Sound Advice for the future

images.jpeg1              Surround yourself with others

2              Try to be more visual, use picture diagrams to express your ideas, visualise what your direction is and what you want to achieve.   See yourself there.   see it accomplished and live there. 

3               Stop trying to tell yourself that your creative.     There is no switch on or off for this you just are, get into the flow of it, thought provoking and creative solutions.    Don’t measure your creativity find your own creativity never mind how big or small.

4               Mess things up and mix things up see what new solutions or creative ways you discover.   Try not being liner?     Play at the intersection of mistake, stupid, wrong, impossible.   Mix and re mi ideas

5               Avoid the paralysis of analysis trap they key is limit your analysis

6               Walk, run and Jog don’t sit get away from your usual work position and posture, change your space, come out of the space, look at the world with fresh eyes walk with other people’s eyes, as what other see.   Before you ask what they see knwo if they are negative of positive thinkers or seers 

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