Where has my sense of Purpose gone?

Last year I had purpose, but this year its gone, what happened to it?    cant-find-your-life-purpose-with-your-head-in-the-sand.jpg

Our world is full of time saving technologies, more and more integrate into our daily routine with the idea we will have more time.    We are now on the verge of self driven cars, meals are prepared in advance and will be there when we request it.   It sound great, more time for leisure and activities, however there is a trend, the more robotics or the like and the sense of purpose for people is being eroded.

We are seeing the slow erosion of humanities sense of purpose, we want celebrities to give us that flash, the cinema has become a platform full of one liners for life, we don’t believe politicians any longer as many world leadership are there to serve and advance themselves, not serve people, being a steward of the entrustment given them.   I know not all is like this, it is generalisation land…!

Purpose in others and not in me, directed by robots, advanced by computers O Lord bring back purpose,  may be we have had an over dose of doing our own stuff, and something needed to change?

When will we grasp that struggle is part of living, we are made to problem solve, we love a good challenge, we have been called to be ‘overcomers’ not avoiders.

Before long I think we will have a app on our phone that will overcome any problem, you take a picture of the problem post it into the app and the app will dissolve it..he he.   Ok over the top, but will it be us who overcome or will we ask others to do it for us?

What will happen in a culture of low effort with a high expectation of life.    The end of purpose where each child expects to find meaning or value in an increasingly shrinking list of things to do.   There is a world, a creation waiting for a PEOPLE to stand and be the restorers of houses, streets, communities, cities, lives.

We are not to back ourselves into a corner of uselessness but come to another place.  Not sit back and let the few, let the leader of church  bring the life?  Crying out do it for us, thinking that the answer lies with someone else.   Neither wait for the glory train to come down and scoop us from here as in Elijah’s fire chariot, but be those that find a destiny in heart through doing the will of another.

Jesus at his ultimate challenge in the garden, as he looked down though time and looked back at creation cried out “not my will but yours be done Father”, he had always been about “my Fathers business”, he had a purpose which had become his own but it was anothers’.    Living purpose is to live the will of God, not just living my little world, or living in a world that is taking purpose away.     To find the joy of giving yourself to Gods ultimate plan, diligently doing all we can in order that Gods ultimate my come to pass, for this is the only way humanity is truly a fulfilling life, its God given purpose.

Take on what the whole purpose of creation is for, to enable in my home, to transform my street to be the image and likeness of God is to be what we are equipped and designed to be.   Taking on all the advances to advance the great narrative of God.

In Proverbs 16:9 it says, “The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps”, the purpose of God is the way or should be the way our lives are directed, the Lord is our director in this manner.   Now before you throw up prophecy and encounter, which I believe in, I would ask you to sit in line with what the ultimate aim of God is towards.   All of Gods resources and resources is given to bring about this not our little world.   It is wiser to let God and take on Gods Purpose.
How then, begin by reading the big picture, capturing the promises woven into a people who rebuild, restore the city of God, mediated, consider, dream the promises of God in Isaiah of a Restored community, church, street, creation let us together join heart and hands to bring this to earth.     Paint these pictures of promise on your heart, mind and soul and let the aim of God direct your giving, your spending, your time and let these and only these fill out and give you life goals.

Not my will by yours

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