Let GO! – part 1

Letting God

I have watched in the coming and going of life with all its unpredictable circumstances and surprises that pop up seemingly daily without warning and relentlessly appearing.      In all the challenges and joys that life swings into motion I have learned or probably am still learning would be a better way of saying it, that each one of us has to deal with the ability of “Letting Go”.

We are challenged to let go at different stages of life,  as we mature and change we have to let go of one stage to move into the next, trusting so much to get from this place to the next place I have to let go – life has taught me  that  I need to let Go or die, or fossilize.
Learning to let go becomes an art – my emotion, my mind,  my inner space, my whole person is engaged in Letting Go.
I have even realised that letting go is so important in my walk with God, can I let go and  forgive that lie, the wrong, the pointing finger, the accusation that is unfounded?
Letting Go helps me to make the most of now and enables me to move on with people, it is not about what I have to get right,  but more about can I let go to move upward.     Letting God is not about bearing the issue or circumstance, it is really letting it God to gain a condition as if it never happened, deciding not to have the ability to even recall it any longer.      Letting go to gain the new ground, letting go to move away from a painful event, letting go to get certain people loosed from the entanglement of my mind these are all letting go issues.
So what lessons have I learned?
What will we all have to learn?
The way we let go of the now determines our ability to take hold of what is coming around the corner.        There are questions that would help us learn and let go, I would like to  share a few thoughts that are produced by each.  The questions that would serve us all well to ask each other and more than that ask ourselves.
  • “Is there a fine line between control and influence?   And how do you know the difference”
You see letting go is also to do with empowering and influence,  and the issue of control.     We are not to Lord it over people or control people but rather empower people to reach their fullness.     Are we free to empower others or do we discover the  need of control within ourselves?   Control has such a subtle manifestation in our lives?   Do we find the need to have people listen to us, expecting people to do what we say, that it becomes my way or the highway as it were.
When I discover the need to control, no matter how small it seems, do I have the capacity to give up my control and allow myself to become an influence instead?  Can I let go and allow things to be done differently?
Let’s consider some questions
  • Can you identify the evidence of control within your life?       What does it look like on a day-to-day basis?     Do I get upset when things are not checked or sounded out though me, when I do not know what is going on?
  • What kind of things do I mistake for control?        Some times it my own rightness, my personal ideas and thoughts  that I think need to be implemented, I think  this is ok, but r it reality it can simply be a form of control.
  • What kind of experiences make you feel out of control?        What do you find fearful or threatening?        How do you find you respond when people say ‘God said’, or when some one else determines the  scope, agenda and running of meetings, the when, where and what is talked through?
Knowledge is power, applied Knowledge is much more powerful because it gives birth to wisdom       The wisdom to know when to apply and when to wait, the wisdom to understand that no circumstance or person, including myself, fits perfectly the whole picture.
The mystery of it all throughout our lives is learning to be patient, forgiving, merciful and flexible.
You cannot control any relationship, it is a trap an illusion to think that we can.   Attempting to do so is just and exercise in futility.    I can not prevent disagreements, arguments or mishaps.   Should we really have the power to control  all of those things within our relationships it  would mean that we would miss out on the advance and the bond in relationships that  follows.
  • What illusions do you have?
Control can stem from un-addressed pain – our efforts to avoid pain (sadness, let down, hurt etc)  we may appear to be successful in our control,  in that we are no longer  vulnerable and exposed and therefore  have reduced our chances of being hurt.   But the avoidance of pain causes us to ‘step back from life’ and causes  us to have a less passionate life.
Letting go is a key to your future in life, every work and relationship as well as in leadership situation.
  • Let go, I have, without strings attached as I continue to do this I have found that it  brings liberty for my daily life and for the future.

Selah: Before we conclude this article

One thought on “Let GO! – part 1

  1. GR8 stuff, really liked it, we all have to learn a lot to be not controlling in our relations, but influences.

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