Genesis Father?

Genesis "...let there be..."

I Started reading the Psalms in the message as it was an uncomfortable read, little poetry, etc.   Perhaps I am too classic when reading the Psalms.     But my word what a powerful opening up in understanding it has been to read in, revelational, transforming, full of riches.   keep on coming God!

I came to Psalm 51 in my long walk through this great experience book where other writers relate their inner and every-day feelings and dealings, he exposes some interesting thoughts.   Its a Psalm that visits the a transformation though God’s forgiveness along with the turn around of a forgiven life.        As I read a phrase went through my mind, I considered and thought “…how about getting to Know God as a Genesis God, Father...”   Not an event far off in some distant past, or an argument for Creation V Evolution but to see Genesis as part of God nature, character, now that would be different.     To know you as a Genesis Father, that every month, week, day and hour you are this every moment towards us.

A Father that by your nature not a once off act but the way you are, a demonstration of who you are, a continuation of how you conduct yourself my God, a Genesis God for your creation.

Psalm 51: 9, 10 Message (keep reading the Psalm to the end for other comments below)

“…God, make a fresh start in me, shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life…”

The Psalmist outlines the impact of you the Genesis Father, his life is transformed from a heavy steps to “…foot-tapping…” from sadness and complaint to “…songs…” from a dislocation, broken useless forms “…once-broken bones…” to strengthen functional dancing, with a rhythm infused structure catching the rhythm of Genesis Father, as is there not a sound in creation a rhythm of your voice a creation that is a full of rhythm “…let there be…” a rhythm as pulsars repeat themselves in sound across the universe.      Foot-tapping, dancing rhythm that humanity lost, Just as the Christ dealt with the woman with the 12 year issue of blood he brought her back into rhythm, the 12 year child, daughter in the same passage is connected she is brough back to life’s rhythm.   A Genesis week in that tow!

A mixture of pictures for us to grasp, at least one of these should engage us let your imagination take hold of one of these pictures

Foot-taping…Dancing bones…Greyness removed…Wind in the sail…Live giving way…Unbuttoned lips of praise – true lose lips!

This is enough transformation to consider is it not!        For this is the Genesis Father who can bring transformation like this, rather than know he was a creating in Genesis once why not begin to know him intimately as a Genesis Father.     What a way to know you every second as Genesis for this makes you an overcoming Father a God that is creating weeks that are full of Genesis for us all

“…God, make a fresh start in me, shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life…”

Fresh start, often we heard preach, a new starts but what about living in a Genesis way of life, can my life display this, it should do, that I live in a Genesis week every day.     You O God in your nature moves in my life as Genesis Father.   Creating, forming the formless and filling the void this is you, you are this to me!      Foot tap, bones dance, coloured invading, sail filling-catching, life imparting, unbuttoned lips loosed to praise you have made a genesis week!

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