Satellite Dependancy?

images-1Few people today are aware what would happen if we lost satellites, we live in a world where we have become dependent on certain unseen parts of our world. I personally get frustrated with the internet connection I live with as more and more of our world becomes dependent.

I live rurally and if we have a good day we will be blessed with a 1.7 Gig speed but probably more average it will be under 1 Gig.      It only adds to the frustration when we see the advertising for 30 Gig and 70 gig download speeds in cities.      Recently we were informed that we lived in the 2% of the UK that will never get fast connection never mind what the government promises in delivery of fast speed delivery.

Why list my challenges only to outline that we have become dependant on web, satellite provision in order to stay connected in our world correctly. Dependant, dependent on what, an unseen connection that makes everything work, communication, Skype, TV, files delivery music etc. It has made me ask what am I dependant on for a quality of life or even just to live at the base the world moves at.

If we lost these connections the ability to communicate would diminish, GPS would completely disappear and all the systems dependant on this ability. Science tells us its time to start decluttering our air space before we collide.

Ok whats that got to do with us right now, simply to ask what are you dependant on? What would be wiped out if you lost what you are dependant upon?

Would we lose our ability to communicate clearly and lose the basics of conversation of communication. Would we lose the knowledge of where I am, where I am going, losing all sense of direction?

What am I dependant on, clearly our world, our lives could do with a decluttering so we could hold on to direction, and not collide with the rubbish around us. Recently while reading ‘Tablet to Table’ by Leonard Sweet he introduces a phrase called “Verse-itus”, the sickness of taking single verses and building events of life around that verse or around a few favourite verses without realising where they sit in context. I recently wrote on “not by might but by my Spirit” passing comment on how so many have used this statement and directed it to all sorts of needs however its context is towards the building of a habitation of God, the house God. The decluttering would allow us to see the large picture God is speaking and bringing to pass. God is after our dependancy where is the source my life?

Where is your dependancy, peoples comments, achievements, titles, or can I find everything flowing from a relationship, relationship with a God who has brought you and me into UNION, from before the foundation of the earth chosen, pre determined, blessed in God. We are so connected to God as our source.

Dependancy?    On what, who, will I make myself totally reliant on a source… God father son and Holy Spirit dependant.

We are to be a people a church that flows from a Holy Spirit life.
Let us take a walk in the garden of God for a moment. The church is to be Holy Spirit dependant that everything flows from that relationship, Old Testament pictures and shadows take us into considering temple view, lights and lamp stand views only to show the continual source of olive oil, of lights and flames continually fed by olive oil – the church to be dependant on the Holy Spirit in every way.       The Olive Tree is taken as the symbol of the Temple of God created by the Holy Spirit and it is especially a symbol of the Holy of Holies.

In Hebrew history it has alway been said that they should have a vineyard, a field and an olive yard. Coming from the creation together of trees and grain plants in Gen. 1.      Fruit – wine – associated with kingship and the Father, Bread – grain associated with priesthood and the Son, Oil – olive anointing and the presence of the Spirit.

Take note that the Holy of Holies was guarded by olives, two large cherubim of olive wood, with the doors leading to the inner intimacy of the temple made from olive wood. The olive was also the first tree grown after the flood signifying the recreation of the Kingdom of God. The dove, Holy Spirit signified who delivered an olive branch to Noah. The pictures go on Zechariah 4; Revelation 11:4.

UnknownJesus as his earthly journey concludes by moving to the Mount of Olives, moving to the garden that forms the Holy of Holies to complete (Luke 21:37; John 8:1; Matt 23:24; 26:30).       Following the supper Jesus and his “church” moves to the Mount of Olives there into the Olive Press garden (Gethsemane) and becomes the high priest in the Holy of Holies.       Much more could be said from the ‘garden-tomb’, meeting of Mary Magdalene, the tomb and the slab where Jesus lay itself as an image of the Ark of the Covenant, the place of God meeting humanity.        The crucifixion on the Mount of Olives rending of the veil in the Temple of Olives Zechariah 14:4 says of it “on that day His feet will stand on the mount of Olives, which in front of Jerusalem on the east, and the Mount of Olives will be split in its middle from east to west”.

All this to say that the church is to be rooted in the Holy Spirit, olive oil at all times, a people with their corporate DNA flowing from the Holy Spirit, the church is positioned and impregnated with the oil of the Spirit.
The Church is to be Holy Spirit dependant totally.
Chrst will have his feet in a temple – a place of abode that is rooted in the Holy Spirit, and produced by the Holy Spirit, His feet will stand in a church that is the Mount of Olives (Temple, abode) a place of Holy Spirit constant flow with people that out of their belly shall flow the Holy Spirit in rivers. Jesus feet on the Mount of Olives is a wonderful demonstration that he will stand in holy spirt Church.

Therefore What am I, we, dependant on in life, gatherings, work, family, Holy Spirit dependant. What is the church of today dependant on, taking leading from in every direction? Is it the Holy Spirit spontaneous in every way, fluid and flexible in all regards, DEPENDANT ON THE HOLY SPIRIT.

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