Great News

Firlands Front.jpg

We have Finally secured our new site in Western Cape.     Its been several years in the preparing and planning stages, and TODAY we excitedly announce we have finally competed on the transfer of this 4 hector site in Gordons Bay to our ownership.    It will be a place to firstly restore the property in order to bring about a place of transform of people as well as places of our world.  A place of training where Covenant College South Africa will be established – an apostolic training base on the southern tip of Africa.

A place where community uplift can be inspired from, where people can fully realise their destiny in Gods will while bring the Kingdom of God to our world.    A place where Apostolic RoundTables will gather, apostles and prophets flowing from a community together being an expression of God in covenant relationship.

A place where Restoration – the purpose of God can be celebrated; the Kingdom – the order of God established; Covenant – the necessary environment for God to bring about the Restoration of ALL things will be seen and declared.

Rejoice with us a see celebrate God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.