How to Start A Day

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How to start a day on the right footing, ever wondered that?   Before you put your foot on planet earth from your floating haven above the ground by 150 mm or more, before you step out of your cocooned security, the warm blankets.    As you decide to make that first small step that giant leap stirred by an alarm call, the sound of creation stirring or just your own body clock, how to start the day comes to mind in various ways.

Whether a fog over your eyes or clear thought “what does today hold?” moves through peoples mind, a day much like yesterday? a red letter day or for some the weight of the day is so heavy a reluctant awaking comes, having to face the riggers of the day.   How do I start my day?

Here’s a thought God, investigate my life…

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One thought on “How to Start A Day

  1. Wonderfully timely as I sit in my bed experiencing much of what you have written in your blog! In our increasingly demanding world of change and lack of routine, what wisdom to lay in that state of transition for just a while longer allowing the Holy Spirit to mine the treasure so that we can step into the troubled waters of each day offering the priceless gift God has put within us. What joy! Amazing grace! How sweet the sound of clinking treasure to enter each day with heads held high.

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