People Joined To an END

Are we?

How do we?

What does it look like? 

I recall way back in the ’80s and 90’s a number of people I knew began a process of pressing education, in order to be a relevant voice in the generation in which we lived.   The process had a goal, to be relevant, an informed voice, undergirded by the total conviction that the church was to be the vehicle of the Kingdom, bringing the character, nature and order of God into our worlds, whilst being a catalyst for the Restoration of all things society, education, care, health, economics, and that this was the will of God as Christ would remain until a “season of restoration” Acts 3.

At that time I also joined the pursuit, in undertaking a pathway toward achieving an MBA.   At that time Business Science was being heralded as a new science.    The book for many that began the journey of business writing was “In Search of Excellence” by Tom Peters, it had great influence on many, and I still think undergirds much of business, especially industries that have to consider customer care.

This book considered design, improvement, and diversity, Peters said ‘excellent firms don’t believe in excellence…only in constant improvement and constant change’.    this thinking came on the scene when the work environment was busy breaking down workers and their work in set routes, timed routines got tasks achieved, becoming like machines, all the unnecessary was eliminated.   Life, in turn, became full of theories and routines which are becoming increasingly irrelevant to our world.   

Our world is certainly changing to the point that socially and  politically, it is beginning to look very different, the surge of the right wing,  the entrancing of nations into tribal thinking with worries about borders, the continual wars and local battles, the major corruption that is slowly taking advancing nations backward, into developing nations due to men and women at the top grasping power and money rather than streaming and serving the people.   People who are power hungry at every level. 

Theories, theologies don’t create but people are captured by a life they have seen in the future, or as the scriptures relate,  to manage that is to come.  

To be a people with the culmination of Gods end governing us, not achieving what we think the end looks like but aligning ourselves to the end God has revealed and is revealing.

David was a man who was connected to that which was to come, he was joined to the end in the immediate.   He could not build the temple but he did bring continuity by gathering all the materials, the trees were still planned and left in the ground not stored in the shed, to become a fully mature promise,  therefore a provision for another generation with a continual purpose.

The end continues to mature us, what God is after, is the only means to bring about a mature bride,  living with Gods end and intention in view changes everything Restored to God sultanate beginning.   God began with an end completed and set about as an outflow of love to bring Gods’ ultimate desire, Christ in all things, a family of people that reflect totally the Son which means the exact reflection of the Father by the life lived by the Holy Spirit.  

Therefore our quest now is living in the light of the ultimate which as in the garden has this question for us, how to be joined to the end?  a people living accordingly NOW, with all their efforts and maturing, to look like that NOW, making decisions in light of Gods’ goal.   How would my decisions change if this was life’s’ compass?

YOU ARE TO BE JOINED TO THE END PERSON, joined now to the resurrected Christ that fills all, that created all for him and through him.   The whole creation will respond with Sonship – better make sure we are living with the culmination in mind.   This opposes living for now with the individualist lifestyle, the life of amassing, but the life of self-emptying, participation with each other and God.

Joined to the end is a way of life

It is a way of living

It is an enabling, a direction deliver, a diversion former

It governs time, money, effort, application, friends, what and where I live.

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