What sign am I looking and asking for?

Today is a world dominated by motifs and signs, its the world we live in, clothing which is validated by a certain motif printed or embroidered on the chest, on the sleeve or where ever its there for all to see your affiliation, belonging to that group or culture.    Do we attend the correct club, have we the right football attire for belong, am i part of the cool crowd.   Do we have the right brand to be part.    Brands are silent way of ’name dropping’ as a way of being accepted.   This way of life that has been so assimilated into us all only tells us that we all want to belong to the new, next, and right thing, or people group what ever…

imagesmo·tif – mōˈtēf/Submit, noun

a decorative design or pattern.
“T-shirts featuring spiral motifs”
synonyms: design, pattern, decoration, figure, shape, device, emblem, ornament
“a colorful tulip motif”
a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition.
“the nautical motif of his latest novel”
synonyms: theme, idea, concept, subject, topic, leitmotif, element; through line
“a recurring motif in her work”

Our world can be often moulded and controlled with the a disconnected orphan mindset and we do all we can to put on the right stuff, mould our language to be part of the crowd, to fit in with people, all of us all humanity wants to be accepted.

Yet there is another belonging, one that will bring peace to this journey for fitting in, for identity, this deep cry for belonging, being part. You see no-one is an island or self made we all are part with a desperate need of belonging, a few create belonging around themselves but most just belong to something. There is a WE of community, this community will bring an end to the orphan sprint that humanity must deal with. Its the WE of the church, the ekklesia of God “the called out…and given the surname of God” the people of God. A community that is journeying in its sonship, sonship is the only remedy to find a relief from the demand of living as an orphan. The WE community of sonship deals with the non-belonging of orphan status, thrusting the ME into the upside down world of WE into a family, the family of god and the UNION within the Covenant of God, this life of participating in God.

The UNION we have been brought in that WE might enjoy comes with it a responsibility to live life to the Unknown-4full, a WE kind of life that does away with gossip, intimidation, anger, and dishonesty.   That the relationship of God we have been brought into and are to enjoy has a cry to live a quality of life, that the WE demonstrates UNION life, the face-to- face, eye-to-eye view between Father, Son and Holy Spirit we have been brought into requires a quality of relationship among US as we see that Christ as Lord.     This is the motif the badge, our belonging rally sign. Perhaps these are the signs we should be chasing the “as I have love you…love one another”.   A Movement of Relationship, a Relational Movement this is our banner, pressed into our lives, embossed upon us that all might see, our motif, the COMMUNITY OF WE who carry this as our sign, “sings following”…?

In my travels I discover that people don’t reality find friendship, let alone one that is of depth.  A friendship where we we can share our deep dreams, doubts, secrets, uncertainties, calls, longing, rather we to often discover people who will not share these them as they get concerned from experience that they might meet deep inner sacred life coming at them a little further down the street from others, who of course have only share them in prayerful concern, O yea, O no. But it is a higher life way we are called to, to empower, to be a sign and a wonder of.   Along with the chase for a signs, a healing or what ever can we become this sign and wonder, a COMMUNITY OF WE?

A community where feeling alone, does any one care becomes rare, where loneliness is not to be found – A Movement of Relationship.    Without this WE baptism, baptised into the one body, people will cultivated an ability to keep most people at a convenient distance.

‘Church-family’, became about conforming doing the right thing, being with the right people, events, music so that we could be a part, it really is just pandering to the orphan inside us all until it is remedied by sonship, it was all to ensure belonging. Rather than taking up the responsibility of WE, yet the Spirit cries in us FAMILY, BELONGING (Abba), we make the scripture “cry Abba father” about, help me Lord ‘Daddy’ ‘Papa’, rather than the Holy Spirit’s cry in us being in UNION, BELONGING to God and the body of Christ.   Is not the Spirit always to make known the Christ to point to the Son not the ‘I’.     So could we see this as a deep Spirit cry of ‘I am Fathered’ or at least this Aramaic term outlines Abba – ‘Father in your Fathering’, be it to us O God.

It seems we have journey from a relationship experience, this expression of the Church that is to be a community who make known, a people of covenant towards God first followed by towards each-other, a demonstration, an exact likeness of the Communion of Person of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to the place where the ‘church’ has become where I get information from, not community, we are friends if we agree on practice or theology and at its lowest form music style or the latest Christian practice or trend.  There is not much tolerance for diversity on these matters. Have w enow yet seen that advance along with adventure is found in our differences.     We have become accustomed to debates, divisions, new expression being started due to contention not the outflow of God, where is the tolerant community finding their advance in difference, Covenant being expressed as the Community “…fills the earth…”, “…goes forth and multiplies…”

When I ignore this ‘Communion of Persons’, the expression we are to be to our world, and display in our communities, it is to our peril. A peril that we could produce a church that is a ‘state-church’, a ‘professional church’ outfit.

You and I, the WE let us move to community making, becoming open to each other, loving enough to care, making the WE greater necessity that the ME and the ‘I’…becoming passionate to be the WE as PASSION MAKES REVOLUTION…

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