“Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord…”

So often quoted throughout Christian circles, its loudly pronounced and excitedly declared over events projects and people.   I wonder to what end and to what purpose.

“By my Spirt says the Lord” often used…what is meant when these words are used I wonder?   They are often attributed to some personal circumstance or venture, I wonder if this is its true context.

The context and  the back ground really tells the correct usage and gives us  the clear vantage point  in which to apply these words.

imagesClose the  house we stay in  whilst in South Africa, Universal Studios has established a film studio, it is approx. 1 Kilometre from the main highway, a busy 4 lane road, one of South Africas’ main thoroughfares.   Within that 1 Kilometre they have built 4 large pirate ships, galleons of another historic era, along side these wooden structures we heave a Caribbean town and island communities on which they are busy filming a miniseries for international TV.  They are busy filming the fourth series pirates of the high seas, however you cannot get way from the point that it is four big sea ships stuck in a bush area surrounded by sand and low level shrubs and trees as they do their filming.   One knows when the actors and film directors are busty at work as huge blue or green back drops drop behind the foreground, the movement of swashbuckling seen or romantic encounters only make sense when the context is placed upon the back ground.   The background, its wider, larger context transforms the action from a road side bushed area that is a distance from any sea to a high seas adventure.   The context the back ground make sense and gives reason for the foreground activity.

So it is with the word of God, the over all plan and purpose the wide panorama gives the immediate verse its focus, its true understanding and context.    What is God doing and what is God working toward in the shame of life, let your will be down O God not mine or ours. It is time we grasp what is the greater scheme and goal of God to bring understating to the verses we like to pick and chose to use for our own benefit.   I wonder how the backdrop, the panorama would change the verses w so readily and with familiarity pick up and throw around. How would it change those scripture a reaps so frequently, would they change i wonder?

For example how many times have we quoted “not by might….” for personal reference, or as a statement when we want our now projects or goal blessed yet its true context is with reference to the Building of the temple of God.   The builing of the place where God will abide, the corporate people of God.   Its true emphasis is that the complete work of God will not be compiled by human effort but by the direction and impetus of God.   That Father son and Holy Spirit will complete the whole goal they have committed to before the foundation of the earth with shouts of Grace Grace.   it will not be in panic or siege mentality or along with desperate acts of self effort, but it will be by the direct supply of divine life that all the promise of God will conclude.

‘Not by might…’ is a overarching declaration of God seeing, you and I experiencing the onward maturity and growth of the body of Christ until its completion.    is the working in us and through us until God receives the fullness of the process of creation.    That the shouts of grace grace as the completion act is carried out has been the reason that God spoke light into emptiness and darkness in creation commencement.

its a declaration of God working on Gods goals and the will of Father, Son and Holy Spirit being carried through not about me getting what i want endorsed by heavens occupants.

It will happen, it is happening, no power of principality will present the conclusion of God in our day and times….

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