Breakout words “BUT”

Outside of God, man is locked up, trapped, a prisoner of emptiness: in his frustrations. Ever reaching, but finding nothing within his grasp. Mankind lives with forever promises being made & forever failure of deliver. “But God” is the old turning point of all human lives, the “but” that breaks through and takes the imprisoned soul, the barren and empty Unknown.pnglife transforming them:

Noah who one day found his sweating brow cooled by a soft breeze became unwound.

Adam & Eve who left the paradise of God without holding hands.

Abraham who saw what to others was not visible. Who lived by faith in the unseen God. Who pilgrimaged in faith for an unseen city.

Sarah who trusted

Moses who brought people out, Moses who climbed where no man had.

Joshua who rose up & moved the people of God forward.

Daniel whose covenant kept him.

Elijah whose prophetic character watched his prophetic word.

“But God” brings us to a realisation that:

God: spirit: word: all else has it’s Genesis here.

God: dwelling in the fullness of solitude.

God: enjoying fellowship in the fullness of fellowship with the society of the Godhead.

Determining the expression of Gods pleasure, the demonstration of Gods power, fulfilling Gods desires.

God Surrounding with majestic splendor befitting all creation and nature, extending God by “Let there be” and God surround with colour, form and creations. With the turn of fingers another galaxy spun into space. The considered mind of the council of God in the precision of divine purpose hung every star in it’s place. Everything is held together by the power of Gods words that now filled the space between all that had come into existence.

God poured & called into being other beings to show Father Spirit and Sons delights & continued creating as those sons of God, the moving stars leapt for joy & brought forth in praise day & night, morning & evening, day running into night as onward he went like some exuberant reveller. Wild with delight – your all was to plan. Nothing too soon. Nothing too late. Rivers & mountains & streams & valleys, deserts & waters. Animals, fish, birds until the whole earth teamed with life.

Exuberantly called out praise to the creator by the created who in heart desire to express Gods pleasure. Then a paused and a command issued God said let us make man and to the breathless wonder of all the rest of the created order, he added ‘in our own image & likeness’

Scooping up a handful of earth, red clay a restored dignity came to the planet, by shaping the soil to express likeness and image, with breathed is own breath of life into the crown of creation. heaven council watched as man bearing image stood up, eyes open, ears attuned to all else around and saw that which was created with mankind in view, universe, stars, sun, moon world, water, mountains. Yet it was good, that is it functions as it was created for, then it becomes “it’s not good”, following 5 statements of “its is good”, more accurately stated it is functional, then we have it is not good, what is not good ? The Image and likeness was not fulfilled. As God is never alone, God is nerve singular so mankind had to be more than one, putting him to sleep the God of perfection completed the detail of necessary companionship, friendship, fellowship and love, making covenant seen, setting an order to destiny a corporate people is the image and likeness. Together Adam & Eve hand in hand worked through the garden of pleasure surrounded by fullness of provision and everything worshipped the invisible God whose image was now visible in mankind in man and women of heavens council in making. From council “let us” rather than “let be” did Gods council create mankind to be from council and to continue in council for this is destiny not aloneness of self-made but a corporate son and multitude of people, man and women image capturing and bearing.

Everything stood quietly, treading softy, as day after day in the cool of the evening God & mankind walked together in the sweet fellowship of oneness, & perfect compatibility.

This is the Restoration and the centre of our salvation to walk again in the garden which is God to walk in God and through God.

Radical, who Me?

It’s easy to say, ‘We are to be like Christ’, it is RADICAL and yet it a common statement, we may also hear folk say we are to be incarnational, what does that really mean? Someone once said that ‘Jesus put a face on God’ by coming amongst people and touching, lifting, embracing and caring for them in their hurts and needs. I find the scripture in John 1:18 images.jpegvery important for the day in which we live, it states that Jesus “came to explain the father”. He put a face on God for all humanity and this is continuing in the family way, explaining and making people aware of God, being the image and likeness of God to our homes, streets, work and educational establishments. We embrace Christ’s radical mission, recognising that the Father sends us even as he sent Jesus, [John 20:21] then we too can wear the face of God in…

God’s intention today is to step into the cities, towns and rural areas of the nations to touch and lift the fallen, broken, hurting and dying in humanity. We must refuse to fossilize if we’re to avoid becoming a church, a called out people ‘having form without power’.[ 2 Timothy 3:5]

In reality Christ, the supreme restorer, was the most RADICAL man that ever walked the earth. Jesus’ radical actions were not moments of human weakness or intolerance, but expressions of God’s heart. The radical Christ is at all times the perfect image of God the Father. Radical Christianity will always be passionate, jealous as well as zealous, and white-hot for the divine interests involved. Being radically committed to the restoration of the church to God’s full intention brings us into inevitable conflict with custom and tradition.

Before we move on “Radical” a much used term that has often been taken to mean the way out, those who extremely different on the edge kind of people, those that don’t easily belong to cultural or norms. But RADICAL actually means “foundational”, Jesus is radical as he has always dealt with humanities foundational issues. We are radical as we carry a foundational message, life and implication.

