Disciples of the kingdom or Jesus?

The clash of our opening paragraph in the last blog comes right through to sounds and smells, the clash of metal to metal, the flash of sun light on bare metal, the noise of horse pushing against men and horse, the sound of metal against metal, the battle raged for the Kingdom.   The battle rages for the Kingdom of God and the lives of mankind.

Our battle might not be as old as the fight of ages past but it is as significant or even more so to humankind and creation.  As the Kingdom of God shakes our world breaking in and moving from a simple “taste of the age to come” to an overwhelming of this age with the age to come, filling our world with creative order, with heavens realm, and the Divine life.   This is God declaration “they will be my people (son) and I will be their God” in the book of Revelation.   Christ fills all in all and the full course of God’s restorative action is being played through our time, our lives, you and me.

I closed my last thought with a question being posed, have we made disciples of Jesus rather than continuing the direction Jesus commenced in making disciples or sons of the Kingdom?     If this is so, it has a major impact on our message along with our practice, it also explains perhaps why we produce religious church rather than a condition of people who are born of a coming Kingdom, transforming creation to God’s original intent, that is the ecclesia of God.

First let me say that the coming of Jesus was so radical he simply did not come with a small change but a radical, foundational change to life and creation.    Let me bring you an example of this Kingdom that Jesus heralds and set a direction to make disciples of the Kingdom.

As Jesus fulfilled Old Testaments prophecy ridding into the city on a colt he came to Jerusalem while the people gathered, heralding and crying aloud (Mark 11:10) “Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David!     Hosanna in the highest!”

This Jesus of the Kingdom of God would not take upon himself  old Jewish tradition as he was the Jesus of the Kingdom of God.   The people tried to turn the kingdom of God into a Jewish kingdom, they declared the kingdom of our “father David”, Jesus bring the Kingdom of God.

Every Jew prayed an amazingly offensive prayer, in putting down people “God I thank you that I was not born a woman, a leper, or a Gentile” , the Jesus of the Kingdom of God brings in a new order in Luke 4:25-27 Jesus says “But in truth, I tell you, there were many widows in Israel in the days of Elijah, when the heavens were shut up three years and six months, and a great famine came over all the land,        26 and Elijah was sent to none of them but only to Zarephath, in the land of Sidon, to a woman who was a widow.          27 And there were many lepers in Israel in the time of the prophet Elisha, and none of them was cleansed, but only Naaman the Syrian.”

He said this Kingdom order is different from your taught prayer, I cannot join with you in that statement and belief, as I am of a Kingdom of God and I must make sons of the Kingdom, disciples  of this Kingdom.     In the Kingdom of God the care for lepers, woman and Gentiles is given.      This is what Jesus was outlining in saying the above  “…I am cancelling the former prayer…”.     The reaction was to attempt to take him, Jesus for Israel only, for Israel only wanted SOME included over and against the ALL of who Jesus came for, he came for the Kingdom.     At that time Israel was for their nation only, yet      Christ came to bring an inclusive and ever expansive Kingdom of God.    The future stands with those who stand for the ALL and not the SOME.    He brought a different order, a different Kingdom.

Today we have called people to be disciples of Jesus but Jesus called disciples to become disciples of the kingdom Matthew 13:52 (Moffat) “every scribe has become the disciple of the realm (Kingdom)”

Disciple of a Kingdom, Jesus called disciples, to make disciples of the Kingdom this has been weakened and it has weakened the impact of the message of Christ to the world, the “good seed” saw the kingdom Matthew 13:38, 39, now is Jesus a carpenter, or the architect? there is a New World order a new Kingdom breaking through?

Note this the good seed,  the sons of the kingdom, the Word is the seed in Matthew 13:19 by V38 sons of the Kingdom are now the seed. It has to be outlined that In the days of Jesus “sons of” had a different meaning from our use today.       It was used to refer to the son of the dominant quality in the person.   Such as Barnabas –  son of encouragement or even Judas – son of perdition that is a wasted son.

Therefore now seeing we are to be sons of the Kingdom we can now conclude it is about what is our dominant quality.    Seek first only says this is our visible, directing, controlling dominant quality sons of the Kingdom.

I shall posse a question for you, with the loss of the focus and emphasis on the ‘sons of the Kingdom’ and making ‘disciples of the Kingdom’ is a distraction and ,os son the advance and understanding of the ‘Kingdom of God’ and therefore becoming servants minded influencers

The kingdom of God is not a system imposed but a way exposed.

Kingdom of God is to change the outlook on life to change the world’s character, simply changing the atmosphere is a distraction and not enough, it will not bring transformation but we need to change the character of society

That is we become centers of revelation the Kingdom of God and be SONS OF THE KINGDOM, being Disciples of the Kingdom just as Jesus meant it to be.