Freedom and Roots

images-4For Freedom we are set free…
Two scriptures have such wonderful liberating statements, they pulsate through us all who love God.   The two yet are far-reaching in impacting the way my mind thinks and how I see this liberating relationship with the Radical Jesus.   Radical being that word that is originated from ‘foundational’, that is ‘having roots’ or ‘of roots’, Jesus was radical as he dealt with humanities on the foundational issue of life.

The first of the two scriptures:

Galatians 5:1

It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.

Freedom, I wonder what pictures of the mind, what experiences, what way of life it cultivates for us?   Freedom to stand firm, not to be enslaved to a life that is so different to the image and likeness of God that is put within us all.

The second is found in Romans 8: 20-22:
20  For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope
21  that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God.
22  For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now

Creation waiting for its freedom, this freedom that is directly related to humanities freedom, regaining/restoring the image and likeness of God once again.  Grasp this,  creation is waiting for the freedom in us to manifest as it wants a piece of it…     As we take hold of the image and likeness of God and live life we will live free and creation will come into its own by entering into the “…freedom of the glory of the children of God…”

Freedom a gift of God, freedom a condition of living, not something you fall into our society can off via your circumstances but according to the life we live the life of Christ which is freedom.


To bring an order of the creator to bear on all mankind and creation, the kingdom of God, freedom is living according to Gods will.   It certainly is not getting all i want but it is bringing a life order of heaven to bear on creation which begins with my freedom.

In this liberty we are to export and pilgrim our citizenship to transfer society at large.   Affecting economy, the definition and shape of family life, politics, social life style, transformation of the poor… the list goes on and on…The Freedom we live is necessary to affect you and me, transform and conform us to the image of Christ that we might transfer the world around us, being the family of God, being the radical transformed, being Restorers of people and our world.   Taking hold of the exploits God ordained for each of us before time, transforming my life and street.   Taking our position in life not waiting to be rescue or removed…

John Stott wrote in his book Issues facing Christians Today “The church must therefore exhibit its multi-racial, multi-national and multi-cultural nature. . . . Therefore every homogeneous unit church must take active steps to broaden its fellowship in order to demonstrate visibly the unity and the variety of Christ’s Church”.

Demonstrating, being an example of the full life of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, explaining God (John 1:18) to the world around us and participating.   We have been brought near to God to participate in the Divine purpose, Divine movement, we have been invited into participate with God in bringing freedom, life and the image of God and to restore  all of creation

So the question remains then how far should my involvement and participation go, should it be one life at a time, one street and community at a time, absolutely resounding Yes.   Should it be in teaching, medical, economics, even again Yes but what about politics?   The answer is freedom set free to bring freedom in all, creation groaning and people reaching…

Should a Christian be Involved in Politics?   Should God’s Freedom Army, God’s revolutionist, God’s Restorers be involved?   Next time we will open up this question more fully and practically.

Freedom you are set free to provoke creation to participate with those led by the Spirit, the sons of God….

Ask yourself this…

UnknownIt’s quite amazing as you read through the scriptures how the bible is tied together and flows together considering so many people put pen to paper over so many years. When we see the authority of the Scripture as being something to hold to it’s still amazing of where we find certain passages situated.

It’s interesting as you read 1 Corinthians 13, as it turns our mind towards love where it is rested. I am told a diamond truly only comes into its own when it’s in its correct setting.      Perhaps 1 Corinthians 13 sits in its correct setting?      The passage is sandwiched between two chapters one having to do with spiritual gifts and the other to do with the speaking in tongues.     I know that most of us have either read or heard it read at weddings, but I’m suggesting that we regain its significance and took this very same passage and applied it to our influence, leadership, common conduct for the common good.  I would even suggest I am struggling to see its relevance at weddings really, it was around a table, at gathering of the church family this was to be effectively encountered This LOVE…

I really do think that this passage was not return for wedding ceremonies, although can be used and is good but it really was more written for the church family life and for those that were taking responsibility and leadership and mature in the body of Christ. So let’s consider…

“Love is patient”
Do I give others the same room that I want them to give me? When mistakes are made, advances are taken?

“Love this kind”
Do the people I hang out with actually like being around me? Is appointed thought ask yourself how much do people asked to be with me outside of my work, outside of responsibility?

“It does not envy”
when that great idea is suggested, when someone gets promoted what my inner attitude like? Do I find a jealous streak arising when a great ideas shared, constantly perceiving others threatening me. Some people find themselves unable to live in their current condition because those who suggests their mature, project the superiority perceive you as a threat.

“It does not boast”
Am I the kind of person that always wants to tell people of my previous achievements, that I almost had gone what I’ve done to every comment. If we are so obsessed with what I’ve done in the past then to be honest would really not advancing towards anything at all.

“It is not proud”
I got it, “you need to come to me to see how it’s done” I was once told. I’m the one that knows how to do it, I am the one in the church/organisations that has the answer, you need to worship like me, think like me, preach like me?

“It is not rude”
As soon as I hear an idea I don’t like to I cut them off mid-sentence. Am I the one that blanks people, do people get a calm cold response from me? Is my insecurity so great I’m sharp with people?

“It’s not self-seeking”
What I give my time to, how I invest myself always and really about?

“Is not easily angered”
People afraid to bring me information that is true about me because they know I will lose my cool. Is my life cultivated from being constantly angry?

“It keeps no record of wrongs”
“that’s the… time you’ve done that said that”, “how many times… I remember the last time, and the time before”. Why tell them and remind people of their failures of past constantly, I mind the epitome of forgiveness.

“ love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truths”
Can people be honest and open with any one of us? it’s lonely influencers/leaders who do not have people around them will open up their hearts and share correctly and accurately truth. For this kind of person becomes the dominant that sits on top. Why can’t a bit the truth is celebrated so that people will enjoy truth at all times.

“It always protects”
Am I the kind of person that people will feel my kindness, graciousness, forgiveness, do they know I will always have their best in mind. It always difficult to flow with people will demand loyalty but never extended in any way.

“Always trusts”
Do I come from a trusting position of distrust in. As my years of life and experiences around me produced a distrusting starting point. Can I be one the trusts, and trusts and only when you are constantly showed that I cannot trust I begin to change. Is my world made up of trust or caution?

“Always hopes”
I half empty or half full pot kind of person? Do I assume or how bad it is or how poor the people are. Can I find inside me a way of believing others.

“Always perseveres”
How long will I stay in with people, once it made a mistake am I out of the, my quick to give up on people? And I’m the one that stays in and is a faithful as a friend.

“Love never fails”
Can people feel and sense my love always it quite often displayed in those that stay around. Is the atmosphere that people draw from me that love winds through?

Therefore as an influencer or a leader, as a parent a mother or father, as a friend and brother or sister IVs the qualities of my influence. Ask yourself when I honestly like. I would even suggest that spiritual gifts or speaking in tongues love will always be. To flow in gifts at a time added to root, and its foundation love must be a love that is patient, kind….