22mm caliber of buckshot?

The modern church organisation?   I wonder if you, like I, over the years found unanswered fundamental questions relating to the things of God.    I am sure if you’r honest you have unanswered questions, on one hand we are meant to, as there is the Mystery of God, this really needs to be grasped in the people of God.   Rather than trying and giving explanation and reason of everything, when we are not meant to,  the community of Christ the ecclesia is meant to live at home in mystery as well as understanding.

Anyway to my point, and my question.   When we hear of God moving in a place or though an individual, it poses a question, is God that specific really.   I can see some already defining their so called ‘anointing’ yet anointing is a person, the Christ, is it not?   Christ is the anointed one then we remain in the anointing of Christ rather than ‘My Anointing?”.    We do move with the dynamic of the Holy Spirit and anointing flows but is it really ‘mine’?     Better its the Christ manifesting through the body rather than mine, as that sounds like ownership to be honest.   When Christ moves anointing radically transforms, heals, creates.

Question: does God only move in one place, one ‘church’, one ministry, one building when many people, ministries, places declare the love of God?    Or could there be something else at work here?   Of course we say God moves but we live and see church growth through conferencing initiatives only in one place, outpourings in one place and no one in the vicinity even knows this so called outpouring is happening or no other community of Christ sees any growth or adding or miracle.   Often we see decline in attendance in settings that support such ‘moves’, if we are honest.   I cannot fathom this.    it is as if God is partial?   I know God is not.

Ok let me add another thought before we return to the above.   In our modern western world we live with marketing as if it is a necessary part of life, it is so much part of our daily hours existence.   The McDonalds’ the NIKE’s of our world dominate our views and way of life, we make life style choices through marketing.   it has even been suggested that the Roman Catholic church was the McDonalds of its day.   In the mid 16 century although the ‘spiritual’ capital the Vatican had already become branded, there was a property on ever street corner in Europe and every one baptised in the faith, a one brand market.   Indulgences had grown out of scale, by buying one you could get to heaven.   Then came change with Martin Luther, the Gutenberg print press and the bible.   My point is marketing had already invaded its in the church of the day and employed for advance, but doe sit carry authentic imparted life?

why do i outline this, well back to my question if God is not partial when God makes God known do we really think that God will grow a place, a venue and not effect the people and places around, God is not that specific, even when the disciples were in the upper room they spilled out to the street and the courts not so specific that only the upper room affected but hit the people all around.  

When God comes every community, ever denomination will be impacted around, God is not using a 22 to hit a fine target but more takes a buck shot and scatters all around.

If we only see a fine hit perhaps it is the age only story of good marketing, using media and the like to tap into peoples hunger.   Admittedly some people meet God and there is always benefit for some but when God truly comes all around feels the impact not just a person, or a ministry, God does it all.   The nature of the Kingdom is expansive, outward flow God will not retain the move in a gold fish bowl but truly with God it is Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and utter most parts.

God fills, overflows, splashes never gives to the brim but overflows, causes RIVERS out of your belly, overflow, God is not such a narrow target aim but a blessing to all, freely gives?

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