Little By Little

Whats our Biblical view?

How do you look at the Bible?

UnknownFirstly is it as place to study, to enquire in order to find a place of insight that conforms with what you already believe?  We should not study to conform to what we already believe but to find out what the Bible actually teaches, what aspect of the nature of God is made known through the words contained.   We study and whether our findings cements or shatter our assumptions, we search to find out, this is Biblical maturity.

Secondly I am also influenced by what is happening around me, the moments, the places I live in, the settings I inhabit, biblical interpretation was this not always so?   The Holy Spirit has always worked through the culture, the very places we live out our lives, in the very environment of life, business and society.
The context where the church finds itself, what ever country, what ever culture, what ever time has always been taken on by the Father, Son and Spirit in order to bring the truth of Word to light.

For example was not the Reformation triggered in part by the cultural context of medieval Europe.   In the same way finally there came a time when the church eventually came to clarity on the wrong ways of slavery as moral offences and the economy it sustained, weighed more and more on peoples consciences, and the church rose with a voice, so history tells us, first in individuals then in a corporate stand until change came.

Like wise there is a rise today in the environmental concerns which is promoting a fresh look at Biblical instruction on creation, stewardship etc.   This is the Good News humanity restored, creation healed and Christ filling all with you and I in UNION with the Farther Son and Holy Spirit.   The Good News is not that we escape out of this world but we transform and bring the order of God to bear – the Kingdom of God.   Commencing in small ways, droplets as it were, until a sea IS formed from every little action and advance.

It has become common knowledge to all who followed the rise of cycling in the UK during and since the success of the last Olympics in London, this has been well documented that it was the cycling coaching staff who brought world champions out of the team, through small consistent adjustment, through very, very little actions and changes in every part of life, food, sleep, activity, etc., only to see many little adjustment brought about great gain…

Perhaps that is an encouragement to us all, rather than being overwhelmed by the huge necessary change to see the goal of God come to pass, we all give effort to small adjustment, insignificant adjustments, seeing that they all pull together to accumulate to major advance and change…?

Start a revolution, make movement happen little by little.


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