I mentioned being radical is being committed to radical restoration, restoration challenges any misplaced sense of loyalty to religious heritage, or sentimental attachment to a religious past. Radical commitment to the restoration of God’s church keeps us moving forward in the direction of the Spirit in our day, and prevents us from falling by the wayside with the religiously comfortable. Its only by being given to a radical restoration will the progress of the church be achieved. Standing radically to break through the restraining religious walls and forces of our time, this is the radical ministry of the people of God.

Our world today and tomorrow will be affected by radical men and women who live as saints from bygone years in the light of God’s purpose.


Changes are occurring at a fast pace, the world we live in is getting unrecognizable, shifts are happening, things are changing in this generation; we are growingly aware that what we have now is no longer sufficient for what presently is, or for what is coming. We cannot settle for the average, accepting conventional wisdom. We must do more than merely think of changing; we must change our thinking. We cannot just uphold the same. We cannot just drift by but the need to be foundation-ally radical is there. The kingdom of God is the reality of God’s ways, God’s order, God’s government and pattern in our “time/space” world. The kingdom of God is a very radical experience.

We are being radical when:

· We embrace the gospel that joins us to others and their need, and cuts us free from the destructive influence of our independent self-will.

· We embrace the consequences of following his direction and Spirit regardless of possible consequences, which frees us from self-preservation.

· We maintain an attitude of pioneering, journeying onward rather than settling in self-comfort zones; we are pilgrims, not settlers.

· Living free of any domination of consumer world and the passing unimportant things that try and make themselves important via group pressures. Money can enslave; decisions, actions, directions, relationships, even ministry can be controlled by the desire for the temporal or money.

· Confidently confront the powers of darkness that oppose us rather than allowing them to paralyse us in fear.

· Making things happen is our way of living It is not for others to cause something to happen but for you to make it happen.images

· We refuse to compromise the truth to accommodate religion, or cultural norms.

· We remain committed to Christ as head of the church refusing to get stuck.

Crisis is for your gain,

images.jpegCrisis is defined as a time of difficulty or danger, our worlds seem to move form crisis to crisis in peoples lives, in political environments Crisis seems to frame our lives.
When crisis comes near we need to be a people who understand what we require to face and address the situation. Gaining an understanding in times of crises is particularly required by influence or leaders. Whether you have been appointed in the good times or appointed and handed a crisis not of your making, given a task with all its challenges, we will have to learn what it is to make difficult decisions, to decide on direction of action, the biggest challenge to every one is to see the decisions through.

I would suggest  that the responses we require to be able to negotiate the terrain that lies before us will really challenge you and see and asking us to be very flexible in thought and action. Asking us to be flexible in maker and leadership avoiding running the real of an old fashioned not willing to adjust of move autocracy. Asking of us to be empowering to all and flexible.

I remember Charles Simpson once outlining that the church should be flexible fluid and digital. I would say that in any circumstance in dealing with young children, teenagers, in our working environment, relationships, and leadership it is the person who can keep principal yet be fluid to negotiate the ups and downs, in and outs of constant change, those who can hold onto the purpose of God while being flexible to the seasons and the winds of change. Realising that God puts everything within us that we require, yet it does not find its fullness until we are connected to others, that the digit finds itself connected into the motherboard. That makes it all possible.

Let me offer some thoughts in the midst of our crisis

Be visible, be calm, be available
do not run into a corner, be seen across the environment you are responsible for,  be the one that inspires hope acknowledging the tough terrain of the road ahead.

Give continual input
find and tap into new resources of information, re-assess who you are and the gifts you have, discover the shape God has made you and be it rather than think you have the answer to everything. Show flexibility that you can move from plan A to B or C knowing that the end goal of what God is after is most important

Be decisive
communicate a sense of urgency however never make decisions in panic, commit to your way forward once you clear. Remember we’ve discovered that without action words mean nothing. Always be ready to develop a change.

Be focused
identify what is the goal of God, what is God after in the light of this what is the call of God on your own life after, what will your contribution be? Asks yourself then given yourself fully to it. Never forget what you’re good at, be ready to establish your priorities

Be a relational builder
we are meant to be in the together, the corporate people of God. Be one that sets their goal to build relationships remember that individuals never win wars. Find new connections while being faithful to those that God has related you to.

Be a motivator
communicate constantly and positively, meet face-to-face with people, explain, gather feedback. Remember a manager tells people what to do, a leader motivates and encourages the best, be the ambassador, live up to the mission, be the example

be empathetic
share in all things with people around you, share in the world God has placed you, the pain, understand the fears. We all may have to work longer and harder for little reward. Work to inspire and produce a people that will say we are all in this and together in this. Remember it starts with you first.

Celebrate every little advance it will build people up as they see their advance. Unfortunately for most it is quite difficult to see any advance and any gain be the Gain Storyteller

just remember crisis is a time of gain, it’s the ‘kairos’ moment of opportunity in danger, it’s the turning point, it brings about change, a crisis will always bring a new wave of people to the forefront.

Kairos (καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the ‘supreme moment’).