Language of Christ

Unknown.pngWhat is the Gospel?   What are we to say?   Are we do do anything ? Jesus said in John 6:29 Jesus answered and said to them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom God has sent.”  What response do we have to this statement and its even in red…

Our world is filled with ways to gain and programmes to bring advance, Facebook repeated “if you do this” success, money, fame, position.   Unfortunately have we created the same expectancy to provide these programs & ways of achievements within the people of God.   It looks as if we more and more we do all we can to draw people by systems, designed programme, attempting to do Gods work?

Behaviours are adjusted, programmes to align our actions, disciplines to bring people to what we think  is spiritual, mechanisms, systems and structures to do what only God can and will do.

Our gospel given freely, invested with power and Holy Spirit dynamic to avoid us in produce or ending up with only understanding, better marriages, children, moral status along with good attendance.     Pragmatism has been driving our outreach or outflow rather that the power of the gospel and the Christ.   Sometimes the numbers game makes us hunt for a product, a programme, a process that will reward us with a better rate of conversion.   Yet I am sure you agree only Jesus can do all this, we can gather numbers but only Jesus, the Lord Jesus Christ can bring about spiritual birth.

To put more faith in my program, my church ways, than the Christ, is it not legalism, or religion, a religion that so distances God when I can only gain my Christ likeness through the programme, ’new birth’?

My appeal today is to centre again on Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit , the Power of the Gospel.    Any other gospel cannot be the gospel, it therefore must be another we uphold.     Let us hold on to Christ, for we will lose too much otherwise, the danger of losing everything that is important – Jesus.  Paul wrote “I, Paul, say to you that if you receive circumcision, Christ will be of no benefit to you.  And I testify again to every man who receives circumcision, that he is under obligation to keep the whole Law.    You have been severed from Christ, you who are seeking to be justified by law; you have fallen from grace”.
Christ being the central importance not our legal or religious patterns, our church advance, our programmes to gain but Christ.   To lose Christ is to put aside faith working as an expression of love.    If this gospel of love, this gospel of grace is insufficient and we need our behaviour changing programs our legating patterns we have a meaningless expression.

What is the Gospel?   What is the real thing?   What is Gods’ mandate and purpose?

I encourage you to let your imaginations soar on what the goodness, the love that is only possible by God.    The writer to Romans said that “nothing can separate us from the love of God”, this is  only seen as we allow our imagination of  God to go beyond our experience to date of love amongst people, as we God beyond a “church” devise that is only gathered and built through human ways.

It was not so long ago we sat with a scholarly bible teacher who spoke to us of ‘dumbing down’ a divine pattern of relationship – covenant to friendship in an attempt to fit into todays vocabulary and world.     I wonder if we are aware that perhaps that we are doing the same in regards to love?   Could it be that the love preached, sung about is so reduced that is not attractive any longer, that there are more loving communities around, more groups that show the gospel via love in unconditional sharing but have not been born of the Spirit.    That the unconditional love shown to you and me by our God, the love that is fully accepting has been filters that when it flows from us it might even repel?

I am a simpleton I believe what Christ has done is more than enough to transform people in every way, Christ is all.       This Gospel of Love, this Gospel of Transformation, this Gospel of UNON with God is the only way forward, a faith full of love.

images.jpegRecently I found God asking me a question regarding the statement of Genesis 1 “Let there be Light”, if language had not been created at that time what and how did God say anything, it certainly was not english or hebrew, then I recalled God has spoken in the Son (Hebrews 1) and that Jesus said he was the “light of the world” , “Let there be light” the language of God of Genesis 1 is Chirst  and the vocabulary being love.

This Love makes faith, my Christain ways are nothing if its void of love. Therefore are the communities we being to, a belong we must, motivated and moved working out all things in love.    O God do not let our doings, our proclamations, our whys and reason of being lack this vocabulary of the language of Christ LOVE.    Love will bring about a fresh discovery of all we are in authenticity, being spiritual through love and not nearly actuation a set of rules of a great moral standard never mind how helpful this might be its authentic love lives.     With out love fully expressed is a love that is so dreadful, a love freely given a love ready to forgive before any action is done against you, a love that is poured out and and poured out again when we think we have nothing remaining, love that is fully accepting never mind the condition.   This is a Gospel and Christianity fully imbibed with Christ, the light an love of “Let there be”.