Procrastination – great use of words!

Miss You

procrastination is the assassination of your motivation;

 when God gives a revelation of what He wants to do in our lives, we get filled with inspiration and pledge to do things beyond imagination;

 but then comes a hesitation and with it the evaporation of that determination  allowing procrastination to become the assassination of your motivation;

 to the student procrastination means the deterioration of your education;

 in the workplace it can lead to the termination of your occupation which means the elimination of your compensation;

 procrastinate on changing your all and you’ll see the disintegration of your transportation;

 if it’s home repairs it’ll be the dilapidation of your habitation;

 procrastinate on spending time with your children and you’ll experience the alienation of some cherished family relations ……

 but the worst procrastination of all, is when we procrastinate on the things of God which may lead to the expiration of God’s offer of salvation;

 …. so do don’t procrastinate, initiate and …. “Redeem the Time”

(Rick Grubbs)

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