High Level Activity

Recently while I was flying high over the Brazilian terrain, a land that I am not  familiar with, a land I am visiting, a country that is different and where the people are so wonderful.  Their expressive nature, the overt hand gestures, the shoulder shrugs.   All in the name of communication.   Their tactile nature across to neighbours and people they meet for the first time, the communication so warm, gushing across tables in eating places imageswith people they don’t know.   Conversations that spread from table to table, words that are contagious so to speak that commence with three people in a Restaurant but that quickly catches another table of strangers causing them to be occupied and connected.    Every one has a value, they are drawn into the conversation, quick eye contact is embraced and before you know it your part of the conversation, instant deep friends.

I only outline this to say I am so aware of the need to communicate, to be able to understand.   Here I am miles high and here I am miles away from being able to communicate, eye contact and touch, yes but I lack words, language.   Language our words are so necessary and important.   I’m travelling in a foreign land and it is really foreign.   I don’t have the words.

It is like being closed in a world of guessing because I did not  have the  words, for example, as I stood in the airport the departure gate had movement so I stood in the line ready to board,  not understanding, a word of the announcements.   Then only to realise that the delayed screen indicated that it was the wrong flight I was just about to step onto.   Having stepped out of the line  thinking I will watch the screen, I noticed 15 mins later the line commenced to open again, the people began to board, but no screen announcement of the flight number, what do I do?   The announcer declares in her best Portuguese what’s going on, but I don’t have the words so I take the plunge.   Just as I am about to get on, not ever did the screen announce the flight number, not ever did I hear any English through the speakers, I looked to the one standing next to me and I tried hard to see his ticket.   Then I do see it and with a sigh of relief he had the same numbers on it as I did.

On the plane I  am greeted by some one else  sitting in my allocated seat, they speak, “I don’t understand”, so they motion they have changed seat and I can have his?    I don’t have words.

Words, language is so important, in our hour it is so necessary we  discover language, the right language in our day.  Language to communicate, to make ourselves known and to be known.   To avoid being present with no voice, to have words to outline the picture of the future we are to embrace and to make known to humanity all around.

You see God has a language, a full language, a language that transcends all boundaries, Gods language is Jesus.  As spoken in Hebrews, God spoke in these last days in his Son, a Sonship language, a language of original source.    A language in which none of us will feel the lack of words.

The Christ is not only Gods language but he is Gods thought about you, how God sees you, how God has us in mind.   The ultimate of God is Christ, and you and I are his body, wow what words, what a thought.

The world is waiting for a plain speaking people that will communicate with words and a life style that are the extension of our words, lives that are words.   Words written, read by all mankind this is who I am, a communication, God words to a world that is longing to have seen and heard.

You and I become words in every situation, to every culture with a deep sense of Gods love and plan for creation. Let us ensure our words are compassionate which constantly widens in scope, a heart that is constantly expanding and learning, learning to exclude fewer and fewer people.   Allow my words to be translated into movement, preventing us from becoming passive, accepting of wrongs, injustices, oppression, these life words give rise to energetic action for change, first in me then on behalf of others who are in captivity or under any form of oppression.

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