Essential, Primary for our TIME

my times are in your hands

Three seasons of time are spoken of in relation to Jesus, “… yesterday, today and forever…”     I would suggest to you that time is a gift created by the Father and given to you along with a place, both creational gifts given to humanity.     We make the mistake of seeing eternity as a long period of time but actually its no time, a place where time is no, the place that time was created form as a gift to you and me.      Place and Time are to be celebrated, but let us focus on Time for now, time is to be redeemed, time is to be accounted for, we learn to “…number our days…”, asking the Father to teach us to make them count. This is not a heavy judgment but the celebration of looking forward to making each day full in destiny and purpose.

Hebrews 13:8 tells of these three seasons whether Christ of God should be found in yesterday, today, forever, in other words in every day, hour, minute, even second, it encourages us with the statements of “For Jesus doesn’t change—yesterday, today, tomorrow, he’s always totally himself.” (Message).

Within yesterday, today, tomorrow we are engaged in many activities many focuses, many visions that require us to take up another three resources we have in life, we employ the these three resources time, money and of course people. In these three seasons of yesterday, today, tomorrow we have three resources people, time, money and it is in the way we take hold of these resources and combine them in the seasons that will have a major impact and influence on what we call the Kingdom of God.

Let me suggest to you a further ‘threesome’ that are necessary in life’s scope, to make sense of sometimes a senseless world and to bring clarity in confused circumstances. I will offer this threesome as questions, firstly to ask that you might ponder them, considering our ways in the light of each answer we might furnish

What is the Primary purpose of God in History?

What is the Essential purpose of God in Christ?

What is the Essential message of God for our time?

I have a one word answer for you to ponder, it is the answer to all three it is RESTORATION

But what do I mean by that?   Simply as a definition one could say “ bringing things to their final state”  or “Progress of God’s purpose to its fullness”. For we are not looking to restore back to any particular moment of history or of time, but restoration embodies the restoration of Gods full intention when he spoke into being seasons and time.    Restoration to Gods ‘ultimate intention’, what He had in view when he said “Let there be…”

In order to understand the message of God for our time lets call it the “now” word of God we must first note the phrase “Times (seasons) of restoration” Acts 3:21, and must equally note that Christ with the culmination of time after in such a season as this.

Seasons – what picture does this word cultivate “times of refreshing”, the ages of mankind, childhood, youthful seasons?    We often hear today of the necessity of Revival with which I would concur with completely. However Revival must flow into a Reformation, which in turn must bring Restoration, anything less would be a distraction and a loss. Revelation must flow to renew which must go through a season of establishment so that very revelation must become part of life, each one flowing into the other, each one leading from one to another to achieve a climax.

Although we look through history, history that we can appreciate unravelled when a season flowed from one season to another such as Luther, Wesley, and Whitfield each had its impact and made its contribution.    What about in our lifetime baptism, gifts of the spirit, healing, supernatural, worship and praise, discipleship, faith in life, restoration of apostles and prophets, Kingdom focus all these of being seasons that each one of us have seen flowing from one to another. Yet we are still waiting ‘…times of restoration…’, of fullness. These seasons are accelerating by rushing into each other to become part of each other as each one of these revelations and experiences belong to the whole.

This is an unstoppable move of God as we see the rushing of the Holy Spirit to complete the eternal purpose the bringing of the church to its fullness and the final glorious condition where all of creation would declare the Christ of God (Heb 11:10,16; 12:22; 1314; rev 21:2, 21:10).    Maturity in the church, making her the instrument of blessing worldwide not so much as all of us becoming evangelists, although we must all share our faith but a corporate evangelist communicating the life of God to mankind in a way that they might become the Disciples of Christ. In a way that is incarnational and culturally relevant “…explaining the father…” John 1:17 (NASB) to our generation and time.

This is the Essential message of Jesus.

God fully expressed in mankind “Word became flesh”, you and I might be the incarnation that our neighbours and work colleagues might find the full expression of God in their daily routine of life. But this is no science-fiction story but a truth that God’s ‘Tomorrow-Age’ mankind, mankind in its final condition in the image of God will rule and fill creation (mankind the lover of mankind, mankind the communicator of God, mankind the disciple maker).

The essential message of Jesus brought mankind and God together to be engaged in a throne destined.

The message of God to our time is not so much what we are saying but it is what you and I are becoming, that the word might be made flesh again, that our words might become tangible in them through lives. Should be seen in these two simple statements:

What we are becoming as individuals in Christ

What we are becoming as a corporate Christ the church, ecclesia

But this tomorrow aged people flesh out the:

Love of God

Life of God (happy, content, excited, fulfilled)

Nature of God (Creator, Saviour, Father, James 5:20 disciple)

Being as he was, the is “ perfect” – complete, holy, righteous, well-adjusted

Perfectly at home in humanity

Perfectly at home in God likeness

All this brings demands upon us as we seek to  become mature in the fullness of Christ we are to:

Know God – right concept, your view of God

Know ourselves

Live in reality

Live as a community of the King

Live in the power of God’s life

What is the message of our time?   WE ARE

A closing thought, If ours does not prove to be the final generation of TIME, let mankind look back on what “WE ARE”, not what we taught, information only. As we serve God in our generation.

His purpose: his interests: his will and goals.

We pray that history about time will have more to say about the many much more, the mature, full corporate people than just the one or two.

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