Purpose & Passion’s Hindrances


We are in a day when we are overwhelmed with so many purposes, every church and organisation must have their vision, its’ goal, yet I see little purpose upheld.    This purpose is an eternal one, one that YHWH poured out self to bring to pass, creation was Father, Son and Holy Spirit pouring is a self-self-emptying to bring about, its the nature of God to self-empty continues, of course self-self-emptying but never depleted. The purpose that calls, the initial cry of ‘light be and light was’.     YHWH had a purpose that you and I are invited to participate with, to be hands-on involved.

Purpose invites our passion, calls on us to pour ourselves out unreservedly which means it has its challenges. We can get distracted, disappointed and ever so busy, yet there is a purpose of the divine that you and I are invited to.  Howard Snyder wrote a book, the title was ‘Salvation means creation healed’, which puts some perspective on God’s great grand purpose that you and I have been invited to be fully engaged and fully involved with.

I want to assist you in maintaining your energy, your seeing, the freshness of your revelation and the sharpness of your passion towards the purpose of God.     

As we journey on the roadways of our countries today, you and I are blessed in not only having navigation units built into our cars but thank God for the old signposts that keep on coming up that encourages us to keep going in the right direction.   We can trust the navigation direction but the encouragement is as we see ourselves advancing towards our destination. Signs assist this as well, but will only encourage action, they are assistance in the conditions, the terrain we meet as we Go forward on our roadway. When was the last time you saw or more likely heard  a navigational device  saying “beware ducks crossing”, or “warning lambing season’.    I’ve never heard that. Small signs with major implications of the local terrain and local conditions  are so important. They can avoid distractions and time consuming challenges.

All of us need warning signs flashing ‘BEWARE’.    Here are some to consider to keep purpose moving in our lives.

Beware of weariness – Scripture says don’t get weary, time and time again we read the narrative of men and women who got tired, Elijah running from Jezebel or the time the servants of God hid in caves for respite, beware of weariness.

Weariness is much deeper than physical, it’s that which creeps into the soul,  tiredness does not want to get up all over again, when hassle comes you don’t want to get up and start again.   So much reaction, God I’m just going to leave it here.

Beware of Flattery – a pat on the back, those that flatter you when you deliver your content, powerful word and yet don’t change by it. Let me pose this thought, flattery comes from a person that is committed to no change. It just wants you to feel good about accepting people in their unchanged state, beware of flattery.

Beware of compromise – when you have the purpose of God, when you have what God is sees, then you consider perhaps I’m asking too much too soon, people around you warn you not to indulge too much, perhaps you should tone it down a little, by the time they have finished the sensible advise you end up with just your vision is so small that you might need a microscope to find it, don’t compromise

Beware of riding your gift – all the challenge of being articulate, being under the unction of the Holy Spirit, a powerful move, careful it can be very easy to lose your dependence on God when you’re riding your gift

Beware of hypocrisy – Jesus said to his own beware the leaven of not walking and trying to live as you’r seeing.

Beware of… just a shortlist of keeping wrong companions, of influences that get under your skin, time to come to your senses and be true to what you have been been made to stand for,  stay away from companions that undercut or undermine with nice words, always positive but not helping. Beware of trying to prove your ministry Samuel was one but as you are told in 1 Samuel 3:19-20  he grew and the Lord was with him leaving none of his words fall to the ground. Did you hear that the confirmation of his ministry, of who he was.   Ministry being living life, not title or performance by living life passionately to the full and God confirmed by upholding every word. You have nothing to prove, let God do the proving and take every word you utter. You don’t need anything.

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