Fathering – discipling – mentoring? Not sure which one to use…

Unknown.jpegNot sure which heading to uses just some thoughts 

When wanting to see the a generation of people young or old coming through here is a question to ask,         What motivates us as parents?         What disciplines we have to prevent us intervening that will prevent people making it on their own?

The motivation in developing people, Love and Fear.   We should love those we are advancing, being their vehicle, their resource to help them move forward, are we fearful,  get afraid for their future?

Be mindful as you advance just change one thing at time, then you will understand the impact of the change made.   Each one change

Don’t seek to change everything, chose small things to isolate and transform, finding solutions to these small things will ultimately transform the big world and self.

Become some one who does not worry what it looks like, but that the function is correct, then allow the function to determine its shape.   We will discover the diverse nature of gift and function if we think like this, rather than being caught in maintaining the way its always been, function over form.

Put new fresh men and women where they must make decisions early on that affects the organism of organisation, and do not expect them to get it right the first time – TRUST

Don’t be bound to any methodology.   be caught by releasing new types of thinking.   It is a kind of freedom.

Don’t let peer pressure effect you, when we see other people who have got it together and are advancing the next generation.   One of the biggest challenges to parenting for example is, you are not perfect, and it looks as if those people are, well it is a fallacy, no one is getting it all right, we are all and have our worlds moving in the dark we don’t honestly know but communicate a sit w have to all together, reality is we don’t, be honest.   Peer pressure will prevent you developing the young and trusting the new person, it is your ego getting in the way, wondering what will I will look like.

Success is not having the right degree, being in the right company, belonging and attending high meetings, dropping the names  of well known people, it is much more about, what are your habits around work”   what is your mind set like?   what are your core values and life’s direction?   what can you do when you put your mind to it?   how good are you in persevering?   Really success is your character 

Success is much more about find yourself internally, living and being at peace with yourself and God rather than looking for external markers, like applause and approval of people 

Failure is also important in advance, I would say essential.   Each struggle show us we have a strength that enables us to bounce back, the Apostle Paul put it “i may be down but not out”, my words.    In the big picture there is a tomorrow and the sun will come up.  To prevent a failure is to deprive people from the ability to develop a stronger self. 

What ever mission, DNA statement we develop or put over ourselves, or a church community, as time moves on we should be better at living it out ,10 years on from when it was announced, how does it look?

Gathering information and understanding is our process and an important one to make decision – making choices when given several options is maturing and a must – taking action, as with out action you don’t have a real decision being made, actual its not a real decision

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