Giveaway God

Focus on Free

Consider the Fathers challenge it is his Great Story this is his Great Challenge, Gods Great Challenge is how to give away God.  God has great difficulty doing this, you would think everybody wants God but the response goes something like this “Lord I am not worthy I would rather have religion and morality which gives me the impression I can do it on my own”.    The response often is to out line with various reasons why I am not up to being “spiritual” or to say “I have to get more spiritual” or chase after God to show I am worthy before I am able to get you.     It seems that is better if God gives me the structured, institutional church rather than me being the church the Ecclesia of God, a people who are an outcome of the given-ness of Gods life to humanity, it’s better that I control than to give myself to your given gift, your free gift, no strings attached gift.   Let us learn to receive what you give away freely your kind-of-life!

Mary’s response shows how we should respond to this great grace and gift, it indicates she had an egoless response.  It was not a cry of “I am unworthy” but a “How”, she simply asked for clarification and has become Gods and therefore our picture of how to be receptive and that we should follow.
She shows us how to be a person who can respond with a resounding YES, an unquestioning YES to a free gift.
Catch this worthiness has never been the question put to us, of course we are not but God is giving himself to you no strings attached free, for freedom we were set free to say “be it unto me”.