue flag’ beach called Bikini Beach, the name passes comment to its size and the flag status to its safety from shark attacks and cleanliness.    Well we have lost them all, due to sea mist over the last three days, they disappeared under a white blanket.  As a matter of fact as I sit writing this it’s happening for the third day in row, right in front of me.  A hanging white mist separating two worlds.   One world stands in sunlight warming everything up and is very inviting, the other world in a dimly lit damp cold atmosphere, uninviting.   In the mist the temperature drops to 17.5 C and felt really cold and clammy, outside of the mist its temperatures rise to 27.5 C warm and bright.

As we drive along the roads we have a choice of entering into the clammy, damp, clouded world of the mist or to stay in the sun soaked world where its bright, warm and has blue sky, the contrast is so dramatic.   The change that confronts you on every level is quite something.   Naturally speaking I want to stay in the warm where it seems safe and your sight lines are clear, seeing with the ability to see distance there, familiar and understood the world of the sunny land.     Some times we have to drive into the mist and its like being in a ‘pea soup’ as they once called fog in London many years ago.
In the land of mist it’s all change, the familiar becomes an unfamiliar world we have to drive at a slow speed to even enable us to stay on the road, to make sure that we stay within the accepted direction.  The familiar surroundings with a little mist which changes it all, it removes our ability to depend on the usual and thrusts us into a world of learning new trust.   My physical senses have to be heightened, my sight, my hearing all have to be applied more intentionally and now I don’t have a choice as my house has been enveloped into the mist, so in order to get home, to where I belong I need to trust.
I don’t think moving into a mist where life becomes unclear and changes are afoot is unusual     As I look through the scriptures I find 151 references to clouds in the NASB version, clouds appear for different reasons.    But some speak right into my aim of my writing, the first reference we come across brings significance to clouds, mist and sets some great discoveries into the clouds if we will only take a look.
Genesis 9:12

God said, “This is the sign of the covenant which I am making between Me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all successive generations;

13 I set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth.

It is a challenge to enter into the dimly damp uninviting world    Although amazing, set in the clouds there are important indicators, signs in a world that we have to let go of the usual places, where we can order and control, and  come into the communion with God, where we let go and see what will be opened up to us.   A world where Covenant signs are seen, where we are so out on a limb, some times feeling insecure with nothing around to take hold of, yet God in his love to you and me exposes his Covenant ways, marking us out with a sign in the midst of mist!

A sign that will stay never mind what the situation or conditions surrounding you and I, a sign that marks us out, a sign that marks us out not to have life as usual but to participate in the adventure of a Covenant God – come on into the mist you will see better once in and we are transformed to look differently.
Exodus 20:21 tells me of the life style that Moses has taken on, a way that makes the readiness to enter into the cloud environment, as if once been there in that place of transformation or transfiguration there is a readiness to let go and enter in to let our eyes be confused the senses be confused that we look to see and hear the things that really matter, Gods view-point on the matters of life.    Moses entered into the “thick cloud” a place of transformation, of intimate conversation, of seeing worlds to come, a coming Kingdom that is arriving in our world today, shaking and rattling life as we know it, as a God – Christ focused world emerges in our world from the “thick cloud”.   Life in the mist, is to be at home in the view from God’s perspective!
More of Moses mist, cloud experiences

Misty, Misty, Misty!

Exodus 24:15 Then Moses went up to the mountain, and the cloud covered the mountain.     16 The glory of the Lord rested on Mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it for six days; and on the seventh day He called to Moses from the midst of the cloud.      17 And to the eyes of the sons of Israel the appearance of the glory of the Lord was like a consuming fire on the mountain top.     18 Moses entered the midst of the cloud as he went up to the mountain; and Moses was on the mountain forty days and forty nights.

This is an common story,  mist and clouds appear in the saints experience, we have to be ready, rather than reluctant to participate.

My encouragement to you is to enter the world of the unfamiliar from the familiar, make it an experience, that my trust gets lost in the Christ and not in the world of my control.   That I am willing for my sight and my feelings to be adjusted so that my paradigms can be transformed.   For Psalm 91:1, 2 tells me that in this environment “cloud” is where the Lord is enthroned.  In the place of change the place of let go the place of a new reference point.    But I have to be ready to let go of my existing world frame to catch the necessary impact.
What more was it for the three disciples accounted for in the experience of the cloud environment when their reference point of life was firmly adjusted.   As the participated and where brought into the transfiguration of Jesus on the mountain, they were told to say nothing!   My whole of life has been given a new reference point and I must hold it in my heart!
For the clouds of Mark 9 and Luke 9 overshadowed them, here they saw a new vista, they heard a new voice, a confirming voice, a Fathers voice spoken.   O yes I know they did not get it all as they were eager to build alters and required gentle adjustment, but surely their viewpoint was adjusted.
A place where their entire world was taken from them and a new world forcibly put into their minds and memories.   For in this cloud a VOICE came, perhaps a “..bow…”  (Gen. 9:12,13) a sign of covenant they heard set into the cloud, there are things to listen to as we are willing to let go.    They looked around and saw no one their eyes trained for different seeing as they let go and embraced this environment of the Father
O yes fear was certainly an aspect as they had to depart from one paradigm to another here, God is constantly inviting us into a place to have to trust him and allow him to change our paradigms.   It seems that only a voice in the mist, the unclear, can help any one of us.   Be careful that we don’t run around listening for voices, looking for some one to say some thing when what we need is one voice to speak peace – covenant love – bring sight to the reality of Gods working in the middle of when we cannot see, or hear and all change is happening.   Coming out of the cloud there will be change, you can guarantee that,  we had better “…listen to him…”.
The emotion will run high, the adrenalin will flow, the thoughts of ‘God help me’ clear my eyes o God to see, will all be there in our cries.     The familiar is under scrutiny and is demanding we reach for the unfamiliar.   Be careful we don’t bring the familiar to secure and settle the unfamiliar at this stage.    Its walking a different way!
Never been this way before it’s a misty foggy, way it is like we don’t know what’s going to appear next out of the mist as the nature of this kind of transformation, comes with no warning, you don’t see it coming but you have to settle trust and peace long before.
One lesson is that what you are going for or travelling towards had better be on the inside of you at this stage, as you cannot depend on natural eyesight here.   It’s a deep encounter inside of you time, that you walk away from, never to depend on the familiar again,  but now you have graduated to trust the inside of yourself, more so, a transformation takes place and you are taken out of the mundane into the adventure of being led by the Holy Spirit

In all this my body tells me I want to stay in the sun where its warm I don’t want to step away from the comfort, yet I know I have to step to the unfamiliar trusting the Father.  Knowing it’s about a new level, Sandra often ministers that every new level needs a new encounter a transfiguration to take us into the order God wants us in.     My sight has to change, my peripheral vision my long-term view to see anew, with sharp insight for the moment I now live in!           A new environment awaits us all ever day, every morning as we wake it’s another day to set out for transformations, transfiguration to see and be different, to come from the mist and to walk away knowing and understanding a little more, fully aware that another day will come and invite us again into that transfiguration, enabling  God to bring about his goal in the earth through us. Give yourself to a misty, cloudy new encounter!   What got you here worked and we can celebrate all but we also know it will not get us through tomorrows challenges, yet in the mist/cloud we will hear a voice, see a new way and return more ready for the challenge, walking with a people who too have been trained in the mist!.

To be ready not reluctant to embrace the unfamiliar over the familiar, A New environment