Kingdom, its only getting started…

Changes that have occurred through the decades due to a Kingdom proclamation and Life style
The following statements are in no way conclusive; they are just meant to be short statements of changes I have noted that have been brought about through considering the Kingdom, of God in instruction and practice.   Each statement has a weight of scripture and instruction behind it.   I have not attempted to fill this  out in any way, I simply wanted to make a statement and let it sit there and provoke thought in you.   We could debate for many long nights over them, I also know that as I am a frustrated dyslexic you will need time to pull out and understand what I mean for a number of the statements….. but see how you get on and feed back as we continue to develop a Kingdom understanding
  • Kingdom will place the King at the centre of all.   It establish a Christ-Centred gospel, not a doctrine, not a denomination or stream but in practice a relationship based life working together for this to be seen in revelation, established instruction and practice therefore through a lifestyle
  • We do not plant a church we go and EMBODY the Kingdom
  • We have a head – no other head is required Christ is our head.  There  is   not a hierarchical structure but servant hood to the Christ
  • Ministry and Life are the same,  It’s not about filling a post but about being yourself in the ministry and in the market place of life
  • What the Kingdom looks like in its fullness is still to be answered, it’s certainly not gathering around a church structure
It is a People movement (Eph 4:11) – a people who are Eph 4:11 in character for our world and in our world, being the Apostolic, prophetic people of God in their corporate nature.
The restoration of ministries (Eph 4) is more about the Restoration of Christ to the body and not just a restoration of ministries otherwise we will become hierarchical once again
  • A Corporate ONE people – how to live in diverse harmony!
 What keeps us apart/separated, is there any thing legitimate? – a relationship based on the diversity of Christ in expression, a true Holy Spirit people are a diverse people by nature of what the Holy Spirit is producing and therefore there is a great need of a Holy Spirit lifestyle to be able to live diversely.
  • The question is asked What are we to be to one another?  The implications and practice of this is a due to a Kingdom understanding.
  •  Finance & Kingdom, the Father wants to develop a world financial system not just a tithe, the establishment of a tithing people with a social responsibility/creational responsibility to see the tithe in regard to the Kingdom being larger than church money only, discovering a world economy system to bring justice and a stewardship
  • Property – a fatigue regarding owning church buildings etc has effected many
  • Forgiveness and Servanthood are central  while we work to produce communities that are forgiving and serving to our world
  • The message of the Kingdom is a DECONSTRUCTION message, deconstructing anything that is not Kingdom in function and action
  • Relevant question being asked – how far does Kingdom extend?  –  And to what end?
The church is an emerging church – constantly emerging and changing, being the nature of God  it is still arriving, it represents an age to come not just a history
The Kingdom has brought hope and seeks to realise the promises of God with in communities, as we do this we become a blessing, blessed to bless,  a servant people with signs of the Kingdom following, as we live God’s future NOW!
  • Churches for so long moved in Kingdom teaching, the teaching  was often taken on board as a way to get to where they wanted to be, rather than it becoming a way of life, it’s a challenge when no one wanted to change to be transformers
  • We stopped only reading apostle Paul’s view and refocused on Jesus – the humanity of Jesus and love has become the characteristics of the church – we will get the gospel wrong if we do not refocus on Jesus (writers and commentators such as NT Wright, Jonathan Yoder, David Bosa, Leslie Newbigan influencers)
  • The church is a Sign and a Servant of the coming Kingdom, a servant that points beyond to a reign that will fill all
  • The church is a ‘pilgrim’, on a ‘becoming’ church journey
  • The kingdom gives rise to a community and not vice versa, church is a product of mission before being an agent of mission
  • Family is the correct form of Government it should be seen as the correct practice of church government, then the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, children will then be gifted as elders, apostles etc
  • Kingdom demands an INCLUSIVE PRACTICE V EXCLUSIVE Practice which is displayed in action and attitude
  • We do not chase God out of a place neither do we call spiritual and secular divides into being any longer, but see him, the Christ, in every place.
  • Kingdom is not about gathering, collecting many, but the essence of the Kingdom is seen in generosity – giving away what we have – people, money, time etc., sending and releasing
  • Kingdom is about being a fathering people, an apostolic prophetic people… in our world and not about having a few of these people resident in a local church, it is about bringing the atmosphere of Christ to our society and cosmos.
