How Many Questions

“Why?” I think this must be the most used statement from a child as they go through their 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s years and beyond sometimes. When they’ve asked their 1st why it’s so exciting it’s so great to see this little bundle of life growing up but when you get to your 5th and 6th “why?” on the same question it challenges you as a parent not to utter the final close down statement of “Thats why!”. We tried and tried with our children especially our 1st as every other word was “why?” not do the “that’s why” response but I did fail from time to time, as it became very tiring.

Questions must become our way of life, it’s important to know the questions that needs to be asked and the questions that don’t, it becomes hugely necessary to know how to ask questions to gain knowledge and simple answers to enquiries. In some conversations it is necessary to know how to frame the question 3 or 4 ways to ensure you’re getting the correct or unfortunately the truthful answer.    Questions are necessary for life.

The inquisitive mind of a child is astounding, that’s why it’s such a challenge not answer with the “that’s why!” response, its our aim every time the “why?’ is asked to try to be respectful to the growing inquisitive mind. It’s sad when parents see it only as an attempt to unseat their authority, questioning who they are at worst, it’s just growing up.    Just as at  a few months old everything seems to end up in a baby’s mouth, is just another way of asking “why?” through taste and touch but now words formed and the ”why?” word is asked.

Your world and my world is mysterious to most of us, and never mind if we try to take the mystery out of our world it has a life of its own and invades back in.    Mystery and questions we must live with.     To a child the world is huge and mysteries at every hand, even our conversation sets up more mystery for a child.     I remember once trying to slow one of our children down and just flipping off the top of my tongue a simple cliché “… Don’t do that you’ll run yourself into the ground…”, watching the child stopping and in every way in her mind trying to handle the thought of the ground opening up or her little legs becoming part of terra-firma.   More mystery for the child to deal with in an alien world.

The questions we ask often simple attempts to piece together the puzzle of life and for the child the “Why?” is an attempt to work with that.    Why can’t I do that, why can’t I stay above the 9 PM, why can’t I stay out like, why not need to, I’m sure you can think of your ceaseless catalogue of why’s.

Unfortunately for some people this childlike curiosity diminishes as they get older. Yet, we live in a world that I realise that has more and more to discover.    Any one who watches the BBC nature program or tried to get in contact with Facebook, web, iCloud, technology knows  Through my journey I have attempted to keep growing and probing and new ideas and ask myself continually “why?”

I have a ‘Duffty theory’ which is very simple that is “to keep fresh and young at heart is to remain a constant learner”. It’s not just a theory I’ve even asked around finding out that those young oldies are quite often the constant learners of society or group or church. Before we go any further I’d like to make a distinction between learning and being a learner, there are many in pursuit of learning which has its necessary place in all our lives. Learning, gaining understanding of information as part of our lives, however being a learner is a disposition and a way of life, an attitude I am trying to cultivate that every one can never mind on your academic ability.    These both being a learner and learning are good practices but one is to develop an attitude not just an ability.     I have noted for some who pursue learning unfortunately they sometimes become people who have a narrow field of learning as they get more learned, I am not bring this quality to forward, it’s the ability to be a learned even from the youngest, from life’s simple movements in creation.    To see in every day an adventure to be a growing learner learning from all, everyone and everything.

During life’s journey through my discovery, through others I would like to share with you some good questions in a world of too many questions that I believe will develop a continual learning disposition.

And I generally interested in others?

If you are in any form of influence, parenting or causing a direction to a group of people that is leadership each one of these requires the abilities to see before and seen more than others, as it is necessary for you to figure things out 1st.     The challenge with this ability is not to take advantage of others, some self-centred leaders manipulate and move people for personal benefit.     True influence/leadership will motivate people for the people’s benefit or for mutual benefit, the place that is best of others above themselves

This question probes your motive

Am I doing what I love, love in what I do?

No one will ever fulfill anything especially your destiny if you despise your tasks.    A good realisation is that none of us are anything unless it comes from a heart.     It’s frightening to discover a 25-year-old, 35-year-old, 45-year-old… wake up daily, go to work and cycle through routine processes and functions this is effectively they’ve retired. To make affect to be a ‘difference maker’ passion has to be brought to the table, commitment and caring to all you do. Passion gives you the energy to take advantage

This question provokes your passion

Am I my pleasing God?

The writer in the in Psalms encourages each of us to “…number our days…” that this be aware of how short they are and how few we have. I am sure your history tells you that or even the thought of where has all the years gone?     In the shortness of our days we have great significance, significance often beyond what we can imagine.      Sandra and I enjoy watching films often we come away with concepts, clichés and one-liners that stay with us, actually I think the cinema is quite often the preaching platform of our day.    There’s a line in a classic film called ‘Gladiator’, just at the very early stages of the Romans characters journey, as he is about to lead his cavalry into battle he calls out for all to hear “what you do in life echoes in eternity”, the film proceeds to fill out his life then indicating the echoes of eternity he will have, it is a story of what he has done in his life out.     But how true this statement is, it provokes us to live our life well.   A life lived well is one with a clean conscience, honourable, generous, explaining God to our world living this before God and mankind.       Focus your efforts, your passion, your energy on worthwhile causes/purpose that will blast your time in a time/space world.

This question is an eternity question

 I leave with you 3 simple questions that could transform you and perhaps in my next blog we will return to a few more, perhaps you seek to make these three practical in your day. Don’t cross out the child’s “why’s” perhaps determining to ask a few more “why’s” yourself everyday.

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