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom makes possible full participation with God in the redemption of the  world – cosmos
  • To let the church exist without the Kingdom is to be without Jesus (NO King/rule) and thus with no proper identity as a people of God
  • Who you are as a people of God is tied into the Kingdom, to bring identity – image and likeness which cannot come outside of the Kingdom otherwise people become a commodity and church will produce  a consuming commodity rather than a Governing Family
  • The Kingdom is about identifying with Jesus, it’s about Jesus not a methodology, it’s about his glory (John 17 church given glory)and his life (not I that live).   Not an event, ritual, creed or religion – A JOURNEY OF TRUST AND ADVENTURE.
  • The GOOD NEWS is not about being saved and seeing sins gone, but about THE KINGDOM COMING
  • We have come to abolish the ‘Secular Space’ it is ‘modernist’ thinking, note the Kingdom is everywhere Kingdom means there is no realm without God, how can then can we create one space, not a dual space (secular – spiritual)?
  • We are a community and because we are a community we are DIVERSE
  • Incarnation means the combination of sacred and secular
  • A people of God who are becoming and have become CONTRIBUTORS
  • The Kingdom brings about a Church that is about being SENT and about being PRIESTS to their space
  • To teach on prayer is to ask for the Kingdom to come!  Your Will be done, not my needs – God supply me; my stuff – this is my identity; and my rights – this is why I was saved  for me? –  the ‘new trinity’ my needs,wants and desires, the Kingdom of God asks for the Father’s will to come and be done
  • A necessary question due to Kingdom ‘if Jesus was here what would he be doing?’
  • There is a Leadership move from hierarchical to non-hierarchical   Why – priesthood of all believers and  Servant leadership
  • leadership by Persuasion/appeal rather than control, issues of power are exposed and challenged by the Kingdom of God
  • Servanthood replaces dominion; forgiveness absorbs hostility
  • Leadership to equip for the world, not just equipping a church paradigm
  • Keeping the community in the story – this is Kingdom leadership focused on the Kingdom of God
  • The Kingdom challenges leadership behaviour that is based on power, control, submission and authority – Leadership is to produce a peaceable community, non-hierarchical priesthood of all believers, with a relationship to its head – Christ
  • To move from the Vision of a leader, to a Vision held by ALL, and the will of God
  • To teach on prayer is to ask for the Kingdom to come!  Your Will be done
  • Engagement not removal – GO not come to us – commission for missional life
  • Responsibility not Judgment (Levitical priesthood V Melchizedek priesthood)
  • Mission – goes into, not drags out of – demands people maturity – consumer mentality with everything performed at the at the front undermines this maturity, as only a few do for all, rather than all do for a world
  • Service not conformity
  • Missional not Missionary
  • Character focused – not gift
  • Sanctification – the bride making her self ready
  • Gift is you, be yourself do not perform
  • Waking up to the fact that we have been told we need to die but now waking up to how we need to live (eschatology had an escapism view, creation being burned up view, this is  not any longer the predominant view, it’s now redemptive and restorative) – it’s not just trying to believe in Jesus to get to heaven.   It’s about being increasingly alive to Jesus and God in our world – bringing heaven to earth –  INCARNATION LIFE STYLE AND WALK.
  • God wants US to solve the problem by redeeming acts not us waiting for him do it
  • Hands and Feet of Jesus
  • Justice view – partnership, removal of poverty not charity provision
  • A new world system if we are to posses a generation
  • How to be a manifestation of Christ and an explanation of the Father through love and Justice (John 1:18 “explain the Father” NASB)
  • If we are not bringing justice and transformation to the world we should ask, “do we have the right to exist?”
  • Mission defines us more than worship – Putting my whole family into the chaos (Genesis 1, Incarnation etc) in order to see what it means for the Kingdom of God in operation!
  • It has exposed an eschatology of truth with a responsibility for creation and challenges, changes an escapism view and teaching it is much more about redemption, transformation, restoration of our world
  • Kingdom removes all ideas of escapism and brings transformation forcefully
  • This changes our worship, church structures and societal contact – Works of Service
  • The Earth is the Lords not only the church
  • “God loves” – he sent his Son for the creation “cosmos”
  • Kingdom – reign of God is about life in the Garden (Creation, Cosmos)
Our attitudes and lifestyle can be summed up in being:
Authentic, real, relational, organic, simple
To be and maintain a Family
Paradigm culture change in  the way we have been and will educate
Acknowledging we are in a reformation on all these levels
A foundational lesson for us all is that our ‘View of God determines how well you live’  – necessary that our world view is constructed through an ever arriving God.   He is still disclosing himself to us that we might live free and well according to what we see according to the Christ filling all in all this heavenly Father creator God filling our view
Hey I am only getting started